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At Max Health Living, we cultivate a culture of optimal well-being, savoring life’s pleasures with our loved ones. Our dedicated team comprises seasoned experts in fitness, health, and supplements, deeply devoted to their wellness pursuits.

We share a genuine passion for fitness and wellness, with each team member being a dedicated enthusiast in their respective field. Our website spans a wide spectrum of health and supplement topics, as evident from our diverse categories.

Our Story

Joe here, one of the founders of this awesome site. Our journey began in 2019 when Chris (my partner) and I were introduced to an American supplement company (whose name we’ll keep confidential). Our initial efforts to promote this opportunity through Facebook ads, word of mouth, and WhatsApp didn’t yield the desired results. So, we made the decision to launch this website with the aim of boosting sales.

The financial success we initially experienced wasn’t as encouraging as we had hoped. This led to a brief hiatus as we explored other ventures, leaving the website dormant for over eight months.

However, we returned with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the realms of fitness and supplements, determined to transform the site with superior content.

Our commitment was unwavering as we embarked on a rigorous journey of testing various supplements, workout regimens, and holistic living approaches to curate and share on this platform. It was an effortless transition because I have been in the bodybuilding and fitness world for almost a decade. And Chris has been in marketing for 5 years.

To further enhance the site’s credibility, we forged partnerships with health professionals, dietitians, and fitness coaches, ensuring that the content is grounded in well-researched findings.

As of the moment of writing, we’ve invested 123,000+ hours delving into the realm of supplements, shakes, bodybuilding, healthy living practices, and more. Our primary mission is to guide you toward achieving your ultimate fitness, and healthy lifestyle objectives.

Authors and Experts

Joseph P. Tucker. BSc. PT

I’m Joseph Tucker, one of the co-founders of MaxHealthLiving. I wear multiple hats: husband, father, personal trainer, writer, and fervent fitness enthusiast.

Not only do I work one-on-one with clients, but I also serve as the head bodybuilding coach for MaxHealthLiving. With my deep insights into the demands of bodybuilding, I craft personalized training, nutrition, and recovery plans, ensuring that individuals, whether they’re amateur or professional bodybuilders, achieve their unique goals.

Outside of my daily job, I’m passionate about writing and sharing health and nutrition content online. I’m responsible for the majority of our in-depth research and content creation.

Adnaan Ayoub (Clinical Exercise Specialist)

Adnaan Ayoub

My name is Adnaan Ayoub, a qualified and experienced Clinical Exercise Physiologist, level 3 Personal Trainer, and level 4 Cancer and Exercise Specialist.

I have a wealth of experience working with people of all ages and abilities, including those who are new to exercise, those who may have been training for many years both for leisure and/or competitive purposes and lastly, people who may be recovering from an illness or injury.

I’m the senior editor here at MaxHealthLiving and I’m responsible for overseeing the content published on the website. With my extensive knowledge of exercise physiology, I ensure that our articles are accurate, informative, and up-to-date.

Baiza Batool

Meet Baiza, your health & wellness ally.

She’s an aspiring Health Psychologist with a flair for creating content around health & fitness, dedicated to sharing well-researched and accurate information that empowers you to make informed choices in your wellness journey.

With a wealth of knowledge accrued from diving deep into topics like fitness, weight management, and effective workouts, She’s here to guide you toward a healthier, happier you.

Safa Kamran

Safa Kamran, a qualified dietitian holding a BSc. A degree in Nutrition and Dietetics brings a wealth of clinical experience in nutrition and dietetics to her role. Her expertise primarily centers on Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease management and crafting effective dietary strategies for weight management.

With a solid understanding of nutritional supplement formulation and usage for optimal health, Safa serves as both a clinical and community nutritionist. Her contribution extends to creating informative nutrition-related content for Max Health Living.

Jeffrey J. Rosso, Pharm.D.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rosso

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rosso is a distinguished clinical pharmacist deeply dedicated to medical research and pharmacy practice. With over 7 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, he brings invaluable expertise to our team.

Jeffrey is not only a skilled professional but also a fervent advocate for wellness and nutrition. Alongside his role as a contracted medical director in pharmaceutical development, he operates a private nutrition practice catering to both athletes and the general public.

Jeffrey plays a pivotal role in reviewing the majority of our health-related content at Max Health Living, ensuring its medical accuracy and quality.

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