Herbalife vs Amway: What is the Difference? (weight loss, multivitamin & business)

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Which is better – Herbalife or Amway?

In this article, I will review and compare these two veteran network marketing corporations that sell nutritional supplements.

Most millennials find it almost impossible to stick to a dedicated workout routine and strict diet plans.

Thankfully, there is adequate awareness today than it’s ever been.

Getting your vitamins and keeping your body in shape has become pretty convenient due to nutrient-rich supplements. However, hopping onto the internet and navigating through a sea of brands can be a daunting job.

But no worries, as I have already simplified it for you.

I conducted thorough research on two of the pioneering dietary supplement manufacturers – Herbalife vs Amway – that have been in the business for decades and know their game.

Hence, in this article, you will explore what they have to offer individually.

Then, we will compare and decide which one of these brands can be a perfect choice for you.

So, let’s dive in.

Herbalife and Amway – A Quick Recap

Before comparing both these corporations, let me share a brief overview of them with you.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is an international multi-level marketing company that produces and sells nutritional supplements. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

It was founded in 1980, and since then, it has managed to build a loyal customer base. Today, Herbalife operates in over 90 countries.

And has over 4 million independent distributors worldwide. They also have a workforce of around 14,000 employees.

Personalized easy-to-follow plans and effective formulas are the reason that this company keeps reaching new heights.

Apart from developing effective dietary supplements, the brand also has expertise in producing beauty and self-care products.

The company has been dedicated to creating opportunities for people to achieve their goals and success. Herbalife provides nutrition, weight management, energy, and fitness solutions.

What is Amway?

Amway logo

The American way, famously known as Amway, is one of the oldest network marketing corporations that develops and sells a range of nutrition-filled creations.

It was founded in 1959 and is based in Michigan. Its catalog has everything from stress-relieving probiotics to laundry detergents.

The company is present in over 100+ countries and has more than 4 million distributors. It has a workforce of over 40,000 employees.

The organization aims to simplify your life and boost your health.

Hence, you will find household appliances, air filtration units, personal care products, vitamins, supplements, energy drinks, and plenty more things. Well-made products and attractive business plans are the reasons for its longevity and enormous success.

Amway manufactures and sells health, beauty, and home care products along with sports nutrition products. It is also known to be the biggest network marketing company in the world.

Herbalife vs Amway – Comparison

Now that you have developed an idea about the brands, I suppose we should move to the actual review section. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Benefits


Herbalife has managed to gain customers’ and widespread media attention due to its efficacious nutrition products and weight loss formula. This brand manufactures shakes packed with essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, etc.

Apart from weight management, these supplements contain ingredients that may boost your energy levels and help you feel less tired throughout the day.

Moreover, a consistent vitamin-consuming routine acts as a stress-busting tool and refreshes your mood.

Another good thing is, all the Herbalife products are quite hassle-free to use. Therefore, from busy bees to lazy folks, everyone can follow these simple diet plans.


This brand can help you in several ways by providing essential vitamins and other nutrients.

First of all, its nutrient-rich meal replacement shakes can help you stay less drained and more energized all day long.

Then we have Amway’s Nutrilite gluten-free daily tablets (multivitamins) that are developed without any artificial ingredient and contain significant antioxidant properties and benefits due to the presence of nutrients like Vitamin C.

Final Verdict: Both the brands have been in the business for decades and have served the customers efficiently.

Therefore, I’d call it a tie for this section as both the companies deliver what they promise.

2. Side Effects

Herbalife side effects:

While multiple people have benefited from Herbalife supplements, it is not technically possible for the same formula to work wonders for everyone.

The Herbalife nutrition side effects are highly affected by underlying medical conditions.

For example, the same Herbalife formula 1 shakes that may help one in achieving his weight goals can be harmful to a diabetic being high in sugar.

Therefore it is better to seek your healthcare provider’s professional advice before following the crowd.

Needless to say people with liver and kidney diseases should always stay cautious before using dietary supplements.

Amway side effects:

Is Amway Nutrilite safe? Generally, minerals, vitamins, and most supplements don’t generate major harmful effects if you consume them as directed. Therefore, always pay heed to the number of doses you take, especially when your output is lower than the input.

Like always, heart, kidney, and liver-related patients are advised to seek a doctor’s advice before using.

Final Verdict: Both brands are known to exhibit similar types of side effects. However, Herbalife is more infamous for its products causing detrimental effects on liver and kidney patients.

So, in that regard, Amway wins here!

3. Herbalife vs Amway Pricing

Herbalife pricing:

Although Herbalife is thought to be one of the most expensive nutrition brands out there, I think it is rightly priced as it contains only natural ingredients.

Its most popular product, Formula 1 Healthy nutritional mix, costs around $40. Which I think is worth your optimum health.

Amway pricing:

Whereas on the other hand, we have Amway, a bit more costly than Herbalife. Its shakes that offer the same benefits as Herbalife cost around $10-$12 more than Formula 1 shakes.

Amway’s Nutrilite meal replacement shakes retail for $53 and are readily available for purchase on the company’s official website.

Final Verdict:  As mentioned earlier, Amway has everything from stress-busting probiotics to energy drinks, just like Herbalife.

Although some of Amway’s products are pretty affordable, it is not altogether a budget-friendly brand.

Both brands claim that the prices are worth the manufacturing labor and efforts. So the bottom line is to always ask your pocket before splurging. If you have the budget, go for it.

4. Taste

Herbalife taste:

Herbalife has an enormous collection of food replacement shakes in several flavors. Some most-liked flavors are dutch chocolate, pina colada, mint chocolate, french vanilla, and wild berry.

Although these shakes are powdery in texture, the taste is pleasant and doesn’t feel chalky at all.

Amway taste:

You have to mix Amway’s protein shakes with water or milk. However, they are relatively hard to mix and taste powdery. Their energy drinks are also available in a sugar-free flavor.

Final Verdict: Herbalife shakes and supplements are moderately sweet; they blend well and are smooth texture-wise.

However, on the contrary, Amway shakes do not offer the same perks. So, once again, Herbalife is a win-win!

5. Products

Herbalife products:

Since it is a multipurpose company, you will find a diverse collection from healthcare and dietary supplements to skincare and acne solution products.

Herbalife nutrition product page

In addition to meal replacing shake mixes and tablets, Herbalife formulates premium-quality skin products integrated with botanicals and extracts.

Some products from their collection are a soothing cleanser, minimizing serum, energizing herbal toner, hydrating eye cream, eye gel, and daily glow moisturizer.

The brand also provides a solution for acne-prone skin with its dermatologically tested skin products.

You can also find several bath and body products for you and your family, including strengthening shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and sunscreen.

Amway products:

Amway Nutrilite produces separate multivitamin packs for men and women. These healthy packs may boost your energy, reduce stress, and support a healthy immune system.

Amway products

Moreover, the brand covers everything, such as the formulation of dietary supplements, weight management plans, energy drinks, gummies, etc.

They also have individual packs of tablets for men and women to support their immunity, bone, and eye health.

And we haven’t even talked about other categories like beauty, personal care, bath & body, fragrances, and home appliances.

So, no matter if you want perfume or an air filtration unit, Amway has got you covered.

Final Verdict: Speaking of diversity and versatility, Amway clearly wins in this aspect.

6. Ingredients

Herbalife ingredients:

Herbalife products are full of essential minerals, vitamins, proteins, herb extracts, and wheat sources to energize your body and help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Their caffeine drinks are formulated with aloe vera extracts that may keep you hydrated all day long and give you the much-needed burst of energy to jump-start your day.

Beauty and personal care products are also formulated with pure extracts and scented botanicals, such as aloe, hazel, witch, and tea tree oil.

Amway ingredients:

This brand has an extended collection of nutrient-rich products to fill the void of essential nutrients in your body. Its multivitamin tablets and energy drinks integrate vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, folate, iodine, zinc, and biotin to maintain your body in a stable form.

Final Verdict: Clearly, both brands formulate all-natural products that contain nothing but healthful ingredients.

However, be it Amway or Herbalife, go through the ingredient list of each product individually before making a purchase so that you’re sure that it contains nothing you’re allergic to.

7. Amway or Herbalife – which has better Customer Satisfaction


The brand came into the scene nearly 40 years ago and has achieved remarkable milestones during this time.

It has been ranked as the number one weight management and fitness products manufacturer by Euromonitor International.

And if it has come this far, it clearly states the fact that it has the trust of its users because there is no way a networking corporation keeps thriving without its customers’ support.

People love its food replacement shakes, customized diet plans, comprehensive and simple instructions.


Amway is one of the world’s most distinguished selling corporations setting the benchmark of $8.8 billion sales in the year 2018.

It is evident that their business is constantly growing, and customers are willingly putting their trust and money in them. However, some customers have issues with the powdery texture and bland taste of its products.

The company also enables people to commence their businesses at a low cost.

People love that this platform allows them to become independent business owners and offer access to unique products.

They say that business plans are attractive. However, it may take some time for newbies to earn substantial earnings.

Final Verdict: Despite being a junior, Herbalife has more popularity and worldwide recognition than Amway.

I see people trying out Herbalife’s products all the time on their blogs and Youtube. Therefore, I am going to give this one to Herbalife.

FAQs about Herbalife and Amway

1. Why Amway products are so costly?

Several customers are upset about the fact that Amway products are overpriced.

However, the brand claims that an unadulterated manufacturing procedure, product quality, premium ingredients, precision, and the overall detail-oriented approach takes a lot.

And, a higher standard product typically has higher rates too. Hence, the costs.

2. How much does it cost to buy Amway?

The best thing about Amway is its attractive business plans that also support low startup costs. You can get started and invest in the Amway business with a budget of less than $100.

The process is risk-free as the company ensures to refund all of your investment money if you don’t find this endeavor appealing enough.

3. Is Amway a pyramid scheme?

There are plenty of conspiracy theories and misperceptions about Amway on social media.

However, the brand comes clean and denies these allegations by declaring them a result of misunderstanding and half knowledge.

The brand adapts several professional approaches, such as conducting a genuine contract between Amway and the business owner. One can tell that it is an authentic direct selling organization because it supports minimum startup costs and low risk.

There is no need to freak out in case of loss, too, as it offers a 100% money-back guarantee within three months of your registration. So no Amway is not a pyramid scheme.

4. Can you get rich with Amway?

As I mentioned earlier, the business plans are attractive and allow you to get started with minimum investment. However, don’t expect it to make you an overnight millionaire.

If you are a beginner, it may take some time for you to grow money-wise and as an entrepreneur. Make sure to connect with some seniors to seek their expert advice and tips to do better.

5. Is Herbalife bad for your kidneys?

Although there are no clinically tested resources that prove Herbalife or any other supplement can cause kidney-related problems, it is always better to stay careful.

Seeing your friend dropping some extra kgs may insist you hop online and buy an easy weight-loss formula.

However, it is better to research and consult your doctor to avoid any long-term side effects.

Take special care if you already have a chronic illness or kidney disease.

6. How much do Herbalife shakes cost?

Each Herbalife shake container consists of 30 servings for a whole month.

The cost of this container is $40, which means you are paying $1.50 for a single meal.

7. Which Amway product is good for the heart?

Amway Nutrilite has several products, vitamins, and supplements to boost your heart health. One such product is Nutrilite Garlic.

Garlic contains a substantial amount of allicin that can maintain blood pressure levels, soothe blood vessels, and eventually improve your heart’s health.

Then, it has other products like Salmon Omega-3 Softgels, NUTRILITE® Ch Balance, All Plant Protein Powder, and plenty more that can be beneficial for your heart.

8. Is Amway Nutrilite good for health?

Amway Nutrilite products are plant-based, so there is no such possibility for harmful effects. They can reduce stress levels, lift your mood and keep you energized throughout the day.

However, try to use them as fitness shakes only instead of magic drinks.

Kindly use them according to instructions and don’t overdose, as that would do more harm than good.

Herbalife vs Amway – Which one’s the best?

Is Amway better than Herbalife, or is it the other way round?

Well, by the end of this article, you must have figured that both brands are remarkable in their own ways and sell diverse catalogs.

The debate between Herbalife and Amway will never end.

Which is better as a business opportunity and health?

That’s a question we’ll likely never answer with absolute certainty.

However, one thing both companies have in common is that they are each working to improve the lives of their customers by creating safe products for people who want to live healthier lifestyles.

In this article, you’ve learned how these two MLM giants stack up against one another from head-to-toe – what products they offer, company culture, compensation plan details, and more.

Their supplements, vitamins, protein shakes, and tablets can benefit your health in several ways.

However, it is not a healthy approach to solely depend on them for your nutrients.

So, don’t forget to eat your vegetables and fruits for a sustainable inner system. Also, exercise regularly and consume these shake mixes as bonus tools to maintain your fitness.

Our hope was not only to provide an objective comparison but also to give potential members enough information so they can make a decision on which network marketing opportunity might be right for them based on their unique needs and goals.

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