Trenorol vs SARMS: Better Than Steroids?

March 17, 2024 |

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SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulators) are illegal synthetic PEDs some bodybuilders use considering them safer than steroids but equally effective. But if they are so safe, why do the FDA, USADA, and WADA have banned them? 

My doubts were further validated when I looked into the available research and got views of SARMs users, and came to know they have a terrible safety profile. 

In contrast, Trenorol is a plant-based supplement that promises to increase your muscle mass without playing havoc with your heart and liver tissues. 

Here’s a quick overview of their properties:

Best Choice


Overall rating: 4.9/5
  • Legal alternative to Trenbolone
  • Based on Herbal Extracts
  • Potent Testosterone Booster 
  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness
  • Speeds up recovery from fatigue
  • Not associated with life-threatening side effects
Best Value


Overall rating: 4.7/5
  • Illegal androgenic stimulators
  • Lab-made compounds
  • Mimics testosterone effects
  • Can damage heart and liver tissues permanently
  • Increase growth rate and muscle power
  • Uplift muscle stamina
  • Reduces recovery time
  • Legal Alternative available

What is Trenorol & How Does it Work?

Trenorol MHL table

Trenorol is a nature-based, legal & safe, OTC supplement for bodybuilders. 

Formulated to replicate the effects of Trenbolone, it is a powerful steroid used by bodybuilders and athletes to enhance muscle growth and performance. Trenorol offers similar benefits without the harmful steroidal side effects.

  • It works by increasing your testosterone levels, which, in turn, kickstarts protein synthesis and muscle growth. 
  • It also boosts muscles’ immunity, leading to increased endurance and stamina.

Trenorol Pros

  • Safe and natural formula
  • Legal and Safe Steroid Alternative
  • Improves T-levels and lean growth rate
  • Increases muscle endurance and stamina
  • Also helps in fat loss and muscle definition

Trenorol Cons

  • Results show up gradually
  • Individual progress can vary depending on diet, exercise, and body type
  • Only available online

What is SARMs & How Does it Work?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) are synthetic compounds similar to anabolic steroids in their ability to stimulate muscle growth.

However, they are designed to be more selective in their action and specifically target muscle and bone receptors.

They work by activating androgen receptors in muscle cells, which stimulates protein synthesis and leads to increased muscle mass and strength. Additionally, some SARMs have been shown to have anabolic effects on bone tissue, leading to improvements in bone density and strength.

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SARMs Pros

  • Enhanced muscle growth and performance
  • Potentially lesser androgenic side effects compared to steroids

SARMs Cons

  • Adverse effects like testosterone suppression, high blood pressure and liver toxicity
  • Illegal compounds, banned by athletic associations in and out of the competition

Trenorol vs SARMs – Quick Comparison

Mechanism of ActionIncreases testosterone production, Boosts muscle immunity, Improves fat metabolismSelectively targets androgen receptors in muscles and bones, Stimulates protein synthesis, Improves bone density.
Primary BenefitsUplifts muscle growth rate, Increases muscle power, Higher immunity, Faster fat loss, Improved sex driveIncreased muscle mass, Higher strength Improved fat metabolism
Side effectMild and short-lived, Gut unrest (nausea, bloating diarrhea)Deeper voice, acne, increased hair growthSelectively targets androgen receptors in muscles and bones, Stimulates protein synthesis, Improves bone density.

Key Ingredients of Trenorol vs SARMs

Trenorol Ingredients

Trenorol is a blend of 5 herbs and 3 micronutrients that play an essential role in muscle growth. Its plant ingredients uplift growth rates significantly by increasing the secretion of natural anabolic hormones and improving muscle immunity.

Overall, these capsules contain the following active ingredients:

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Ashwagandha Extracts
  • Cat’s Claw Bark Extracts
  • Nettle Leaf Extracts
  • Fennel Extracts
  • Cinnamon Extracts

SARMs Ingredients

The term SARMs refers to a broad group of synthetic compounds that are yet not approved for any clinical purpose. However, research is ongoing on their muscle and bone growth potential.

Owing to the same properties, some bodybuilders use them off-label to achieve a ripped, hulking body.

The common SARMs include andarine (S4), ligandrol (LGD-4033), ostarine (enobosarm/MK-2866), testolone (Rad-140) and YK-11.


Trenorol is made with plant extracts with proven muscle-building efficacy and health safety.

In contrast, SARMs are synthetic compounds with proven growth-boosting properties but a questionable safety profile.

Trenorol small banner

Trenorol and SARMs: Bulking & Cutting Benefits 

Trenorol Benefits: 

  • Mass gain with high T-levels

Trenorol does not have a synthetic ingredient that could attach to androgenic receptors and trigger muscular growth. It actually utilizes a safer mechanism i.e. increasing the production of natural anabolic hormones in the body.

This way you won’t have to abuse the lab-made substances to get bulking results by risking your heart and liver health. 

Two herbal blends in Trenorol are scientifically known to increase testosterone production in the body with regular supplementation. 

Ashwagandha extracts make the most contribution to this property. 

Research shows that men who take Ashwagandha extracts have 18% more DHEA-S (a precursor of anabolic hormones) in their blood than men who don’t. Consequently, they also have high levels of active testosterone and reported higher muscle mass and stamina.

Besides that, fennel extracts can increase the expression of the Testosterone gene, leading to higher T levels.  

  • Increased muscle power

When muscle mass increases, muscle power also increases. Because during the growth process, more energy is produced and stored in muscles, making them powerful and agile.

Trenorol ingredients like Ashwagandha are potent lean growth boosters, so they also increase muscle strength by many folds.

Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition also confirmed the anabolic effects and performance benefits of Ashwagandha, calling it “useful in conjunction with a resistance training program”. 

Here are the results of this trial:

Ashwagandha supplemented groupControl group
Bench press46 kg26.4 kg
Leg extension exercise14.5 kg9.8 kg
Chest muscle gain3.3 cm1.4 cm
Testosterone levels96.2 ng/dL18 ng/dL
Fat loss3.5%1.5%

Plus, Trenorol minerals (zinc and magnesium) improve muscular metabolism and strength. Their regular supplementation makes up for the mineral deficiencies that halt your muscle growth.

  • Improve Muscle Immunity

Trenorol is loaded with vitamin E and minerals that safeguard muscles from damage. For instance, a review in Sports Medicine confirms that Vitamin E prevents oxidative damage to muscle during resistance training.

Besides that, phytoalkaloids from cinnamon, fennel seed, and cat’s claw bark extracts work as tiny immunity boosters, making your muscle more resistant to inflammation and injury. 

SARMs  Benefits 

  • Muscle Growth by Mimicking Testosterone

SARMs are formulated to mimic the action of testosterone by specifically targeting and activating androgen receptors in the body. This way, they speed up protein synthesis within muscle cells and facilitate the incorporation of proteins into muscle fibers. 

Ultimately, increased protein turnover leads to the development of denser and larger muscle tissues.

  • Increases Muscle Strength

Besides inducing fiber elongation and thickening, androgen activation also makes the muscle stronger. Energy storage increases during the growth processes, resulting in higher stamina and better performance.

A randomized controlled trial suggests that short-term SARM supplementation can make leg muscles stronger than physical training alone.

However, research on SARMs is YET inadequate for making a health claim. That’s why authorities have prohibited their usage.


SARMs yield faster gains due to their androgenic nature.

In contrast, Trenorol results may take longer to show up as it works by activating your own hormones rather than supplying lab-made androgenics.

Fortunately, a Safer version of SARMs is available! Find out all about it here.

What is Safer: Trenorol or SARMs?

SARMs are Illegal to Use

Due to safety concerns, FDA has issued a warning against products containing SARMs. The authority cautioned consumers that SARMs supplementation can lead to heart failure, stroke, or liver damage. 

Thus, everyone should steer clear of these compounds and contact their health professional immediately if they have been using a product containing such ingredients. 

Owing to their abuse potential, WADA (World Anti-doping Agency) and USADA (United States Anti-doping Agency) have also banned them. WADA has listed them in the all-time prohibited category S1: Anabolic agents.

You cannot use them in or out of the competition.

Similarly, the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) has SARMs listed among banned anabolic agents.

Hence, if you are an athlete or are planning to compete in the future, the better choice is to stay away from both SARMs and Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

Trenorol Side Effects

Trenorol is hands down a safer supplement than SARMs. It does not bother your cardiac system or play tricks on your mental health.

  • The few androgenic side effects like deeper voice or increased acne are due to its testosterone-boosting ability. 
  • If you have a sensitive gut or are using such a supplement for the first time, its concentrated ingredients can also cause some unrest. Thus, you may experience nausea, bloating, or diarrhea after taking the pills.

SARMs Side Effects

As SARMs affect the tissues selectively, it is generally assumed that they have a lower potential of causing androgenic side effects like excessive body hair growth, deepening of voice, acne breakout, or gynecomastia. 

However, I have still seen some SARMs users complaining of increased acne and gyno.

Other SARMs adversities include:

  • Lowered Testosterone Levels

SARMs do produce the same effects as testosterone. But they also reduce natural testosterone production in the body, leading to hormonal imbalance and a dozen associated side effects. 

In turn, you soon lose all the gains as your body is no longer producing its anabolic hormones. This situation can be as bad as having lesser muscle mass than where you actually started.

For example, see Andrea’s advice to a young bodybuilder. He reported running a 6-week cycle with the SARM (MK 2866) and ended up with one-third of the active testosterone in his blood. 

The resulting fatigue, mood swings, and loss of sex drive were so disturbing that he had to do a PCT with androgen-boosting drugs for 2 weeks.

andrea sarms review
  • Insomnia and Mood Changes

Sleep disturbance is one of the most common SARMs’ side effects. It is often accompanied by aggression, fatigue, and decreased sex drive. Most probably, decreased testosterone concentration is the reason behind these symptoms.

sarms review on reddit
  • Cardiovascular Issues

Besides skeletal muscles, SARMs also affect smooth muscles (like those of your heart and blood vessels). And damage to heart tissues and blood vessels leads to high blood pressure, poor heart functioning, and ultimately, heart attack.

User feedback shows that SARM cycling can significantly increase your blood pressure. One of them said he could feel the blood flowing in his arms. Over time, high blood pressure can lead to severe complications including heart attack and stroke as warned by the FDA. 

sarms review 5

 In 2022, Monmouth Medical Center, USA published a case study of cardiac malfunction resulting from SARM usage.

A 32-year-old man with no family history of heart issues was admitted to the emergency due to shortness of breath and severe palpitations. On histological examination, it was found that Testolone (RAD-140) had resulted in inflammation of his heart muscles. 

study on sarm
  • Prostate and Liver Damage

SARMs are called “Selective Modulators” because they are intended to target specific androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissue, not liver and prostate tissues. That’s why many think they won’t negatively affect these organs.

However, this speculation does not have enough scientific evidence to back it. In fact, a recent study labeled SARMs as potent liver toxins.

study on sarms 2

Also, I found many complaining of liver and prostate-related side effects in Reddit discussions. 

Jruck16 said Ligandrol (Lgd-4033) took his liver values off the charts and Testolone (Rad-140) resulted in a bad lipids profile which is also an indication of poor liver functioning.

sarms review 4

Similarly, many others report prostate and testicular pain with different SARMs, especially with RAD-140 and Lgd-4033.

sarms reddit review 6
sarms review 7

Contrary to the safety claims many associate with SARMs, these synthetic drugs are severely harmful.

In contrast, Trenorol’s side effects are fewer, milder, and mostly short-lived.

Trenorol small banner

Trenorol Cycle vs. SARMs Cycle 

Trenorol Cycle

Trenorol is a performance booster. So, the best time to take these pills is about 30 minutes before you work out. For significant results, use 4 capsules daily for at least 8 weeks.

As it does not suppress testosterone (it does the reverse instead), no PCT cycle is required after a Trenorol cycle.

SARMs Cycle

Those who use SARMs usually run a cycle for 8 weeks. It is followed by 6 to 8 weeks of PCT (post-cycle therapy) to shake off the testosterone-suppressing effects of these compounds. 

Is it OK to take Trenorol with SARMs? (How to Stack them?)

SARMs are illegal and unsafe. So, I won’t recommend using them alone or in combination with another supplement.

However, there are many health-friendly supplements that you can stack with Trenorol to maximize bulking results. In this regard, Trenorol and D-bal make a good combo.

See how this combination defined Zachary’s abs.

bulking stack review

For even better results, get your hands on the complete bulking stack by Crazy Bulk. 

Trenorol and SARMs Reviews

Trenorol Before and After

Caleb transformed himself from a chubby guy to a muscular man in 6 months using Trenorol.

trenorol review caleb

Besides a 30 lbs of muscle gain, his performance scores also improved as follows:

Bench press135 lbs to 200 lbs
Squats200 to 315
Deadlift300 lbs to 405 lbs

Thomas has a similar story.

In his review, he said his body weight remained at 196 lbs. However, his strength has increased a lot. He has added 20 lbs to his bench press, and now stays energized all day long.

He also noticed his biceps are now bulkier and more defined. Hence, the reason behind his consistent overall weight is that his fat mass is changing into muscle mass.

tony trenorol review

SARMs  Before and After

User feedback confirms the efficacy of SARMs in bodybuilding. However, even those who got good gains with them say their effect is not as profound as of high Testosterone. But the side effects are too much!

‘Rounddaddy’ says he regrets trying on SARMs as their benefits were not worth the risk.

He had the worst experience with RAD-140 aka. Testolone. It dropped his T-level, depriving him of the energy, libido, and vigor to live.

That’s why he does not recommend using SARMs.

That’s what makes natural testosterone boosters like Trenorol the better option.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Trenorol vs SARMs 

Trenorol – Where To Buy & Price

Trenorol is officially sold only on Crazybulk’s website.

If you find someone selling it on Amazon or in the local market, know that they are counterfeit and trying to cash in on Trenorol’s popularity.

Its 1 month supply costs you $64.99 and is shipped to your doorstep for free.

Besides that, you can get amazing discounts on bulk purchasing.

For example, you will get a 3-month supply in the price of 2 bottles ($129.99) and a 6-month supply in the price of 4 bottles ($259.96).

Trenorol small banner

SARMs – Where To Buy & Price

SARMs are illegal compounds.

If you try to get your hands on them, you might get jailed and fined heavily. However, you can get similar results with legal alternatives by Crazybulk. 

Among these, Testol 140 and Ligan 4033 are my favorites. They boost your T-levels and energize your muscles, providing quick gains and better performance.

Each of these costs $69.99 per bottle. But I prefer the $139.99 bundle because it gives me the supply for a full cycle (3 bottles). 


Trenorol is a more budget-friendly bodybuilding supplement.

You can buy it without concern for heavy fines and also enjoy perks like free shipping, bundle discounts, and a refund facility.


What works better than SARMs?

Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) offer even better bodybuilding results than SARMs. However, both SARMs and steroids are associated with life-threatening side effects.

Which is better SARMs or steroids?

SARMs are generally considered better than steroids because of their relatively lower potential to cause side effects. Still, their safety profile is nasty enough that every health-conscious person should stay away from them.

Legal alternatives like Trenorol are a safer way to get fitness results.

What is the strongest form of SARMs?

Yk-11 and S-23 are the strongest selective androgenic receptor modulators (SARMs) synthesized so far.

Do SARMs decrease testosterone?

Yes, SARMs are a potent testosterone suppressor. Both scientific research and user feedback show it can significantly decrease your T-levels.

Which Bodybuilding Supplement is Best?

Trenorol is a better body-building supplement due to many reasons.

Firstly, it does not put you at risk of cardiovascular issues, liver damage, or depression.

Then it boosts your testosterone level, improving your muscle growth rate and sexual health in the long term. Besides that, you can use it without a legal concern.

However, If you are looking for an extra anabolic boost, then Crazy Bulk’s natural SARMs stack will do the job for you.

But, in any case, I would never recommend you opt for the BANNED SARMs, because no extra muscle is worth harming your vital organs.

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