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At Max Health Living, we maintain a culture of living healthy to the maximum while enjoying the pleasant things of life with our loved ones. A team of experienced fitness, health, and supplement experts who live, sleep, and breath their passions in the world of wellness.

We all love practicing and writing on fitness and wellness! Each one of us at Max Health Living is a fitness enthusiast in one area or another. We cover a variety of health and supplements activities as you can tell by the categories on the site.

Our Story

The idea of starting this site was birthed way back in 2018 when two friends passionate about physical fitness got introduced to a U.S based supplement company with a juicy compensation plan (company name withheld). After they tried a couple of strategies to promote the opportunity – Facebook ads, word of mouth, and WhatsApp – they decided to start this website to help drive sales.

To cut the story short, they made some money. But it wasn’t enough. This made them demotivated and diverted into other things. The site stayed untouched for over 8months.

Then they came back with their ‘little’ experience in the fitness and supplement space to spice up the site with much better content. Kept trying a ton of supplements, workout plans, and healthy living tactics to share right on this site.

They went further to partner with health experts, dietitians, and fitness coaches to bring well-researched findings and content to the site.

As of when writing this – we have spent over 21,000 hours researching the topic of supplements, shakes, healthy living, and more. We want to help you achieve your maximum fitness health and lifestyle goals.

Author Bios and Experts

Joseph P. Tucker

Joseph P. Tucker is a co-founder of MaxHealthLiving.com, a husband to a beautiful wife, a dietician, and a fitness enthusiast.

When he’s not spending time with family, you’ll find him in a nearby gym working out or bent down to his computer writing like a mad man. Joseph is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals, and he loves nothing more than spreading the gospel of health and nutrition through his content around the web.

Joseph is responsible for the majority of our in-depth research and content writing around here.

Jeffrey J. Rosso, Pharm.D.

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rosso

Dr. Jeffrey J. Rosso is a highly respected clinical pharmacist with a keen interest in medical research and pharmacy practice. He has over 7 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, making him an invaluable asset to any development team.

Jeffrey is also a passionate wellness and nutrition advocate. In addition to his work as a contracted medical director for pharmaceutical development, he also owns a private nutrition practice where he provides tailored services to athletes and the general population alike. Jeffrey medically reviews the majority of our guides and health-related content on Max Health Living.

Baiza Batool

Being a fitness enthusiast and a clinical psychologist (to-be), Baiza Batool believes that apart from physical well-being, mental wellness is equally important if one wants to achieve his/her fitness goals optimally.

Her knowledge of human physiology and psyche helps her understand how psychological and physiological factors may hinder one from achieving their fitness goals, which in turn enables her to find out viable ways that may help one be fit inside out.

This is where Baiza makes the best out of her research and writing skills to sum it all up for – you – the audience to seek help from.

Safa Kamran

With a BSc. Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, Safa Kamran is a dietitian by profession. She has years of clinical experience in nutrition and dietetics with an extensive focus on Medical Nutrition Therapy for disease management. She also specializes in dietary modifications for effective weight management.

Safa has sound knowledge regarding the healthy formulation and appropriate usage of nutritional supplements for promoting optimal health. She serves as a clinical and community nutritionist and creates informative nutrition-related content for Max Health Living.

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