Will PhenQ Make You Fail A Drug Test? (How To Avoid A False Positive?)

January 9, 2024 |

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For this article, I have investigated the diet pill ingredients that may cause you to fail a drug test and searched for reasons why PhenQ doesn’t fall on that list.

Key Points:

  • PhenQ won’t make you fail a drug test.
  • It does not have any hidden ingredients or illegal or controlled substances.
  • It also has a negligible chance of contamination with illicit substances since it is manufactured in certified facilities.
  • Find more about PhenQ on its official website for the BEST price.

In 2017, researchers estimated that contaminated dietary supplements cause 6.4% to 8.4% of all false positive drug tests.

However, PhenQ is an all-natural supplement that completely discloses its ingredients and has only legal stimulants and patented proprietary blends, so it doesn’t pose the risk of causing false negative drug tests.

In this article, you will find out which prescription weight loss drugs and OTC diet pill ingredients can cause false negative drug tests and how you can avoid them.

So, keep reading to know the details.

Can Diet Pills Cause You To Fail A Drug Test?

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Yes, certain prescription weight loss supplements may appear as amphetamines on a urine test. However, as for the greater chunk of natural OTC weight loss aids, this case is unlikely.

Most anorexiants work by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, which slows down gut motility hence, promoting fullness and suppressing appetite.

Some widely used agents employed in anti-obesity drugs to impart stimulation can be Yohimbe, caffeine, Phentermine, DMAA (1,3-dimethylamylamine), ephedrine, etc.

Among these, here is some stuff in diet pills that you need to look out for to come out clear in drug tests.

Beware Of Weight Loss Pills Tainted With Banned Substances

DMAA and ephedrine are two appetite-suppressing ingredients that were once employed in nearly all OTC weight loss supplements, and they appear in drug tests as well.

However, the FDA banned their use due to heart risks and health concerns in 2013 and 2004, respectively.

Nonetheless, even today, unregulated OTC diet pills may have traces of these illegal and banned substances in their hidden ingredients, which may cause false positive drug tests.

Correspondingly, in a recent 2021 study, researchers evaluated 51 websites and tested a total of 105 weight-loss products.

They concluded that 93 (11%) weight loss capsules potentially violated the ephedra ban, and out of them, 10 products were labeled with certain ephedrine or related compounds. Plus, 20% of the total websites displayed such pills containing banned substances.

What’s more is that, not far long in 2019, the FDA issued a public notification that the diet pill ‘Skinny Pill’ contains undeclared DMAA.

Avoid Prescription Anti-Obesity Treatments Before A Drug Test

FDA has approved seven medicines for aiding weight loss in obese individuals, and out of these, three drugs have been reported to cause false positive drug tests.

Starting with Phentermine, which is widely known as substituted amphetamine because its structure is only slightly different from it. And this may also be the reason why it may show up as amphetamine during drug screening.

(For more details, check out my blog about it here.)

Next is Qsymia, a combination drug (phentermine+ topiramate) that can be pursued as a long-term therapy; however, since it contains Phentermine, it may also cause false positives.

Lastly, it is mentioned in the contrave’s (naltrexone + bupropion HCl) medication guide that it may show up as amphetamine in the drug screening test.

In this regard, the GoodRx also mentions that antidepressants like bupropion may show up as amphetamine or methamphetamine.

Similarly, the authors of the letter to the editor published in the Canadian Journal of Addiction referred to multiple cases from 2018 to 2019 in which naltrexone treatment rendered urine drug tests positive.

Natural Stimulants Would Rarely Smear Your Drug Test Results

There is only a narrow possibility that weight loss pills containing herbal and vegan ingredients will cause a positive drug test.

Nonetheless, in a fatal case of acute yohimbine intoxication, scientists performed a basic drug screening (volatile analysis) of blood samples for the deceased which came out positive for ethanol.

Besides that, caffeine is a staple ingredient in most diet pills, and it is touted as a legal stimulant, but it won’t make you fail the standardized tests used today (however, this was not the case in less sensitive tests used in the ’70s and ’80s).

All in all, the safest way to lose weight and pass a drug screening test is to use natural weight loss supplements.

In this regard, PhenQ is recognized as one of the best-selling all-natural diet pills, which is why it won’t trigger false positives on drug tests.

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Can PhenQ Pills Cause A False Positive Drug Test?

No, PhenQ would not cause a false positive drug test result.

One reason is that its supplement facts do not list any illicit ingredients that may cause problems.

Briefly, the PhenQ formulation includes caffeine, L-carnitine, nopal, chromium, capsimax, and α-Lacy’s reset.

While you are worrying about failing the drug test, the nopal and L-carnitine in the ingredient list are widely used to prevent the detection of abused substances.

The reason behind this is a widespread myth that taking niacin can mask the urine drug test and helps to detoxify THC out of the body because it accelerates fat burning, and THC is stored in fat.

While this may have worked for some users but still, there are also reports of liver hepatotoxicity in people who overdosed on it in this effort. Therefore, this information should not be taken out of context.

L-carnitine is also believed to boost liver function and accelerate the detoxification process. Like niacin, it is also a myth that it may help to mask the urine drug test.

Moving on, as I mentioned in the above section, you don’t need to worry about caffeine appearing in the drug test.

Next, the α-Lacy’s reset and capsimax powder are patented proprietary blends, and you don’t need to be concerned about undisclosed stuff in it that may cause false positives.

Lastly, chromium is a natural trace element found in the body, whereas nopal is a natural source of fiber, so you don’t have to worry about it staying in your system.

Additionally, PhenQ is produced in FDA and GMP-certified facilities, so there is no chance that it will be tainted with illegal or banned ingredients.

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Final Takeaways – How To Avoid Failing A Drug Test When You’re On A Diet Pill?

In this section, I will give you some tips on how you can avoid false positives if you are taking diet pills.

Plus, I will also tell you the next steps that you can take if you cannot avoid a positive test caused due to your supplements.

So, without further ado, head down to read more.

1. Eliminate all the risks and stop the stimulant-containing pill intake.

The best way to avoid failing a drug test is to stop taking any diet pills for a few days.

For instance, the prescription drug phentermine is eliminated from the body within four to seven days, so you can discuss with your doctor if taking a break would be possible.

In case your OTC diet pills have Yohimbe, then avoiding their intake for 12 hours will remove all its traces from the body, and you can come out clear in the test.

2. There Are Ways To Resolve A False Positive Drug Test

Given that your doctor doesn’t allow you to stop the intake of the prescription weight loss drugs, then there are ways to contest and settle a false positive drug test.

If your drug test comes out positive, then you can talk to your healthcare provider, and they may be able to run a more specific confirmation test that won’t falsely detect your medicines.

In case it is not possible to run a second test, then you can show your current prescriptions, and your results will be declared negative.

In fact, even NSAIDs, quinolone antibiotics, certain antidepressants, and vitamins (riboflavin) may cause false positive drug test results, so your employer may understand.

3. You Should Avoid Certain Things To Pass The Drug Test.

Investing in OTC diet pills that don’t have a complete ingredient disclosure is a big risk because if you get a false positive, it will be hard to dispute the results.

Plus, it is not a good idea to over-drink water to flush out the diet pill ingredients as it may dilute the urine and cause the creatinine levels to drop too low.

According to USA Mobile Drug Testing, you have a chance if the results are negative dilute (creatinine levels within normal range), and the test can be reperformed.

However, your employment may be terminated if the test results come out as positive dilute (low creatinine levels).


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