PhenQ vs Plenity: Which is Better Weight Loss Pill?

January 9, 2024 |

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PhenQ and Plenity are both used for weight loss; however, the former is an all-natural OTC supplement, while the latter is a prescription medicine.

But, you may wonder if they are equally effective for your weight loss goals and which one has fewer side effects.

Therefore, to clear up your confusion, we have addressed all of your concerns in this article.

We’ve discussed the safety, benefits, and ingredients of both weight loss solutions, so you can choose carefully which of these is most suitable for your weight loss.

So, keep reading to know all about it.

PhenQ vs Plenity – An Introduction

PhenQ is a unique weight loss supplement designed to aid in weight loss. It functions by focusing on multiple aspects like boosting metabolism, decreasing fat, inhibiting appetite, and preventing fat formation.

It was developed following significant research on nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts.

On the other hand, Plenity is a weight loss pill that is only available with a doctor’s prescription. Because it does not affect the body’s hormones, it is promoted as a “medical device” instead of a drug.

The Plenity weight loss pill is composed of cellulose and citric acid that swells to 100 times their original size, occupying more room in the stomach.

It provides the consumer with a sense of fullness (satiety). Thus Plenity only works by suppressing appetite.

PhenQ Vs. Plenity – Which one is the more efficacious?

To determine the efficacy of a supplement, one must examine its primary ingredients and how they work to deliver the maximum benefits.

Therefore, let’s compare the active ingredients of PhenQ and Plenity to evaluate which is better in terms of weight loss results and efficacy.

PhenQ’s Ingredients & Benefits

PhenQ bottle tablet

PhenQ promotes natural fat burning through the process of thermogenesis while also preventing further fat buildup.

The formula helps your weight loss by letting you take fewer calories and burn more fat while enhancing your mood and energy levels.

PhenQ contains six clinically proven components. Its unique blend makes it an excellent choice for people looking for an all-natural supplement.

As with any other reputable company, the PhenQ manufacturers have clearly listed the supplement’s ingredients. So, let’s explore how they make PhenQ a potent weight loss product.

One of the primary components in the PhenQ formula is α-Lacys Reset.

This ingredient employs a patented formula supported by cutting-edge science and facts. However, we do know that it contains alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium, and cysteine base.

It helps weight loss by increasing the body’s metabolism and thermogenesis process. These two processes operate in combination to accelerate fat burning. When thermogenesis in the body increases, so does the fat-burning process.

Another unique key ingredient is Nopal.

This ingredient is derived from the nopal cactus, which is high in fiber and aids in appetite control, which is crucial for weight loss. It can cause satiety, allowing you to feel full while eating less.

Moreover, PhenQ contains natural caffeine, widely known for its weight loss properties.

Being a stimulant can help increase your energy and focus and reduce tiredness, which is crucial for a workout. In addition, this is also an appetite suppressor and can increase stamina, allowing you to get more out of your exercise regimen.

Plenity’s Ingredients & Benefits

Plenity weight loss

Now that we’ve discussed PhenQ’s major ingredients and how they can aid in reducing weight, let’s compare them to Plenity’s to determine which is more effective.

Plenity is an FDA-approved supplement for weight loss that has recently gained widespread popularity. The makers of Plenity, Gelesis, assert that their product aids in weight loss by enhancing satiety.

In other words, it causes you to feel full after consuming only a small amount of food. This is believed to result in weight loss.

Plenity is a combination of only two components. It consists of cellulose and citric acid. Let’s examine each and determine what part each plays in the process of weight loss.

Cellulose is a plant fiber present in nearly all vegetables and fruits. In addition, it is the primary component of plant cell walls. It is indigestible and passes intact through the digestive tract.

After reaching the large intestine, it absorbs water and expands. This causes the intestine to expand and transmit signals to the brain, indicating fullness. This is how cellulose promotes fullness and weight loss.

But remember, cellulose is neither revolutionary nor cutting-edge, and Plenity is not the only place where it is available.

The other active ingredient is Citric acid, a mild organic acid found in citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons. It’s utilized in foods and drinks as a preservative and taste booster.

Although citric acid has been found to boost metabolism, there isn’t enough evidence about whether it can aid weight loss or not.

So, while both of the components in Plenity are natural, only one of them is proven to cause weight loss. The other component just serves as a preservative and flavor enhancer.

The manufacturers claim, however, that the combination of these two components reacts with water to provide a feeling of fullness that helps manage hunger pangs.

PhenQ Vs. Plenity – Which is the safest?

Before you take a dietary supplement, one of the most important things you need to consider is the safety of the supplement.

So in the next section, we’ll compare the lab tests, side-effects, and contraindications of PhenQ and Plenity to evaluate which one is safer to use.

PhenQ’s safety & side effects

PhenQ uses a scientifically validated formula and a combination of healthy and safe components to help you reach your weight loss targets.

So rest assured it doesn’t contain any toxic substances or poisons.

You may be aware that FDA doesn’t need dietary supplements to undergo any form of approval process before being sold on the market. Thus, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved PhenQ.

However, the supplement manufacturer has taken additional steps to ensure the safety and quality of its goods.

For instance, the company’s products are manufactured in GMP-approved facilities. This signifies that the company employs good manufacturing practices in creating PhenQ.

Possible Side-effects

PhenQ is made up of just natural ingredients that are usually safe and free of adverse effects.

Its formula contains plant extracts, natural chemicals, nutrients, and dietary fibers that are available over the counter at nutrition stores.

The majority of users experienced no negative effects when taking this supplement.

However, there have been some reports of minor side effects, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Bloating
  • Dizziness


PhenQ is safe for both men and women, but there are certain exemptions in which you should avoid taking it, for instance, if;

  • You’re under 18.
  • Breastfeeding or lactating mother.
  • Have any underlying medical condition.
  • You’re on any prescription drug.

Furthermore, if you intend to take weight loss medications, it is usually wise to get medical advice.

Plenity’s safety & Side effects

Plenity is an FDA-approved, US-made dietary supplement for obese and overweight people with a BMI of 25 or more.

It is only available via prescription in the United States, which gives the product more credibility from some people’s perspectives; however, this may not be true.

The main concern is that the label doesn’t include a whole ingredient list, implying that they are not transparent about their labeling.

So what if you have an allergy to one of the ingredients and wish to avoid it? You have the right to know what’s in it when you consume something.

In addition, the FAQ section on their website cautions against taking Plenity if you have an allergy to gelatine, titanium dioxide, or sodium stearyl fumarate.

It would be prudent to presume that these are at least three inactive chemicals in this weight-loss drug.

Now let’s have a look at the side effects:

Potential Side effects

The body does not absorb Plenity, but it still has some side effects. It may cause the following adverse effects:

  • Abdominal distension
  • Flatulence
  • Constipation
  • Cramping
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating
  • Irregular bowel movements


You should avoid taking Plenity if,

  • You are under 22.
  • You’re allergic to cellulose, citric acid, sodium stearyl fumarate, gelatin, or titanium oxide.
  • Have an underlying medical condition.
  • You’re suffering from high blood sugar levels.

Remember that it is always essential to address your medical situation with your doctor before using Plenity to avoid any harmful health consequences.

PhenQ Vs. Plenity – Which is more cost-effective?

Budget is vital when deciding on a weight loss supplement because you will be using it for an extended period; thus, it is advisable to check and compare the pricing of your selected product.

And we’ve made it easier for you;

PhenQ cost

Compared to several other weight loss supplements on the market, PhenQ supplements are reasonably priced. You can also get a discount if you buy in bulk.

A single bottle of PhenQ costs $69.99, three bottles for $139.99, and five bottles cost $209.99.

Each bottle contains one month’s worth of PhenQ pills. Each package contains 60 pills because PhenQ recommends taking two capsules every day.

When you buy two bottles, you receive one free, and when you buy three bottles, you get two extras.

Plenity cost

A 4-week supply of the Plenity weight loss medication costs $98. According to the market’s most popular weight loss aids, the price is fairly high. A 12-week supply will cost you $249.00.

It may be cheaper than Phentermine or a few other prescription drugs, but it’s still quite high compared to PhenQ.

Remember that your insurance also does not cover this. Thus, it will be a cash-only transaction.

Comparing the prices of PhenQ and Plenity reveals that PhenQ is significantly more affordable than Plenity; hence, PhenQ leads in this regard.

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Which is more reliable – PhenQ or Plenity?

No matter what a company claims to deliver, in the end, it all comes down to what its REAL users speak about it; that’s also what builds a company’s or product’s reputation.

Therefore, Let’s look at what the users say about PhenQ and Plenity.

PhenQ’s User Reviews

We’ve gone through PhenQ’s official website and other reputable online forums to know whether PhenQ benefitted people with their weight loss journey and whether they ex[perienced any severe side effects.

We are happy to share that majority of the users were quite happy and satisfied with the results. Such as;

A mother of two claims she shed her stubborn fat after three months of utilizing PhenQ. She claimed to have lost 20 pounds in three months, and the most exciting aspect is that she began seeing results after only one week of using PhenQ without experiencing any side effects.

Another user reported that she lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks with PhenQ. The supplement reduced her appetite, and she began eating healthily. She recommended using the pill consistently to achieve visible benefits.

Moreover, a few users reported mild adverse effects, such as feeling nauseous after using PhenQ, while a few others experienced jitteriness owing to the presence of caffeine.

Plenity’s User Reviews

You will find numerous contradictory reviews if you check the Internet for consumer feedback on Plenity.

Some favorable reviews stated that the supplement was not restrictive. For example, a young lady expressed how Phenity allows you to continue eating your favorite meals while trying to lose weight.

However, the most prevalent cause for bad plenity reviews is that the buyer found the product unproductive with no weight loss results.

According to a famous web portal consumer, she only dropped 5 pounds after three months of using plenity. She was dismayed that she could have shed 5 pounds without spending a fortune on the plenity supplement.

Furthermore, there were numerous reviews in which people complained about severe constipation, bloating and uncontrollable bowel movements.

So, when we analyze the total experience of those who used Plenity, the majority of them were negative, with complaints about the cost, non-productive weight loss, and different bodily discomforts.

Final Takeaway – What do we recommend?

After a careful evaluation, we can conclude that although PhenQ and Plenity are popular weight-loss products with unique characteristics, PhenQ has decisively won this argument.

On the one hand, it is clear that PhenQ acts on weight reduction and fat production from multiple angles, so a single pill provides a wide range of benefits.

Plenity, on the other hand, only suppresses hunger. And you may be aware that suppressing hunger is not optimal for everyone.

Constant weight loss necessitates continual monitoring and adjustment. Instead, it would help if you had pills for weight loss that do more than mere suppressing hunger.

Moreover, when we compare the side effects of both the supplements, we can clearly see that Plenity has far more adverse effects than PhenQ.

Therefore, if you must decide between PhenQ and Plenity, we strongly recommend you go with PhenQ.

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