PhenQ Vs. Lipozene (Side Effects, Weight loss Reviews & Price)

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Diet pills come with big promises, but sometimes they aren’t as safe as they are marketed. And safety is THE BIGGEST concern when it comes to fitness supplements.

In this situation, the supplements promoted as virtually safe owing to their natural composition are quite appealing. PhenQ and Lipozene are both such weight loss pills.

Key Points:

  • Both PhenQ and Lipozene help curb cravings and get rid of binge eating habits.
  • Unlike PhenQ, Lipozene is not a potent fat burner, and it doesn’t prevent fat accumulation.
  • Lipozene is 100% stimulant-free, whereas PhenQ is not. (But it has a non-stimulatory formula as well)
  • Find more about PhenQ on their official website here.

So, to find out if they’re really as good as they’re said to be, I have compared their safety and efficacy by analyzing their ingredients and the feedback shared by users on various social media and reviewing platforms.

PhenQ Vs. Lipozene- An Overview

Both these pills are sold with the claim to help in weight loss and have a history of about 2 decades.

Also, both have sound safety profiles keeping in view their natural recipes.

(Well, mostly they are safe except for a few cases in which they haven’t proved as safe as their ingredient profiles show them (see reviews in the safety section))

PhenQ is a multi-ingredient supplement that helps you lose weight faster and keep it off by covering various aspects of weight management, like reducing appetite, boosting fat metabolism, and preventing fat storage.

PhenQ Bottle

In contrast, Lipozene is based on a single ingredient, konjac root extracts, having glucomannan fiber as the active component. Resultantly, its direct benefits include only hunger and craving reduction.

PhenQ cta1

However, once you succeed in restricting your calorie intake, your body naturally starts burning more fats. So, you get the indirect benefit of improved fat metabolism also.

Continue reading to find out how these diet pills can help you become slimmer and which one gives you the faster results;

PhenQ Vs. Lipozene- Which One is More Effective & Best For Weight Loss?

Fibre In Lipozene Makes You Eat Lesser

Lipozene is basically a capsulated version of Amorphophallus konjac root extracts.

Glucomannan fiber is the main ingredient in this herbal extract; however, the company keeps the component details of the extract proprietary.

So, what can glucomannan do to reduce your weight?

It is a quick water absorbent and swells into a large mass after soaking up the fluids. Due to this swelling property, it takes up considerable space in your stomach and slows down the movement of food along your digestive tract.

Both these effects eventually create a feeling of fullness and satiation.

Resultantly, your appetite is gone with smaller meals, and you become able to restrict your calorie intake without struggling with cravings all day long.

As Lipozene delivers 1500 mg per serving, it can significantly help you ditch those hunger pangs when taking smaller meals according to your diet plan.

Plus, as the food moves and absorbs slowly into the blood, glucose level remains stable, leading to reduced sugar cravings.

PhenQ Has Multi-tier Appetite Suppression

Though Lipozene has more fiber than PhenQ, still, they both have matching appetite suppression abilities, as PhenQ uses multiple mechanisms to keep cravings and hunger from disturbing you.

It uses 3 different ways to reduce food cravings and appetite;

  • Firstly, α-Lacy’s ingredients, especially cysteine, reduce the secretion of the ghrelin hormone (also called the hunger hormone).
    Consequently, your body doesn’t initiate hunger pangs when your stomach is empty; instead, it uses the stored fats to generate the energy required for body functions.
  • Then PhenQ also has fibrous extracts as Lipozene does. Its fiber content comes from Nopal Cactus extracts but works in the same way as other forms of dietary fiber.
  • Lastly, it contains caffeine anhydrous that suppresses appetite by affecting neural stimulation.

The combined effect of these ingredients makes PhenQ a highly effective appetite suppressant.

PhenQ cta1

Lipozene Doesn’t Burn Fats Or Stops Their Accumulation; PhenQ Does

Lipozene is a single-ingredient supplement that only affects satiation and craving arousal, but it has no direct effect on fat metabolism.

While glucomannan isn’t effective for melting those fat deposits on your belly, ALA, Capsimax extracts, and l-carnitine in PhenQ can help you get rid of them fast.

These ingredients increase thermogenesis (heat production) in the body, favoring fat breakdown.

  • L-carnitine makes your body use the stored fats instead of just relying on the food. In this way, it plays a dual role as a fat burner and an appetite reducer.
  • Capsimax converts stored fats into brown fats that are readily used in metabolic processes.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid increases the efficiency of fat oxidizing machinery of the cells.

These properties make PhenQ a better weight-loss drug than Lipozene.

PhenQ Vs. Lipozene- Which One is Safer?

Both PhenQ and Lipozene Side Effects Include GI issues

Common side effects of both these pills include gut unrest, bloating, nausea, and diarrhea.

For PhenQ, the underlying reason is that its potent thermogenic compounds can irritate the gut lining when you are not used to taking such supplements.

Stimulatory effects of caffeine are also a culprit behind these issues.

But fiber in Lipozene doesn’t have any irritating properties. Instead, it causes bloating and nausea by slowing down the movement of food along the digestive tract.

Plus, the presence of a lot of fiber in the gut can result in poor digestion, causing diarrhea as it did for Kathy.

Nutritionist Charlotte Skiles explains Lipozene’s side effects, describing that fiber separately capsulated in the pills can lead to gut issues but fiber you get mixed with other nutrients, as in fruits and vegetables doesn’t.

PhenQ Can Also Cause Stimulatory Side Effects

PhenQ can also cause insomnia, headaches, and increased heart rate as it has a mild stimulatory nature to caffeine.

That’s why if you don’t make some necessary adjustments to your diet or take it without considering your medical history and hypersensitivity profile, its ingredients have the potential to cause adverse effects like jitters, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

So, you must take the pills at the right time, cut off coffee and stimulatory supplements from your diet, and check with your physician if you have a history of cardiovascular issues or hypertension.

And if nothing else helps, you can shift to PhenQ’s stimulant-free variant.

PhenQ PM capsule pills

Unexpected Lipozene Side Effects

Besides gut issues, no other side effects are expected from Lipozene, keeping its formulation in mind.

However, some consumers have reported the following peculiar side effects that raise a question about the purity and manufacturing quality of this drug;

  • Choking

Thomas wrote a Lipozene review on Amazon saying that pills get stuck in his throat, and it was too hard to get them down or spit them off.

As these pills contain fiber that turns into a big mass once it comes in contact with water, the company should have made the capsule enteric so that it doesn’t open before reaching the gut.

Also, a dosage precaution here is to take medicine with plenty of water to ensure that capsules easily reach down to the stomach.

  • Jitters

Though common for fat burner diet pills, this side effect is least expected from Lipozene as it has no stimulant of any kind in active agents or preservatives.

A customer told in his Amazon review that he got jittery after using this diet pill.

  • Skin Rash And Hives

Another unexpected Lipozene side effect is skin rash.

Molly Desmond shared her pictures, describing how bad her skin has gone after taking these pills.

Molly Desmond - Amazon review of lipozene

PhenQ Vs. Lipozene- Which one is cheaper?

To sum up, PhenQ is an expensive pill but free shipping, a longer money-back guarantee, and better weight loss efficacy prove it is worth the amount.

PhenQ – Where to Buy

PhenQ is only available from its official website. You can opt for the single pack or go for the bundle deals and avail of huge price discounts as follows;

  • 1 bottle (60 pills) for $69.99
  • 2 bottles for $139.99 + 1 bottle free
  • 3 bottles for $209.99 + 2 bottles free

And if results don’t impress you, you can conveniently return the package and get all your money back within 60 days of purchase.

PhenQ CT

Also, PhenQ delivers orders worldwide with free shipping on all orders.

Lipozene- Where to Buy

Unlike PhenQ, Lipozene is available from various pharmacies besides the official website. You can get it from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and CVS.

It has 60 pills in a pack that lasts up to a month. Shipping is free, and you get a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Bundle deals with price discounts and free items are also available for this product as follows;

  • 1 bottle for $29.95 + 1 bottle of Lipozene and 1 small bottle (30 pills) of MetaboUP Plus free
  • 2 bottles for $54.95 + 1 large bottle (60 pills) of MetaboUP Plus free + Excess to Lipozene Rewards Program
  • 1 mega bottle (120 pills) for $32.95 + Excess to Lipozene Rewards Program

PhenQ Vs. Lipozene- Customer Reviews

While searching for lipozene reviews, I found only a few opinions on Trustpilot and Reddit and most of these were negative. On Trustpilot, it only has 5 reviews with no 5 stars rating. Similarly, its Reddit reviews are not much promising either.

However, it has many reviews on Amazon listings, having, on average, 48-52% 5-star ratings.

In contrast, PhenQ does not have an Amazon rating, as it is not available there. However, user feedback shared in Reddit threads and Trustpilot reviews prove its fat-burning efficacy.

It has 497 reviews on Trustpilot, with about 70% of people upvoting the product. Similarly, Reddit users like Radicallife also report it as an effective fitness partner. He said that his belly fat had shed off.

Plus, as he could exercise for a longer time with PhenQ energy, so, he gained muscle, and his outlook has become more refined.

radicallife - reddit

PhenQ Before & After

Having served 190,000+ people, there are many PhenQ real reviews available with before and after images.

For instance, this is Ghislain R., and he lost 11 pounds in just 1 month using this fat burner.

He mentioned in his detailed description that he had already tried many diets and improved his lifestyle but to no avail.

And, besides weight loss, he was happy with the energy boost PhenQ gives him, as it helped him stay active at work and still play with his son in the evening with full zeal.


For more such interesting transformation stories, check out my recent blog about how fast does PhenQ work.

Lipozene Before & After

Some people have shared them before and after Lipozene results in their Amazon reviews.

This review from Caitlyn Gordan shows that he has significantly lost belly fat with Lipozene in 2 months.

Caitlyn - amazon review of lipozene

Another inspiring Lipozene review comes from Jade Trainer, who lost 38 pounds in 190 days (approx. 6 months) by combining the diet pill with a restricted calorie diet and virtually no exercise.

PhenQ cta1

PhenQ Vs. Lipozene – Similarities/Differences

Fat burning Efficacy
  • Enhances thermogenesis
  • Converts fats into readily dissolvable forms
  • Improve the efficacy of fat-breaking enzymes
  • Lowers production and deposition of new fatty acids
  • No fat-burning efficacy
Appetite Suppression 
  • Caffeine’s stimulatory appetite suppression
  • Nopal fiber’s satiating effects to reduce cravings
  • Cysteine’s secretion reduces the effects on the hunger hormone
  • Appetite suppression due to fulfilling effects of dietary fiber
Additional benefits
  • Mood improvement
  • Energy boost
  • Better blood glucose management
Side Effects
  • Nausea, Diarrhea, bloating
  • Sleep issues, Headaches, Increased heart rate (rarely)
  • Gut unrest (nausea, diarrhea, bloating)
  • Risk of Choking
  • Unexpected Side effects were reported in some cases (jitters, skin rash, etc.)
Recommended Dose
  • 2 pills daily
  • 2 pills daily

1 bottle (60 pills)

  • $69.99
  • $29.95
Shipping and Refund
  • Free shipping
  • Refund period 60 days
  • Free shipping
  • Refund period 30 days
Where to Buy


Is Lipozene safe for kidneys?

Lipozene does not cause or aggravate kidney issues as it only contains a fibrous extract that isn’t absorbed in the blood, so they never come in contact with renal tissues or affects their functioning.

Is Lipozene dangerous?

Generally speaking, Lipozene is not dangerous owing to its fiber-based formulation.

However, some of the Lipozene reviews on Amazon say the product is poorly encapsulated and may get stuck in the throat or cause severe skin outbreaks.

(see the section above for complete details)

Is Lipozene a good weight loss pill?

Lipozene reduces the urge to eat large meals and can help you lose weight when combined with exercise and good food choices.

However, it works better for those who struggle to lose weight due to their binge eating habits but have a good metabolism. For those with a slow metabolism, this diet isn’t very effective.

How much weight can you lose with Lipozene?

According to the research trial performed using this diet pill, the average weight loss with this drug is 1-2 pounds per month.

However, user feedback is mixed. Some people report losing 2-5 lbs weight within a week, while others got no result despite using the drug for several months.

Final Thoughts: PhenQ – Highest Quality and Best Overall!

Among these diet pills, PhenQ is more effective, as shown by the hefty results and minor side effects reported by its users.

Lipozene is only effective as a hunger and craving reducer, but it has no fat-burning properties.

Conversely, PhenQ works great both as an appetite suppressant and as a fat burner.

It also gives you the additional benefits of increased energy levels and muscle mass protection, while no such benefits come from the other pill under consideration.

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