9 BEST Tasting Shakeology Flavor 2024 (vegan, strawberry whey, vanilla)

January 7, 2024 |

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It’s best to have a Shakeology flavor that you can enjoy just about every day. Luckily, there are so many great flavors available.

When it comes to choosing your best tasting Shakeology flavor, we recommend trying a few and picking the one that tastes best for you.

We all have our favorite Shakeology flavor, but what is the best?

In this post, we will discuss some of the best flavors and why they are so good.

Including my favorite ones to help you decide which one to go for!

Fitness journeys with strict bland diets are already difficult to follow to the very end.

However, when they are supplemented by nutritious shakes of Shakeology, that too available in a variety of flavors – it is nothing short of a delight.

However, it can be hard to choose one when you have so many tempting options, right?

But no worries, since I am here with detailed reviews for each of the ten flavors to make the selection process effortless for you.

Best Tasting Shakeology Flavors List – Brief Reviews

Following is the list of some great flavors offered by the nutritional shakes of Shakeology.

I am going to discuss what each one of them has to offer to you!

1. Chocolate Whey Shakeology Flavor

Chocolate Whey Flavor

The name speaks for itself.

Chocolate Whey flavored shake is for all the chocolate lovers out there. With its creamy consistency and flavorful profile, it is ranked as the top-liked flavor.

The shake powder, when mixed with water or milk, gives a creamy, rich consistency that makes it all the more delicious to devour. You can also put in ice or fruits like bananas to add volume to the shake.

You would need a blender to properly mix the shake powder with either water or milk.

Hand mixing is not suitable for Chocolate Whey Shakeology Flavor since it is not sufficient for a smooth mix and forms clumps of powder on the top.

If you do not have a blender and need to get something that can conveniently be mixed using a spoon, you can go for Plant-Based Whey flavors.

2. Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan Flavor

Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan Flavor

Another best tasting Shakeology flavor.

It is an absolute delight to have two kinds of chocolate flavors, especially the vegan one for people who prefer vegan diets.

This one is lighter in flavor and is perfect for people who are not fond of super sweet shakes.

It has a lesser creamy consistency as compared to its Whey Based counterpart but is conveniently mixed by a spoon and does not require a blender.

Vegan shakes are often grainy because of their origin, but Shakeology makes sure that its shakes are not inconsistent and lumpy.

3. Cafe Latte Whey Based Flavor

Cafe Latte Whey Based Shakeology Flavor

Cafe Latte flavor reminds me of coffee!

This is exactly what this flavor is about. If you are fond of a light coffee flavor, this is the one for you.

This shake is not creamy and is more like a cold coffee drink. You cannot attain the creamy texture even by mixing the shake powder with milk.

If you want to turn it into a strongly flavored shake, you can add coffee of your own to the mix. All in all, it is a good flavor for shakes.

4. Cafe Latte Plant-based Vegan Flavor

Cafe Latte Plant-based Vegan Flavor

The Plant-Based alternative of Cafe Latte is also available for the ones who avoid or are not quite fond of whey-based proteins.

It is a good flavor to go for if you are a coffee fan on the fitness run! The shake is easily blended by hand; however, you can get a smoother mix by using a blender too.

5. Cookies and Cream Vegan Based Flavor

Cookies and Cream Vegan Based Flavor

You might be wondering what has a diet shake is supposed to do with cookies and cream? Fret not; because it is nothing like you’re imagining.

Vanilla with a little bit of chocolate is the right description for this shake. It might be related to the vanilla-based essence present in cookies hence the name.

Overall this gluten-free shake is nice and light. It does not get undesirably thick and has more of a fluid-like consistency.

6. Vanilla Shakeology Whey Based Flavor

Vanilla Shakeology Whey Based Flavor

Vanilla has been the test and trial flavor since the beginning of time for most of us, do you agree?

It is the same case with Shakeology’s vanilla whey-based flavor. It has a subtle vanilla aroma to it which can be altered by adding a variety of ingredients to it according to your choice.

Like other flavors from the brand, this one’s also easy to mix and pleasant to consume!

7. Vanilla Plant-Based Vegan Flavor

Vanilla Plant-Based Vegan Flavor

The Vanilla Shakeology Plant-Based Vegan goes well with citrus, coffee, maple, peanut butter, and coconut.

For people who prefer vegan products, this is your flavor to try.

The shake is Plant-Based and has a light vanilla flavor which is blended well and does not leave grains or clumps behind.

8. Strawberry Whey Based Flavor

Strawberry Whey Based Flavor

Here comes one of the most liked flavors of all time – Strawberry. If you are fond of flavored strawberry shakes but do not want to go for super sugary drinks with loads of additive flavors and unwanted calories, this might be a good pick for you.

You can, however, add frozen strawberries to the shake to pack it with more flavor. Otherwise, it is just a fine, light strawberry flavor.

9. Vegan Tropical Strawberry Flavor

Vegan Tropical Strawberry Flavor

This one is pretty much like the strawberry flavor discussed above. Its smoothness and consistency have improved over time, giving you a more uniform, creamy texture now.

Like other plant-based vegan flavors, this one is a great addition for people who like strawberries and prefer vegan foods.

10. Greenberry Whey Based Flavor (Not available)

This flavor has now been discontinued because of the unavailability of sources to produce it. I will, however, explain what it tasted like.

Greenberry sounds odd since you might not have heard of combination shakes of greens and berries. So is the flavor! If you are fond of green shakes, you might have liked it.

However, this is the least liked flavor out of the lot because of the odd sweet and bitter combination that did not settle well with the people.

Best Shakeology Recipes that are worth trying out!

Following are my 2 most favorite Shakeology recipes that you’ll love for sure too!

Shakeology Chocolate Pudding

If you too are a chocolate lover like me, this is going to be your holy-grail calorie-restricted dessert recipe. It’s the bananas and avocadoes that make it irresistibly delicious.

Just grab 2 medium-sized bananas, 1 avocado, a cup of sweetened almond milk, and drop them in your blender along with your Shakeology shake.

Keep blending until the texture gets smooth and creamy. To achieve your desired consistency, you may add some more almond milk.

Once you think it’s ready, pour it out in cups and refrigerate for almost 60 minutes and then devour!

Ps: try not to store it for more than 1 day.

Peanut Butter Shakeology Smoothie

Want to level up your shake’s flavor game? A hint of peanut butter would do wonders!

Here’s how you can make a diet smoothie, with all the rich taste of peanut butter.

First of all, pick all the key ingredients; a cup of almond milk, natural peanut butter, salt (only a pinch), a scoop of your vanilla why Shakeology, and lastly a tablespoon of Graham cracker crumbs.

Now just simply put all of them in the blender and run the round until a lump-free creamy texture is achieved.

Now enjoy!

What makes Shakeology Shakes the Best of all?

There are countless factors that contribute to Shakeology shakes being the best among various other options available out there.

No Shortcuts

First of all, it’s the company’s realistic approach towards achieving a beach body as the manufacturers mention that they believe in providing their customers with long-term and potent results rather than quick, short-lived fixes for their weight goals.

And, it’s not just the claims they make, instead, it’s the effort they put in!

All of the ingredients that are added to their shakes are handpicked by their trusted suppliers who ensure the best quality.

Careful Processing

Then the manufacturing process is carried out with extra care to preserve the beneficial properties of each ingredient so that the end product delivers exactly what is promised.

Rigorous Testing

Despite the fact that each ingredient makes it to the shake’s recipe only after the experts approve it, the final product, as well as every single component, is tested over 1,900 times to ensure that every shake is up to the mark, taste-wise and nutritional wise too!

Continuous Efforts

Not only this, the company never stops its hunt for new and better ingredients that may add more efficacy to their existing products and enhance their already potent formulas!

So, in a nutshell, with Shakeology you will never have a dull weight loss journey.

Best Shakeology Flavors – FAQs

Why is Shakeology the best?

Shakeology is one of the finest meal replacement brands for you because of its nutrient-rich formulas that come in a range of incredible flavors.

But best of all?

Shakeology makes your health the priority. By choosing this brand, you are making a commitment to improving not just your physical well-being but also that of our planet’s future.

Does strawberry Shakeology taste good?

Yes. Strawberry Shakeology is a subtle and light strawberry flavored shake that is packed with essential nutrients and protein.

Which is the best vegan Shakeology flavor?

The best vegan Shakeology is Chocolate Plant-Based Vegan flavor because of its creamy texture that seamlessly blends in water or milk and gives just the right chocolaty taste.

Why Shakeology is bad for you?

The added preservatives and extra sugar might be bad for people at risk of diabetes, so care should be observed in this regard or it’s best to avoid it if you’re in that category.

When we look at the ingredients list, we might see a lot of good things like antioxidants and fiber; however, these items are usually found in quantities too small to be beneficial. In addition, some unwanted chemicals may also find their way into Shakeology.

Can you drink 2 Shakeology shakes a day?

Yes. 2 Shakeology shakes a day are fine but not as complete meal replacement drinks. Only one major meal of the day should be replaced by the shake.

Can I drink Shakeology before bed?

Yes, you can. However, it is advised to drink it before meals to enable it to suppress your appetite.

What’s the best time to drink Shakeology?

The best time to drink Shakeology is before a meal to suppress appetite, be it before breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Drinking Shakeology at breakfast will help you feel full for longer periods of time, reducing the amount that you eat throughout the day while maximizing nutrient intake from a healthy meal.

At lunchtime, drinking Shakeology could help control your cravings to get through until dinnertime.

In the evening, drinking Shakeology can help you avoid unhealthy cravings that could lead to a less nutritious meal or snack.

It is also an excellent bedtime choice because it aids in the digestion and absorption of nutrients while keeping blood sugar levels stable for hours.

It doesn’t really matter what time of day you drink Shakeology; all that matters is that you find what time of the day is best for you.

Is Shakeology low glycemic?

Yes. Shakeology has low sugar content as compared to other meal replacement shakes.

Does Beachbody Shakeology taste good?

Yes, without a doubt! People have been all praises for these mouth-wateringly delicious shakes as they express how they make their boring calorie-restricted diets much more fun and worth following.

What does Tropical Strawberry Shakeology taste like?

If you’ve ever tried flavored milk, strawberry ones, in particular, you’ll find this flavor quite similar to them in taste. However, nutrition-wise, these Shakeology strawberry shakes are incomparable!

Wrap Up – Best Shakeology Flavor

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy shake, look no further.

We’ve compiled the list of our favorite flavors from this brand to help with your decision-making process. Which one will be yours?

Although all the Shakeology flavors are amazing, yet in my opinion, the best Shakeology flavor is the Chocolate Whey Based one!

It is a perfect blend of chocolate goodness with all the nutritious ingredients that we may require for achieving our fitness and weight loss goals.

Last but not least, the creamy texture and uniform formula ensure that there are no clumps or grains in the shake, which is a cherry on top!

I hope that this flavor review of Shakeology shakes helps you pick out the best one.

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