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Relentlessly tracking calories and spending countless hours working out, all for minimal results? It’s FRUSTRATING when the scale refuses to budge despite your best efforts!

But here’s the good news: You’ve stumbled upon a potential GAME CHANGER that might just help you break through that plateau. 

As a fitness enthusiast always on the lookout for effective supplements, this fat burner caught my attention with its BOLD claims of fast-tracking weight loss. 

Best Weightloss supplement for Men

PrimeShred Review


Potent full-body fat-burning supplement that supports strenuous workouts without energy crashes.

  • Vegan formula
  • Potent fat burner
  • Science-backed Ingredients
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  • Available online only
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In this review, I’ll share all about how PrimeShred worked for me and might just be the weight loss ally you’ve been searching for. 

What Is PrimeShred?

PrimeShred is a potent supplement aimed at aiding in fat reduction and weight loss with a clinically-backed formula. 

It’s designed specifically with your fitness goals in mind, focusing not only on enhancing the body’s natural fat-burning capabilities but also on improving your energy levels and mental clarity. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re looking to lose weight while preserving or even defining muscle mass.

PrimeShred bottle unused

>> By converting stubborn fat into energy, it supports rigorous workouts and helps sculpt a lean physique. 

>> By uplifting your mood and increasing focus, it makes you push harder in the gym for lean gains and physical conditioning.

Although it is marketed as a “FOR MEN” supplement, my research suggests that women who seek an effective way to reduce body fat and reveal the muscle gains from their workouts, can benefit equally from it.

PrimShred Pros

  • Amps up the body’s fat-burning processes
  • Boosts energy for improved workout performance
  • Enhances mood and mental focus for overall well-being
  • Ships Free of Cost

PrimeShred Cons

  • May not be suitable for those sensitive to caffeine
  • Not recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions
  • Very short time allowed for claiming a refund 

How Does PrimeShred Work?

PrimeShred incorporates a three-pronged strategy that targets your body’s fat-burning capabilities, revamps your energy levels, and sharpens your mental focus. 

Here’s how each stage works to help you sculpt a leaner physique:

Stage One: Amp Up Metabolic Activities

Your metabolic rate gets a significant boost with PrimeShred thanks to its ability to ignite thermogenesis. 

When thermogenesis is increased, you burn more calories and utilize stored fat as an energy source, even during rest periods. This process aids in reducing fat effectively, facilitating the development of lean muscle mass.

Stage Two: Break Down Stubborn Fat

PrimeShred steps up the weight loss game by activating fat-burning hormones such as leptin and nor-epinephrine. 

These hormones send out signals to fat cells, commanding the release of stored fatty acids into your bloodstream. Once they are in the bloodstream, these fatty acids are used to fuel your workouts, leaving you with a more shredded appearance.

Stage Three: Energy and Focus Boost

Dieting and intense training sessions can drain you physically and mentally. 

PrimeShred combats this by fueling your body with caffeine energy, and warding off fatigue. 

It also contains nootropics that clear mental fog, keeping you alert and focused throughout the day. This makes sticking to your fitness and dietary regimen a smoother experience.

Key Benefits of PrimeShred

Boosts Metabolism

Your metabolism can get a helping hand from PrimeShred, which includes ingredients like green tea extract that facilitates thermogenesis and caffeine that can increase energy expenditure by approximately 50 kcal/day. 

By elevating your metabolic rate, these components help you burn more calories even when at rest.

Enhances Fat-Burning Hormones

Capsaicin, found in PrimeShred, is not merely a compound that adds heat to your food—it’s also formidable in stimulating the release of adrenaline, essential for breaking down fat. 

Additionally, these capsaicinoids bump up the expression of genes involved in lipid catabolism, like hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL), which is crucial for fat breakdown.

Improves Energy and Alertness

The struggle of feeling drained while on a diet is real, but PrimeShred contains caffeine, a well-known energy booster that not only perks you up but also increases levels of epinephrine and norepinephrine in the blood. These are compounds that contribute to alertness and readiness to tackle physical challenges.

Supports Cognitive Performance

When it comes to shedding pounds, maintaining mental sharpness is vital. 

The amino acid tyrosine in PrimeShred is a precursor to epinephrine, which is vital for your brain’s ability to remain focused under stress. 

Also, the adaptogen Rhodiola rosea also helps by stimulating norepinephrine activity, supporting cognitive functions during demanding activities.

PrimeShred Ingredients Analysis: What’s Inside It?

Wonder what makes PrimeShred fulfill all those BIG promises? These ingredients:

Green Tea Extract

With 500mg of Green Tea Extract, PrimeShred promotes the activity of hormones like norepinephrine and leptin that are involved in fat burning. It also plays a role in lowering the levels of triglycerides, which are fats found in your blood.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The 225mg of Caffeine Anhydrous in this fat burner does a lot more than just make you energized for your workouts. 

It fires up thermogenesis and elevates your basal metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories than you ingest. While you think you’re resting, your body continues to WORK to lose the unwanted baggy fats.


Each serving provides you with 300mg of L-Tyrosine, which aids in maintaining mental acuity, concentration, and alertness by countering the drop in neurotransmitters that affect cognition, particularly during challenging workouts.

Cayenne Pepper

This is one of the most versatile ingredients of PrimeShred. 

Cayenne Pepper (200mg) is known for its ability to add spice to everything, and it does pretty much the same to your weight loss journey – it melts the fat cells, converting them into useable energy sources. 

Moreover, owing to their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential, they play their part in helping you recover fast after a tiresome workout session.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

With 250mg of Rhodiola Rosea Root, this ingredient activates enzymes that target the breakdown of stored fat while also improving energy and oxygen flow to muscles, making strenuous exercise sessions more bearable.


DMAE is present at 150mg, acting to sharpen focus and alertness, and it improves the mind-muscle connection due to the increased production of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter for cognitive functions and muscle movement.

Green Coffee

Including 100mg of Green Coffee, this ingredient augments your metabolism and prompts thermogenesis, leading to rapid fat loss. It also elevates neurotransmitter levels that can reduce feelings of fatigue, thus keeping you more alert and energized.


Bioperine, found at 5mg in the formula, significantly improves the absorption of other ingredients in PrimeShred by up to 30%, ensuring you gain maximum benefits from each element included.

Vegetable Capsule

The PrimeShred capsules are crafted from plant-based hypromellose, making them fitting for individuals on vegetarian, vegan, and those on different dietary regimes that avoid animal products.

How to Use PrimeShred? (Dosage Guidelines)

When incorporating PrimeShred into your routine, it’s key to adhere to the specific guidelines provided to maximize the product’s effectiveness for boosting energy and focus.

Recommended Dosage

Consistency is key: Ensure you take three capsules of PrimeShred about 20 minutes before breakfast, even on days when you don’t plan to work out.

Tips for Optimal Results

  • Training Days: On days you exercise, taking PrimeShred before breakfast helps set up your energy levels and focus for the day.
  • Balanced Diet: To help PrimeShred work effectively, complement it with a balanced diet rich in nutrients.

Potential Side Effects and Precautions

PrimeShred is largely considered safe due to its natural ingredients. Nonetheless, the stimulant content, particularly caffeine, may prompt certain reactions, especially if you’re sensitive to it.

Side Effects

Most people can take PrimeShred without adverse effects. However, you should be aware of potential side effects attributed mainly to its caffeine content:

  • Headaches can occur as your body adjusts to the stimulant.
  • Muscle Tremors or shakes are another common reaction, signaling that your system may be sensitive to caffeine.
  • Insomnia can arise from the stimulant’s capacity to keep you alert.
  • Dizziness might be experienced as a transient response to the supplement.
  • You might also feel jitters or an uneasy agitation.

Managing Sensitivity to Stimulants

If you’re aware that stimulants affect you more profoundly, consider these precautions with PrimeShred:

  • Consume the supplement alongside a meal to mitigate potential side effects.
  • It’s wise to refrain from other caffeinated products to prevent compound effects.

Remember, everyone’s tolerance to stimulants varies, and so does the response to supplements like PrimeShred. If you experience any persistent adverse effects, consult a healthcare provider.

Best PrimeShred Alternative: PhenQ

PhenQ bottle tablet

If you’re searching for an effective fat burner that’s gentle on stimulants, PhenQ emerges as a standout option. Crafted for individuals who are cautious about high stimulant intake, PhenQ offers a well-rounded approach to weight management.

PhenQ – A Low Stimulant Fat Burner

PhenQ provides a unique solution to weight loss with its combination of fat-burning ingredients. Here are several reasons why PhenQ may be the better fit for you as compared to PrimeShred:

  • Lower Stimulant Levels: With only 150mg of caffeine per serving, PhenQ is considerably milder, making it favorable for you if you’re sensitive to stimulants.
  • Thermogenic Properties: It features a boost in thermogenesis, thanks to ingredients like α-Lacys Reset® and Capsimax Powder, to aid in shedding excess weight.
  • Reduces Fat Storage: The capsaicinoids in Capsimax Powder have been researched for their ability to minimize fat cell storage and growth, helping you stay lean without major diet alterations.
  • Controls Cravings: A combination of chromium picolinate, nopal cactus, and natural caffeine works together to balance insulin sensitivity and keep your cravings at bay for a more managed appetite.
  • Energy Boost: By utilizing metabolism-supporting components, PhenQ stokes your body’s natural energy production, allowing you to maintain high energy levels throughout the day.
  • Mood Support: The formula includes l-carnitine, an amino acid that offers cognitive support and helps maintain a positive mood during your weight loss journey.

With its holistic approach to weight management and less reliance on stimulants, PhenQ positions itself as an ideal alternative to PrimeShred, particularly if you’re someone who wants to avoid the jittery effects of higher-caffeine fat burners.

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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Joshua’s experience highlighted impressive results—PrimeShred proved to be an effective partner in his fat loss journey. He mentions, “Using PrimeShred alongside exercise and diet made a significant difference; it’s the best fat burner for getting ready for summer!”

Joshua Primeshred review

David’s progress is notable for the quick improvements he observed. David reports, “In just a month, my overall appearance and well-being improved with PrimeShred, contributing to my 5-pound weight loss while enhancing my morning routine.”

david primeshred review

Mohammad’s feedback emphasizes increased energy levels and a positive impact on his weight management. He shares, “Six weeks with PrimeShred made me more vigorous throughout the day, and I happily shed 2 kilograms in the process.”

Muhammad Primeshred review

Frank’s testimonial echoes Mohammad’s, as he also began his PrimeShred regimen 6 weeks prior. Frank’s experience shows a boost in day-long energy and a similar weight loss, “The energy boost from PrimeShred is real, and losing 2 kilograms was a game-changer for me.”

Frank Primeshred review

PrimeShred Pricing, Shipping, and Money-Back Guarantee


The cost of PrimeShred varies depending on the quantity you purchase:

>> 1 Bottle for $59.99

>> 2 Bottles + 1 FREE for $119.98

>> 3 Bottles + 2 FREE for $179.97 

Shipping & Refund Policy:

  • Free shipping: All BUNDLE deals include free worldwide shipping, helping you to save on additional costs. (If you order a single bottle, a flat fee of $3.95 will be applicable)
  • Discreet packaging: Your order typically arrives in neutral packaging, ensuring your privacy.
  • Money-back guarantee: The duration of the money-back guarantee is really short as it only extends up to 14 days.

Final Verdict: Is PrimeShred Worth It?

Yes! PrimeShred is worth it. 

It contains MULTIPLE ingredients to boost metabolism and thermogenesis to facilitate fat loss, all with a 100% VEGAN formula. This makes it ideal for individuals struggling to lose weight despite exercising hard and having a calorie deficit.

In fact, I believe it might just be the KEY to pushing past those stubborn plateaus.

However, it is LOADED with strong and mild stimulants like caffeine, green coffee, and green tea extract, which, on the one hand, help heaps with burning fat and keeping you energized, but on the other, can trigger insomnia, jitters, headaches, and gut issues in sensitive individuals.

In such cases, I wouldn’t recommend PrimeShred, but instead, something more gentle like PhenQ or PhenQ PM.

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