Does Anavar Taste Sweet or Bitter in the Mouth?

January 9, 2024 |

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Anavar or Oxandrolone is known as the steroid that is the mildest on the market. It doesn’t cause severe side effects, it doesn’t destroy your inners, and it doesn’t turn you into an aggression machine. Tren, on the other hand, is so bad it literally tastes bad when you inject it – but what about Anavar? Does it have a taste?

Truth be told, Anavar does not really have a taste. Some report the liquid stuff tastes slightly bitter while others report the oral version to taste slightly sweet – what gives?


It is said that pure Anavar tastes foul, like soap but underground labs may offer a different taste due to lower purity levels. Reports vary on what Anavar tastes like, ranging from bitter and sour to sweet and tasteless. Liquid Anavar is reported as having a foul and bitter taste.

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Does Oxandrolone have a taste?

The taste of any compound or drug will be dictated by the main compound within or the outer layer. For instance, many drugs are covered by a thin layer of sugar to cover the taste of the compound within. This makes most drugs way more palatable.

Oxandrolone is known to taste foul, like soap. However, this is the real stuff. The stuff that they make in medical facilities contains zero impurities. Underground labs do not always have the same purity and might have a different taste.

What does Anavar taste like?

As mentioned, pure Anavar has a foul and soapy taste. That said, here are some other reports online of the taste:

“Anavar has a bitter taste.” [1]

“the var powder I have had was completely tasteless, taste isn’t a good way to determine if it’s real or not though. with what you have unless somebody else can give u input on that exact type, the only way all know is if u send it to get tested or just start taking it and start to get common var effects.” [2]

“I have tried both I P var, and now pegasus var, for the ** someone told me to chew it, so I did and it tasted like shit, now with the pegasus I have swallowed them except today at the bottom of one of the bottles it was powdered and I licked it off my hand, and it had no flavor” [3]

Does Anavar taste like sugar?

No, Anavar does not taste like sugar. Unless your Anavar is covered by a thin layer of sugar, it is not supposed to have any sweet flavor or smell of sugar. Normally, Anavar has no distinct odor or taste and the powder should be almost colorless when seen in its raw form.

What is liquid Anavar taste?

Liquid Anavar has been described as having a very unpleasant taste. It’s been likened to the taste of ammonia or bleach, with some people reporting a metallic or chemical-like flavor. Many have compared it to a sour vinegar taste, but with an aftertaste that lingers for quite some time. Some have even said that it tastes like insect repellent.

Does Anavar have a metallic taste?

Anavar does not have a metallic taste.

Does Anavar have a powdered taste?

The powder is reported to have no taste at all.

Should you take Anavar every day?

Ideally, yes. Anavar has a relatively short half-life of only 8 hours, meaning 24 hours after your last dose the amount left in your blood will no longer be significant.

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