Does PhenQ Give You Diarrhea? (5+Tips To Cure It)

January 9, 2024 |

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According to the National Institute of Health, USA, diarrhea is a major side effect of more than 700 drugs. So, in this article, I will discuss if PhenQ is a similar diarrhea-inducing medicine or an exception.

Key Points:

  • PhenQ may cause diarrhea as some of its ingredients disturb your gut muscles.
  • Sometimes the diarrhea is caused by an underlying disorder or the combined effect of PhenQ and another drug.
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It can cause diarrhea if your gut lining is sensitive to its fat-burning ingredients or you have some underlying gut issue that its component provoked.

Next, in the article, you will find out what’s in the diet pills that cause diarrhea. And to help you stop having frequent bathroom trips, I have listed some proven methods below to help you ease the condition.

Hence, keep reading to find out all about it;

Do Diet Pills Give You Diarrhea?


Like most pharmaceutical products, diet pills can also give your gut trouble, leading to symptoms like bloating, nausea, and diarrhea. But their tendency to disturb gut function varies depending upon the potency of ingredients.

You experience diarrhea when food is not properly digested and absorbed in your gastrointestinal tract.

Hence, anything that affects the digestive process (like germs, gut wall irritation, disturbance to the gut microbiota, allergic or hard digesting food, etc.) can lead to diarrhea.

The following are the most common reasons for diet pills diarrhea;

1. Diet Pills Can Irritate the Gut Lining

Your gut muscles are not stiff but contract continuously, producing a wave-like effect that moves food from your mouth to your intestines and out.

However, some ingredients in weight loss supplements infringe on gut muscles, disturbing normal movements. Due to this disturbance, the gut produces loose stools as it does not get enough time to digest and absorb food particles and liquids.

Mostly such an effect is induced by stimulants and alkaloid derivatives in diet pills. For example, caffeine, phentermine, and bitter orange are all alkaloid compounds.

2. Their Ingredients May Harm Gut Microbiota

Weight loss supplements often contain stimulatory appetite suppressants and fat burners like phentermine, synephrine, or yohimbine.

When these compounds and their derivatives interact with gut microbes, they kill or weaken them.

Resultantly, the number and diversity of your gut microbiome is damaged. This negative effect eventually shows up as poor digestion and rapid, uncontrolled bowel movements.

3. Some Pills Reduce Fat Absorption, Leading To Diarrhea

Some diet pills reduce hunger sensation, some promote fat burning, and some do both. However, the most effective ones are those which also prevent the formation of new fatty acid deposits in your body.

These all-rounder weight loss supplements minimize the absorption of fats from the gut to reduce their bioavailability. Resultantly, most fats from your food remain undigested and are passed out with stools.

But undigested fats in the gut disturb normal gut functions, resulting in frequent, loose stools.

4. SSRIs In Some Pills Induce Diarrhea

Some weight loss-promoting compounds belong to the drug group SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). As these compounds are active antidepressants, they help you stay calm and happy.

However, a downside to SSRIs is their ability to stimulate turbulent motility in the gut, leading to diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Why Does PhenQ Cause Diarrhea?

Gut unrest from this supplement is common. Many people complain of bloating or mild abdominal cramps. And a few times, cases of diarrhea are also reported.

However, they’re nowhere close in severity to other common diet pills or fat burners since PhenQ’s formulation is all-natural.

However, a few times, cases of diarrhea are also reported.

Analyzing its formulation, I found that there are 5 main reasons why PhenQ may cause diarrhea;

1. Your Gut Needs Some Time To Adjust To PhenQ Tablets

It has strong thermogenic compounds that can stimulate rapid, irregular bowel movements when you aren’t habitual of taking them.

Caffeine anhydrous is blamed the most for this issue, but other ingredients like nopal cactus, Capsimax powder, and alpha lipoic acid can also cause similar effects.

It has some laxative effects because it can increase gut motility, due to which the food components and fluids cannot be digested and absorbed as gut muscles thrust them forward.

However, these substances are mostly safe, and your gut will be able to handle them normally within a few days.

2. Nopal Decreases Fat Absorption

Nopal Cactus is one of the active ingredients of PhenQ. It has been used as a laxative in Mexican tradition for centuries.

It keeps your body from accumulating more fats by preventing the absorption of fat molecules in the gut.

However, some people have to struggle for a few days to get this benefit until their gut can tolerate a large number of undigested fats.

3. You May Be Taking PhenQ With Another Supplement

Some products are safe alone, but their combined effect is harmful.

For example, if you take two supplements with caffeine anhydrous, your total intake may surpass the daily safe limit.

Such an experience was reported in a real PhenQ review by Hillary Mullins.

PhenQ Review - youtube comment

She was using a protein powder, then started with PhenQ. Resultantly, she was forced to visit the bathroom more often. However, once she quit the protein powder, her condition reverted to normal, and she succeeded in losing 40 lbs.

4. Caspimax Increases GI Motility If You have Underlying Gut Issues

A reason for PhenQ diarrhea can be the chili extracts added to its Capsimax powder.

But this effect varies from person to person. In some cases, capsicum and black pepper extracts improve gut conditions helping people get rid of diarrhea and nausea.

But opposite scenarios are also reported where people suffer from worse symptoms by adding peppers to their diet.

This research reports a case where a woman added black pepper to her diet and suffered from acute diarrhea. However, it turned out that she had an underlying short bowel syndrome, making her more prone to diarrhea.

5. L-Carnitine SSRI Properties Increase The Chances Of Diarrhea

L-carnitine is the ingredient that makes you so happy and refreshed after taking a PhenQ tablet.

Besides burning fats, it also acts as an active antidepressant because it is an SSRI compound. As roses come with thorns, this property also increases the chances of having diarrhea using this supplement.

However, a meta-analysis covering 34 studies proves that although l-carnitine shows gastrointestinal adversities like other SSRIs, its ratio is lesser than other compounds.

Simply put, the chances of facing diarrhea with PhenQ are low-to-moderate. And if you have this misfortune, the following are some tips to help to get rid of this issue very soon;

How To Cure Diarrhea Caused By PhenQ?

woman drinking water

1. Consider What Else Supplement/Medicine Are You Taking With PhenQ

Before taking a supplement or medicine, consider how it will interact with your other medications or supplements. Your physician can advise you on the best in this matter.

Check if your other supplements have caffeine and add it with PhenQ content to see if the figure is below 400 mg (the daily safe). Also, adjust your coffee intake accordingly.

(To find out how many cups you can take with thisPhenQ, read my detailed blog about it here.)

Also, discuss the safety of diet pills if you take blood pressure or diabetes medicines with your doctor.

2. Hydrate Yourself

A lot of water and salts are excreted from your body through diarrhea, increasing the chances of dehydration.

Hence, the first thing you can do to preserve your health from diarrheal miseries is to increase your fluid intake. Drinking more water helps as it replenishes the body’s lost water and positively influences the digestive processes.

But plain water won’t provide the salts lost with feces during rapid bowel movements. That is why you should take some electrolytes as well.

Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) prove best in such a situation. Moreover, herbal teas like ginger tea, chamomile tea, or peppermint tea are also effective. Their herbal effects help your gut recover faster.

3. Try the BRAT Diet

As I mentioned above, the basic cause of diarrhea is poor digestion. That is why you should eat bland, easy-to-digest foods when you suffer from this condition.

A popular diet for diarrhea treatment is BRAT. It is an acronym for banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast.

However, you can take anything bland to gain energy without overloading your weakened digestive machinery.

You may eat bland foods like cereals, bananas, and boiled vegetables and beverages like weak tea or flat soda.

4. Avoid Fatty Meals

To cure diarrhea faster, avoid foods that are too acidic or hard to digest. This precaution rules out fatty meals because fat digestion is the hardest.

And when you are taking PhenQ, fat absorption is also partially disabled, which can further add to the misery. Hence, the wiser choice when taking this supplement is to avoid fatty food.

It is an obvious win because avoiding fatty meals will reduce the intensity of diarrhea and also helps with weight loss.

5. Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger extracts are used as a tonic for diarrhea and other gut issues in traditional Asian medicines. And ginger tea is an effective and delicious way to get these extracts.

Modern research confirms the efficacy of ginger in curing diarrhea. It contains many active phytols (6-gingerol, 8-gingerol, etc.) that have anti-inflammatory properties.

Hence, it mitigates the irritating effects of potent compounds, eventually reducing diarrhea intensity.

6. Take Probiotics

You can also take help from tiny gut soldiers, aka probiotics, or the friendly bacteria that live in your intestines and help you digest better.

Sometimes medicines harm these bacteria, which leads to a decline in digestive efficacy and symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.

But you can prevent and cure this by adding probiotics to your daily diet. Fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, and kombucha are some of the platable sources of probiotic microbes.

Also, you can take probiotic capsules. When choosing such a supplement, go for a multi-strain product with a high CFU number to get the most benefits.

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