Is Herbalife FDA Approved 2024? (truth uncovered!)

January 7, 2024 |

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Is the renowned meal replacement giant Herbalife FDA approved?

Herbalife is a company that sells weight-loss and nutritional products. Some people believe that the company’s products are effective, while others believe that they are a scam.

Short answer?

No – Herbalife is not currently FDA-approved, but the company claims that its products are safe and effective.

Before you go into a state of frenzy, let me break it down for you elaborately.

All the products by Herbalife are inspected by the FDA but not approved because of new laws that give the nutritional brands autonomy to determine the safety and security of their product.

This is why many health and fitness brands, including Herbalife, do not need to get their products approved by FDA and are safe to consume by people.

Before I dive into further details, let me clarify what exactly FDA is and what it is responsible for.

Let’s find out.

What Does FDA Regulate?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a regulatory body that is formed to keep a check on different food products and drugs to ensure the safety of the public.

A variety of human and veterinary products as well as medical devices fall under the regulatory check by FDA.

The authority is responsible for the secure manufacture, processing, and transport of products to the general public that does not pose any sort of threat to them.

Not only the in-depth analysis of the product’s efficacy and safety is performed, but new innovative methods to improve the public health sector are also put forward by the FDA.

The administration covers a wide range of biological products, drugs, and human and veterinary derivatives but not all of the dietary supplements and nutritional substitutes fall under the regulatory check by FDA.

A few of the product categories that are subjected to FDA’s approval are as follows; drugs (prescription and non-prescription), additives in food, supplements, vaccines, blood products, and tissue products for grafting purposes.

Even cosmetics that include additives, moisturizers, cleansers, and perfumes, as well as all the electronics that emit any kind of radiation, including microwave ovens, are authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.

Is Herbalife FDA Approved?

Let me get straight to the point.

Herbalife products are not FDA-approved. Now, this might come off as a surprise and inculcate a sense of uncertainty and fear in most of you, especially the ones who regularly use nutritional supplements but no need to panic!

While this is true that the products offered by Herbalife are not approved by FDA, you must know that they do not fall under the jurisdiction of the authority either!

Until 1994, the FDA was responsible for regulating and assessing security and safety control in processing and manufacturing nutritional supplements and diet replacement options.

This was, however, changed when new laws by the government of the United States were passed, which altered FDA’s role.

It is now solely up to the companies to determine if their products are safe to use, including Herbalife.

Although all the products are still inspected by FDA, they do not require its approval.

This is so because the ingredients used by the brand are either deemed safe to use or are particularly permitted.

However, there are certain rules and limitations for the brands to make use of the liberty given to them. For instance, no company can claim to cure or alleviate signs and symptoms of any disease or medical condition.

FDA also has the right to investigate if a new ingredient or constituent is being introduced into the products.

And, the brand is liable to provide all the information regarding the manufacture and supply of products to ensure that quality standards are met.

If Herbalife is Not FDA Approved, Then is It Safe to Use?

Many people often ask if the products by Herbalife are safe to consume, provided the fact that they are not approved by FDA.

The safety of any product depends on the kind and quantity of the ingredients used in it, which is why it is absolutely important to scan through the list of constituents before incorporating that product into your daily life.

As far as Herbalife is concerned, the products contain meal-replacing nutrition which includes proteins, essential vitamins, minerals, and carbs.

These constituents are safe to consume by a healthy person with no underlying medical condition.

However, when it comes to people with renal (related to the kidney) or hepatic (related to the liver) disorders, it is always advised to consult an expert before using any of the products.

For example, when some cases of renal impairment were reported following the use of Herbalife products, it was found that the ones who developed such medical complications already had weak kidneys.

This led to the conclusion that Herbalife or any other herbal supplement can prove to be detrimental for the health of individuals with ongoing medical conditions.

Therefore, prior consultation with a certified nutritionist or a doctor is non-negotiable if you want to resort to such supplements for your nutritional support.

Everything Else You Need To Know – FAQs

Is Herbalife good for you?

Herbalife is a good choice for people who are looking for convenient ways to lose weight as it provides meal replacement shakes. The products are full of nutrients that aid this fat-burning process, so it is a good way to shed extra pounds without hassle.

However, people with underlying medical conditions are advised to use the products as directed by their physician to avoid experiencing adverse effects.

Why is Herbalife not sold in stores?

Since the company focuses on the targeted wellness of people, it only outsources its products to individual distributors, which is why Herbalife products are not sold in stores.

Sales through individual distributors ensure that counseling and additional services for the customers are not compromised.

Is Herbalife approved by doctors?

No, it’s not. Even though Herbalife offers meal replacement options, nutritional supplements do not ideally substitute the natural nutrition that we get from our everyday diet.

So while it is a quick fix to your weight loss concerns, it is advised by doctors to go for a healthy diet and exercise instead of using meal replacement supplements.

Which countries are Herbalife banned in?

Except for Belgium, Herbalife itself is not banned in any country, but since it is not registered in all the countries around the world, the individual distributors might not be allowed to sell the products in some particular areas.

Wrap-Up on Herbalife being FDA Approved in 2022

See, Herbalife’s products are backed by more than 30 years of research and scientific studies. But they’re not FDA-approved.

It is quite important to identify the constituents of products that you are consuming since your health is at stake there.

This is why it makes sense if you are concerned about Herbalife being regulated by FDA or not.

The products by the brand are inspected but not approved by FDA primarily because of the new laws that restrict FDA from doing so.

So without panicking, you can go for the nutritional supplement that suits you. But before doing so, remember that you must get an expert opinion if you have an underlying medical condition.

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