7 Best Pre-Workouts Without Sucralose & Artificial Sweeteners

January 8, 2024 |

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If you’re looking for the best pre-workouts without sucralose, then you’ve come to the right place.

The goal of pre-workout supplements is to help you on your health and fitness journey.

You are more likely to find sucralose in pre-workout rather than sugar. It can be hard to find a pre-workout without sucralose or stevia. However, many people would prefer a pre-workout drink without sucralose.

Many people look to avoid sucralose as they do not believe it to be natural.

There are other issues about sucralose that may bother certain consumers. Hence, when searching for a pre-workout, they look for the best sucralose-free pre-workout.

To help you find a pre-workout without sucralose, we have made a list of some of the best options today.

7 Best Pre-Workouts Without Sucralose & Artificial Sweeteners

The following are the best pre-workouts without sucralose:

  • Pure Power All-Natural Pre-Workout Supplement
  • RARI Nutrition – Infinity Pre Workout
  • Vintage Blast Pre-workout
  • Do Vitamins – PurePump Natural Pre-Workout
  • Naked Energy – All-Natural Pre-Workout Powder
  • Ora Organic Natural Pre-Workout
  • Push Pre-Workout Powder

1. Naked Energy – All-Natural Pre-Workout Powder

naked energy

Naked Nutrition is a health and fitness supplement company that believes in being honest with its consumers.

Every ingredient they use is listed in their supplements, and there are no artificial ingredients or experimental ingredients in their products.

Naked Energy is a natural pre-workout powder that contains solely non-GMO components. Their premium vegan pre-workout blend will help you increase your power, strength, and energy and offer you an extra push at the gym.

The supplement does not contain any artificial sweeteners like sucralose or additives.

The supplement contains 200 mg of caffeine extracted from unroasted coffee beans.

This provides a much-needed increase in energy levels to ensure that you get through even the toughest of workouts with your best effort.

Caffeine also profoundly affects your mental focus, increasing your alertness and reducing your chances of an injury while working out.

The naked energy pre-workout supplement contains 2 grams of carnosine beta-alanine and 1 gram of creatine monohydrate. Both of these ingredients have been known to affect the muscles.

They increase endurance and strength, providing your muscles with more power. They are also helpful in repairing damaged and torn muscles and increasing the size of muscles in a shorter period.

The naked energy pre-workout contains 1 gram of ajipure arginine.

This amino acid is a precursor of nitric oxide. Once used to produce and release nitric oxide, the substance acts on the blood vessels causing them to dilate.

The dilated blood vessels allow the blood to be easier to the body’s tissues, including the muscle tissues. This allows the muscles to receive the oxygen they need during exercise, preventing the formation of lactic and, consequently, fatigue.

This supplement contains calcium, a mineral that increases the contraction of muscles, providing your muscles with increased power during your workout.

It also contains vitamin C, B3, B6, B12, and folate.

These vitamins boost your immunity, decreasing muscle recovery time and reducing inflammation.

Flavour And Pricing

The supplement is sold in two flavor options, fruit punch, and citrus. The cost of this supplement is $44.99. if you subscribe to their website, you can save 20% on your purchase.

2. Pure Power All-Natural Pre-Workout Supplement

pure power

The Pure Power Pre-workout is a product of the Smart Strength Brand. They are a company that was created by champions and specialized in health and fitness supplements.

You can trust that this brand has your best interest in mind and that every one of its products is designed to be safe, powerful, and effective.

Their Pure Power supplement is a natural pre-workout supplement that promises real results. It has been created to increase its users’ muscle strength and power and increase their mental focus while maintaining overall health.

It can be difficult to consume pre-workouts if they have no flavor, and getting a decent amount of flavor into a supplement using fruits or other ingredients can be difficult.

This supplement uses Stevia leaf extract as its source of sweetness.

It is free of calories and 200 times sweeter than sugar, a natural sweetener.

This pre-workout supplement contains various ingredients that help to increase both the mass of your muscles and their strength.

The supplement contains 5 g of creatine monohydrate, a powerful ingredient used to enhance muscle strength, reduce muscle repair time, and increase strength. It also contains 2 grams of beta-alanine and 1 gram of Asian ginseng root extract, which are used to improve your stamina, allowing you to train for longer.

The supplement uses 300 mg of ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, 300 mg of guarana seed extract, and 300 mg of green tea leaf extract to provide you with increased energy.

These natural ingredients are used in place of caffeine to reduce your chances of experiencing jitters or sudden drops in energy levels.

Flavour And Pricings

This supplement is available in two forms unflavoured and Raspberry lemonade flavor. The cost of this supplement is $34.95 for one container.

3. RARI Nutrition – Infinity Pre Workout

rari nutrition

RARI Nutrition is a sports supplement that prides itself on creating products made using 100% natural ingredients.

Their products are made to enhance your workout and assist you on your fitness journey.

Their RARI infinity pre-workout has been created to help you achieve your maximum performance during a workout. It provides you with increased energy levels and provides supports your muscles.

It is vegan and free of artificial ingredients. The supplement uses stevia extract as a natural sweetener.

This pre-workout supplement contains 1600 mg of beta-alanine.

This amino acid is used to produce carnosine which is then used in the muscles to improve muscle umping and endurance.

The Infinity pre-workout contains 3000 mg of citrulline malate. This is a key molecule in increasing the production of nitric oxide. The blood vessels then use nitric oxide to improve blood flow and oxygen transport via vasodilation.

This allows for increased periods of exercise.

To provide you with a burst of energy, this pre-workout supplement contains 175 mg of caffeine.

The caffeine in this pre-workout with sucralose increases your physical energy levels while also improving mental focus. This is done by increasing the release of excitatory neurotransmitters while blocking inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Flavors and Pricing

The supplement is available in 4 different flavors, blue raspberry, sour gummy worm, candy watermelon, and strawberry lemonade.

The cost of this supplement is $34.99 for one tub.

4. Vintage Blast Pre-workout

vintage blast

Old School Labs are the masterminds behind the vintage blast pre-workout and other supplements. They created their business based on the golden era of bodybuilding.

Their supplements pack a punch to help you achieve your fitness goal.

The vintage blast pre-workout has been formulated to provide you with a much-needed burst of energy to start your workout.

Still, it also ensures you receive sustained energy so that you can fully benefit from your workout without crashing. It is formulated to enhance your muscle growth and endurance.

It uses Stevia leaf extract as its source of sweetness.

The supplement contains 5000 mg of citrulline malate. This is used to increase nitric oxide production, which then leads to increased vasodilation.

With increased vasodilation, there is improved blood flow and oxygen transport to the muscle tissues allowing for longer workouts.

The supplement contains 150 mg of anhydrous caffeine and 100 mg of microencapsulated caffeine.

The anhydrous form provides a rapid energy burst while the microencapsulated form releases caffeine gradually throughout your workout, preventing any caffeine-related crashes.

The supplement contains 1000 mg of beta-alanine, 250 mg of carnitine, and 2000 mg of aspartic acid.

These ingredients combined increase the muscles’ ability to pump, enhance their endurance, and boost their growth and repair. This allows you to increase the strength and mass of your muscles in a shorter time.

Flavors and Pricing

The supplement comes in 4 different flavors, peach lemonade, Caribbean punch, smoked pineapple, and blueberry lemonade. The cost of this supplement is $39.99.

By subscribing to their site, you can save 15% on your purchase.

5. Do Vitamins – PurePump Natural Pre-Workout 

pure pump preworkout

Do Vitamins is a supplement brand that caters to the health and fitness of its consumers, particularly athletes.

They specialize in ultra-clean supplements that are free of artificial ingredients.

Do vitamins ensures that each of its supplements is made using scientifically proven ingredients to be effective. The Do vitamins Pure Pre-workout supplement is one of the few clean pre-workout supplements on the market.

It is formulated to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your workout by providing sustained energy release, reducing muscle fatigue, improving mental focus, and reducing recovery time.

The supplement is free of artificial sweeteners such as sucralose.

Getting through a workout can be tough, but you can not improve the strength, endurance, or mass of your muscles without working out.

This pre-workout helps improve your exercise performance.

It contains 2000 mg of beta-alanine, 1000 mg of creatine, 500 mg of carnitine, and 1000 mg of BCCAs (500 mg of leucine, 250 mg of isoleucine, and 250 mg of valine).

Each of these amino acids is used in the body to increase the production of proteins, which are then used to make more muscle tissue and increase the speed of repair to damaged and torn muscles.

These amino acids have been known to improve your exercise performance and increase your stamina and your endurance.

The Pure Pump pre-workout supplement contains 200 mg of caffeine extracted from green tea leaves. This is used as a stimulant in the supplement.

It increases both your physical energy and your mental focus.

This allows you to exercise for longer periods and provides you with enough focus to ensure you are performing to the best of your ability and reducing the chances of injury.

The supplement contains 2000 mg of citrulline.

This is a precursor of nitric oxide; it is used to make arginine which is then used to produce nitric oxide.

Nitric oxides act on the blood vessels leading to their dilation. The increased size of the vessels allows for increased flow of blood to the body’s tissues, such as the muscles.

This increased blood flow allows for the muscles to exercise for longer periods, as it prevents the cells from converting to anaerobic respiration.

This delays the onset of fatigue, which reduces the time it takes overall for you to reach your goals.

This supplement contains vitamins C, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, and vitamin B12. These vitamins are used to improve the functioning of your immune system. Reducing issues like inflammation and speeding up of repair of injuries.

Flavour And Pricing

This supplement is sold in one form, unflavoured. The cost of this supplement is $42.95 for one container.

6. Ora Organic Natural Pre-Workout

ora organic

Ora organic derives its name from the Maori phrase Kia Ora which means “be well.” This is the company’s main goal to help you become healthier and fitter.

Their products are manufactured with the highest quality ingredients to give you powerful, effective, and safe supplements.

The Ora Organic pre-workout powder is a supplement made with natural ingredients. It has all the best qualities of a pre-workout without any of the cheeky side effects that can catch you off guard.

It provides you with energy, stamina, and strength. It is sweetened using coconut sugar and stevia leaf extract.

This supplement contains 6.24 grams of organic coconut sugar, coconut water, green coffee bean, matcha green tea, and yerba mate. Coconut sugar is used as a natural sweetener in the supplement.

The coconut improves the hydration of the body, preventing fatigue and improving energy levels. While the remaining ingredients

The ora organic pre-workout supplement contains organic ashwagandha and organic Rhodiola root, organic Panax ginseng, and organic maca root.

These ingredients are natural ways to increase your endurance while working out and improve your mental focus. The combination of increased focus and endurance improves your overall workout experience.

Flavour And Pricing

The Ora organic pre-workout supplement is available in three flavors: raspberry lemonade, beet pomegranate, and ceremonial matcha.

The cost of this supplement is $34.99; by subscribing to the site, you can save 20% on your purchase.

7. Push Pre-Workout Powder

push pre workout

SFH’s goal is to provide goods backed by research and created with soy- and gluten-free ingredients while maintaining a high level of openness.

On your quest to become stronger, you can be certain that SFH will supply you only with what you require to be the fittest version of yourself.

This pre-workout supplement comes packed with 115 mg of caffeine. This acts as the stimulant portion of the pre-workout supplement. It increases your mental and physical energy levels. Allowing you to work out effectively with your mind being altered, reducing the chances of an injury while exercising.

This pre-workout supplement contains 2 grams of citrulline.

This amino acid is a precursor of nitric oxide. It is used to produce nitric oxide in the body, which then acts on the blood vessels, leading them to dilate.

This causes a change in blood flow, increasing oxygen transport to the tissues. This allows you to exercise for longer as your muscles fatigue slower.

This pre-workout powder contains 4 grams of glycine, 2 grams of beta-alanine, and 4 grams of branched-chain amino acids (2 grams of leucine, 1 gram of leucine, and 1 gram of valine).

Glycine is used in the body to increase creatine production, which is used to increase muscle strength and mass.

Beta-alanine is a powerful amino acid that increases muscle endurance and strength, while the branched-chain amino acids are used to increase the growth of muscle ad help repair damaged and torn muscles.

Flavour And Pricing

This pre-workout supplement is available in two different flavors, blue raspberry, and fruit punch. The cost of this supplement is $52.99. however, by subscribing to the site, you can save 10% on your purchase.

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What are the Benefits of Pre-Workouts Without Sucralose?

It is important to note that sucralose is an approved sweetener by the FDA, which is safe for consumers to use.

However, like all things in this world, there are chances of side effects occurring, especially as it is an artificial sweetener. Keeping this in mind, some people are more comfortable avoiding supplements that use sucralose as a sweetener.

Reducing the Risk of Diabetes

While sucralose itself may not cause diabetes, it can play a major role in increasing the risk of developing diabetes; by avoiding its use, you minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Minimize Weight Gain Risk

People turn to exercise to lose weight, which is usually why they choose artificial sweeteners as they have no calories. However, studies on sucralose have shown a link between artificial sweeteners like sucralose and weight gain.

Protect Gut Health

Using sucralose has been linked with disturbances in healthy gut bacteria and increased risks of Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome. By avoiding the use of sucralose, you can protect your gut health.

Types of Artificial Sweeteners Used in Pre-Workouts

Different artificial sweeteners are used in pre-workouts. These include:

  • Sucralose

This is the most commonly used sweetener. It is made from natural sugar, is 600 times sweeter than sugar, and has 0 calories.

  • Advantame

This sweetener is almost 20,000 times sweeter than sugar and is very rarely used in pre-workouts.

  • Saccharin

Saccharin is branded as Necta Sweet, Sweet Twin, or Sweet’N Low, compared to sugar, and it is 700 times sweeter.

  • Aspartame

This sweetener is marketed under the names Sugar Twin, Nutra Sweet, or Equal. When compared to regular sugar, it is 200 times sweeter.

  • Acesulfame potassium/Acesulfame K

This sweetener is usually labeled as Sweet One or Sunset. Compared to table sugar, it is 200 times stronger.

Best Alternatives to Sucralose in Pre-Workouts

There are several great alternatives that you can look for in your pre-workout if you are trying to avoid sucralose.

The 2nd most commonly used sweetener used in place of sugar and sucralose is the natural sweetener stevia.

Stevia is a better choice because it does not contain any calories and does not raise blood sugar levels. Unlike other sweeteners such as sugar, honey, and agave nectar, stevia is a natural plant-based sweetener that comes from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant.

It is also calorie-free, so it doesn’t contribute to weight gain or obesity like sugar does.

Stevia has been used for centuries by the Guarani people of Paraguay and Brazil to sweeten their drinks and food.

It was first introduced to Europe in 1931, where it was used as a sugar substitute. Stevia starts out as a sweetener than sugar, but it loses its sweetness when heated. For this reason, it is best suited for use in cold beverages or recipes.

Your Choice?

This is the short life of some of the best pre-workout supplements free of sucralose on the market.

Among these choices, your best choice is the Infinity pre-workout supplement. It does not use sucralose and packs all the ingredients one looks for in a pre-workout, all for a reasonable price.

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