Herbalife for Diabetics – Can Diabetics Drink Herbalife? (sugar free)

January 7, 2024 |

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Does Herbalife nutrition help diabetic patients?

Are any of them likely to worsen the case?

We’ll find out all that (and more) in this post.

To date, no known cure for diabetics has been found, be it type 1 or type 2, which is why many people have been resorting to alternatives solutions that may, at least, slow down the health decline it might cause.

Wondering what alternative solutions?

Dietary supplements are what I’m talking about.

Herbalife is one well-known supplement manufacturing company that has been in business since 1980, striving to help people fulfill their nutritional needs regardless of their medical conditions.

And, today I’m going to talk about how Herbalife products can help diabetics.

From which of their products a diabetic person can use to how it can affect one’s health, I have covered all the nitty-gritty details in this article.

So, without any further delay, let’s get straight into it!

Is Herbalife Nutrition Safe for Diabetics?

Before I even get into what products one should use, it is pertinent to talk about the safety of these supplements.

The answer to the question “is Herbalife safe for diabetics” depends on one’s health condition.

For example, let’s say your kidneys are impaired, being a diabetic. (happens to people with uncontrolled sugar levels over prolonged periods of time) the high chances are Herbalife Nutrition products might aggravate the situation.

Because they contain high amounts of protein content, something which kidney patients are advised to avoid.

Another reason why I wouldn’t recommend going for Herbalife products if you have a kidney problem along with diabetes is that its shakes contain micronutrients that impaired kidneys fail to excrete efficiently.

And lastly, I would request you to stay a mile away from Herbalife products if you have been diagnosed with any liver-related issue.

Apart from all of this, Herbalife can be considered safe for Diabetics.

Especially if you’re younger and you just got diagnosed with it, their meal replacement shakes can help you heaps in maintaining good health.

Be it weight reduction, or weight gain, you can achieve all of your goals with Herbalife products.

But the condition is, you consult your doctor beforehand.

Since I wouldn’t want any of you to go through an undesired situation because of following a piece of advice, you find merely on the internet.

Effect of Herbalife on Diabetic Patient – Safe or not?

Although I have talked about the safety of Herbalife products in detail in the section above, yet I feel like there are a few aspects to discuss further.

For example, if one has decided to take Herbalife products, what effects should he expect?

Well, that again is conditional to a lot of things.

For example, what age are you?

What’s your goal? Is it just nutritional support that you’re seeking, or is it the diabetes-induced weight changes you want to reverse? – Getting my point?

According to the research I have conducted so far, young people have been raving about the product’s benefits.

A young footballer expressed his views that the intake of Herbalife’s nutritional products helped him lower his insulin dose and saved him from many additional health issues diabetes brings with itself.

He mentioned how he was doubtful of ever having a kid with diabetes, but supplementing Herbalife’s products with healthy life choices saved him from being deprived of that (as he had a daughter after some time of getting diagnosed with diabetes)!

He also added that he’s doing overall great, and no side effects have kicked in so far.

Well, that was one case. I wouldn’t say that you’ll get the exact same results as everyone’s built differently.

But, I can conclude one thing from this, that Herbalife Supplements can do a lot of good if taken with care.

I also want to add another thing here, that diabetes can only be dealt with by an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle. Out of which, adding Herbalife products into your daily diet would be one thing.

Which Herbalife Product Is Good for Diabetics?

Now, coming to point, out of numerous Herbalife products, which one can diabetics use?

While you might have come across many promotion schemes, each of which suggests the product they are paid for, I’m here to offer you genuine help.

After spending hours researching and analyzing each of Herbalife’s products, I would recommend you go for their Formula 1 shake if you’re a diabetic.

However! Remember, that’s is no cure to your problem, but just a supportive supplement that should only be taken after consulting a healthcare expert or doctor.

So, why Formula 1 shake? You might ask.

Herbalife Formula 1 shakes can prove to be the all-in-one solution for every diabetic.

No matter if you want to get rid of those undesired baggy fats or your goal is to put up some lean muscle mass, these irresistibly delicious tasting shakes have got you covered!

Since these shakes contain high amounts of protein and nutrients with the least calories and sugar content, you’ll no longer feel the desire to binge eat every other hour.

How? Protein will keep you satiated, and nutrients will keep you energetic.

Needless to say that low calories and sugar will prevent weight gain and help you lower your insulin intake, respectively.

Coming to what’s the best way to consume it? Well, there are a lot of options in that regard. But to cut it short, it’s totally up to you, either add it to your milk or just water; its nutritional efficacy will remain the same!

PS: I love the chocolate mint flavor.

Herbalife and Insulin Resistance

Everyone knows what diabetes is, but insulin resistance?

Um, I guess many of us lack knowledge about that – one main reason why diabetes type 2 is becoming so common.

Only if we understand what the phenomenon is and how it converts into type 2 diabetes, we might be able to reverse its effects before it’s too late.

So, I’m here to address that. Let’s start by discussing what insulin resistance is and how it might cause type 2 diabetes.

Two things happen when our body cells stop responding to insulin (known as insulin resistance).

Firstly, our body cells fail to take in glucose for energy, and secondly, our pancreas is prompted to produce more insulin.

Then, high insulin levels become the reason for high blood pressure, and not too late after that, when glucose is not used by the body cells, its increased levels in the bloodstream lead to type 2 diabetes.

All clear?

However, if you take appropriate measures on the early onset of insulin resistance, all of that from happening can be prevented.

This is where Herbalife’s products come into the picture. Since they may help you maintain a healthy weight, have a balanced and nutrition-filled diet, etc., all that’s needed to fight insulin resistance.

Along with a good diet, regular exercise and a doctor’s consultation is also necessary.

Is Herbalife high in sugar?

If we talk about the Formula 1 shakes, then No, but if it’s about their whole range, then yes.

Formula one shakes also contain sugar but not HIGH levels. Therefore, they can be considered safe for diabetics if taken according to the dose recommended.

(Needless to say that diabetics should be very cautious about their sugar intake.)

Everything Else to Know About Herbalife and Diabetics (FAQs)

How many calories are in Herbalife Formula 1 with water?

You’ll get only 90 calories if you dissolve the Herbalife formula 1 shake mix with water (250ml).

Can diabetics use Herbalife?

Yes, diabetic people can use Herbalife products, but not without prior consultation with a doctor (at least, I would not recommend that).

What vitamins do you get with Herbalife Formula 1?

You get a handful of vitamins with Herbalife Formula 1. It has it all, Vitamin A, B6, B12 C, D, and E.

Does Herbalife have side effects?

Yes, unfortunately, Herbalife has side effects. Especially for those with underlying medical conditions.

As I mentioned earlier in my “Is Herbalife Nutrition Safe for Diabetics?” section, their products might not make a good option for those with kidney problems or liver issues.

Can you drink Herbalife if you have type 2 diabetes?

Yes, diabetics can use Herbalife. However, I can’t emphasize enough the fact that expert advice is not something to miss when it comes to taking a dietary supplement while having a medical condition like diabetes type 2.

How much does a Herbalife shake cost?

The average cost of each Herbalife Formula 1 shake is up to $40, where each container contains 30 servings.

Wrap Up

Although diabetes is not curable, yet we shouldn’t stop fighting, right?

But how do we fight? By merely having those prescribed pills and daily shots of insulin? No, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m referring to having a balanced diet, regular exercise, follow-up consultations with your dietician, and opting for healthy dietary supplements as per his advice.

However, those who are just insulin resistant can turn the tables more effectively by following the same piece of advice discussed above! And, Herbalife’s products might help a lot in this regard.

But before you decide to for Herbalife products, make sure to give my “Is Herbalife Nutrition Safe for Diabetics?” a read.

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