7+ Shakeology Alternatives & Competitors (Cheaper and Better Ones)

January 6, 2024 |

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Optimal fitness has always been a global obsession and people are willing to go for the broke when it comes to achieving their dream body.

However, most people feel that regular workouts and a healthy diet are not enough to meet their goals, which is why they go one step ahead and opt for supplements.

Most fitness supplements are usually protein-based and they are also known as meal replacement supplements since they offer nutrient-dense meal substitutes.

Shakeology is also a protein-based meal replacement supplement that helps with weight loss and much more.

Shakeology by Beachbody comes in nine irresistible flavors containing prebiotics, probiotics, essential vitamins, and minerals that improve your overall immunity as well.

However, it is NOT the best in its class, its costly price range and high sugar content make people wonder if there are better alternatives to Shakeology.

Keep reading learn what is the best alternative to Shakeology.

Best Shakeology Alternatives Summary (audience-based product appeal)

  • PhenQ: Best for weight loss
  • Lady Boss Lean: Best for working women (and overall best)
  • Herbalife: Best for people with poor gut health
  • Exante Diet: Best for Anemics
  • Huel: Best for people with a knack for savory products
  • 310 Shakes: Best for people on a tight budget
  • Isagenix: Best for people with low energy levels
  • SlimFast: Best for diabetics
  • Soylent: Best for people with lactose intolerance

#1. PhenQ

PhenQ shakes flavours

The PhenQ brand was created by the parent company Wolfson Brand. This corporation has been a trusted name in the world of supplements for a long time. They have always promised and delivered products of the best standards.

PhenQ is a meal replacement shake that is entirely plant-based, making it 100% vegan friendly.

It can be used to replace a meal during a busy day without having to compromise on beneficial nutrients.

PhenQ VS Shakeology

When there are so many brands of protein or meal replacement shakes on the market, you need to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth and buying the best available option for you and your budget.

While PhenQ and Shakeology are both protein shake, some factors make one better than the other. To start with, we need to discuss flavor options. If a shake does not taste good, it does not matter how good it is for you, and you will not drink it.

Shakeology is available to buy in not just one or two but 9 different and delectable flavors.

Compared to this, PhenQ only offers two flavor options for its protein shake. While chocolate and vanilla are delicious flavors, they are only two options. This gives Shakeology the upper hand in terms of flavor.

As both shakes are marketed as protein shakes, it is essential to compare the protein contents of both PhenQ and Shakeology. Shakeology contains approximately 16 to 17 grams of protein which is a combination of plant and whey protein.

While PhenQ contains 16 grams of protein that is entirely sourced from plants. So, while Shakeology has more protein, PhenQ is more suitable for those with a vegan lifestyle.

Along with proteins, both these shakes contain substances that enhance their nutritional value.

PhenQ shake is packed with 24 different vitamins and minerals, MCT oils, adaptogens, ashwagandha (for muscle strength), and Innoslim for boosting AMPK production.

Shakeology is comparable to PhenQ because not only does it contain vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens; it also contains phytonutrients, probiotics, prebiotics, and antioxidants.

Shakeology’s ingredient list also includes superfoods like bilberry, acerola cherries, and camu camu.

Lastly, we need to consider the price of each protein shake. This is one of the main concerns when it comes to purchasing a protein shake.

A single packet with thirty servings is priced at $129.5. In comparison, the cost of the PhenQ protein powder is $39.90 for 14 meal servings.

Additionally, PhenQ also provides a well-known appetite suppressant pill that helps you lose weight without any difficulty, boost your energy levels, and burn fat with its all-natural ingredients.

Read more about PhenQ appetite suppressant here

#2. LadyBoss Lean

LadyBoss Lean pack

Lady Boss Lean is one of the most well-known meal replacement supplements in the fitness market.

Highly recommended. Our favorite pick.

This protein supplement is a product of the Lady Boss brand and it comes with a highly effective, all-natural formula that keeps you coming back for more with its vanilla cake flavor.

Furthermore, it contains an excellent protein content that helps with weight loss and muscle building at the same time.

As the name suggests, this product is designed to target working women who don’t have enough time to prepare a healthy meal for themselves and end up going for unhealthy options due to the limited time frame, compromising their health and fitness.

Due to the high protein content, it keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time.

Which makes you consume fewer calories and improves your overall metabolism.

This product also comes with several beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that help to enhance your immunity.

Lady Boss Lean VS Shakeology

Both Lady Boss Lean and Shakeology are protein-rich meal replacement supplements but they have quite a few differences.

We have jotted all the significant differences to help you make a smarter choice.

Shakeology offers 17 grams of protein per serving while Lady Boss Lean contains 15 grams of protein per serving. Shakeology is also available in a wide range of nine flavors while Lady Boss Lean has only one flavor of vanilla cake.

Since both these supplements target weight loss, it’s important to look at their sugar content as high sugar consumption is a primary contributor to excessive weight gain.

Shakeology contains 9 grams of sugar per serving whereas Lady Boss Lean offers 4 grams of sugar per serving.

Lady Boss Lean has a simple and effective ingredient list with whey protein, vitamins, and minerals.

However, Shakeology offers an extensive blend of protein, probiotics, prebiotics, vitamins, minerals, Adaptogens, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that help with reduced stress levels, inflammation and build a healthier gut.

The cost of the products is also an important factor since we are also looking for cheaper Shakeology alternatives.

Shakeology is available for $129.5, which is the cost of a single pack with thirty servings. Whereas Lady Boss Lean comes at multiple affordable prices and product packages.

You can get the Lady Boss Lean supplement in three different packages, including one pack for $49.76 and 30 meals. It’s available for $83.93 in two bags containing 60 meals.

This product has three bags with 90 meals and is available for $116.9.

While Shakeology contains several beneficial ingredients, the cost-effective price and low sugar content of Lady Boss Lean make it the better alternative among the two.

Moreover, the Lady Boss Lean supplement comes with different bonuses for free.

On every Lady Boss Lean purchase, you will get a recipe book, a workout plan, and access to an online support group.

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#3. Herbalife


Herbalife a meal replacement supplement that is also protein-based.

This supplement is further equipped with numerous beneficial vitamins and minerals that give you optimal energy levels along with helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Herbalife contains protein that’s obtained from natural plant sources and they help with building muscles and promoting weight loss.

Herbalife VS Shakeology

Both these protein supplements are quite popular in the fitness market but they are different in certain ways.

Starting with the flavors, the Herbalife supplement is available in 12 mouthwatering flavors, whereas Shakeology offers 9 flavor options.

This means that Herbalife offers more flavor variety.

While the main ingredient in both these supplements is protein, they contain other beneficial ingredients as well. Herbalife contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals while Shakeology takes the lead with several nutritious ingredients.

Shakeology contains protein, probiotics, prebiotics, Adaptogens, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that do a lot more than just promote optimal fitness levels. Shakeology helps with enhancing your overall immunity levels more than Herbalife.

It contains super-fruits such as acerola cherries, camu camu, and bilberry that help combat inflammation as well.

Shakeology also helps in improving your overall gut health, which is a benefit that Herbalife lacks.

There is one aspect where both these supplements come in a tie and that is their sugar content.

Both Herbalife and Shakeology contain a whopping 9 grams of sugar per serving.

However, the cost is the ultimate deciding factor and Shakeology might contain a better ingredient list than Herbalife but it costs a lot more than it.

You can get one pack of Shakeology for $129.5, which is the price of a single bag containing thirty servings whereas the Herbalife supplement comes in a standard 750mg packaging for $43.3.

Therefore, Herbalife is a cheaper Shakeology alternative.

Herbalife also offers various flexible package options that come in the form of combo boxes. These boxes contain 24 single-serving bags of various flavors.

#4. Exante Diet


Exante Diet offers numerous innovative meal replacement products.

While most meal replacement supplements are in the form of protein shakes, Exante Diet takes things up a notch by offering a vast variety of meal replacement bars, juices, and shakes. It also takes immense pride in its highly beneficial ingredient list.

Exante Diet VS Shakeology

While Shakeology is quite well-known for its extensive ingredient list that contains a high protein content along with several immunity-boosting ingredients like Adaptogens and antioxidants, Exante Diet takes the lead with its 27 ingredient formula.

Extante Diet products are enriched with the goodness of flax seeds and nutrients like Vitamin B6, B12, Vitamin K, Riboflavin, Folic acid, and Thiamine.

While both supplements offer 17 grams of protein per serving, the diverse ingredient list of Exante Diet gives it a far more superior formula as compared to Shakeology.

Shakeology offers a wide assortment of 12 flavors and Exante Diet takes the lead once again with a mouthwatering 33 flavor option.

Talk about being spoilt for choices.

As the name suggests, Shakeology is a protein shake, while Exante Diet products are available in the form of protein bars, shakes, and juices.

Shakeology products can be purchased in dollars for $129.5 per 30 serving pack.

However, Exante Diet supplements are sold in pounds and all their products are available within the range of 20 pounds. This means that Exante Diet is a cheaper Shakeology alternative.

Shakeology doesn’t offer any brand discounts or promotions but Exante Diet has frequent discount promotions and their products are also available in multiple budget-friendly bundles.

Considering the ingredient list, price range, and health benefits, it’s a clean sweep by Exante Diet.

#5. Huel


Huel is a brand that offers a huge variety of protein-rich meal replacement supplements and proper meals.

You heard that right. This brand is dedicated to offering the finest nutrient-dense products in the form of meal replacement powders, protein bars, and low-calorie, nutrient-dense hot meals.

Huel VS Shakeology

The Huel meal replacement protein supplement contains high-quality protein along with 27 other beneficial ingredients.

This product contains phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants just like the Shakeology supplement, but it consists of additional fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Furthermore, this protein powder is present in two forms:

The first one is Huel 3.0 while the other one is known as the Huel Black edition. The Huel 3.0 powder has 9 flavors and Huel Black Edition has 6 flavors whereas Shakeology offers a total of 9 flavors.

Huel 3.0 contains 20 grams of protein and Huel Black Edition contains 33% more protein than Huel 3.0 which is 40 grams.

The Huel products contain more protein as compared to the 17 grams of protein offered by Shakeology.

The Huel 3.0 powder contains less than 1% sugar and the Huel Black Edition powder is sugar-free which makes it a healthier alternative to Shakeology contains 9 grams of sugar per serving.

Huel also offers other nutrient-dense meal replacement products like ready-to-drink energy drinks and protein bars.

They also have a line of hot and savory meals that are ready-to-eat hot meals with multiple savory flavors. While Shakeology only offers protein shakes.

The Huel 3.0 powder offers 2 bags with 34 servings at the cost of $65 and you can purchase the 2 bags of the Huel Black Edition powder with 34 servings for $75.

While one bag of Shakeology with 30 servings comes at the price of $129.5. Huel is a more cost-effective and healthier option as compared to Shakeology.

#6. 310 Shake

310 shake

The 310 shakes are protein-rich meal replacement supplements by the 310 Nutrition brand.

These shakes are low in carbohydrates and high in protein content which helps to keep you feeling full for a longer time, making you consume fewer calories that eventually leads to weight loss and improved metabolism.

310 Shakes VS Shakeology

Both Shakeology and 310 Shakes contain 9 flavor options.

But when it comes to the sugar content, 310 Shakes take the lead since they don’t contain any processed sugar and their sugar content is less compared to the 9 grams of sugar offered in each serving of Shakeology.

The sugar present in 310 shakes is also obtained from all-natural plant sources and it offers zero calories.

Moreover, the 310 Shakes contain a vegan and gluten-free formula that offers whey protein, antioxidants, and probiotics.

Shakeology contains all these ingredients and more but it does not have a gluten-free or vegan formula.

Shakeology offers 17 grams of protein per serving while the 310 Shakes contain 15 grams of protein per serving. Therefore, Shakeology has a better protein content than 310 Shakes.

However, the price is an important deciding factor and a single pack of Shakeology with 30 servings can be purchased for $129.5. 310 Shakes have different price packages.

You can get a 14 serving pack for $39, or you could go for their 28 servings bag for $68. Hence, 310 Shakes are more cost-effective than Shakeology.

#7. Isagenix


Isagenix is a brand famous for its wide variety of protein-rich meal replacement supplements.

While both Isagenix and Shakeology are meal replacement supplements with high protein content, they have quite a few differences.

Isagenix VS Shakeology

Since these are protein supplements, let’s start with their protein content.

Shakeology offers 17 grams of protein per serving and Isagenix contains 24 grams of protein in each serving. Therefore, Isagenix has a higher protein content than Shakeology.

Isagenix has a superior ingredient list as well since it offers essential branched chained amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

These amino acids are known as essential amino acids since they are not produced by our body and we need to consume them from external sources.

Isagenix is a meal replacement supplement with a high-carb formula as well.

Shakeology does not have a high carb content. The high carbohydrate concentration of Isagenix gives you more long-lasting energy levels as compared to Shakeology.

Unlike Shakeology, Isagenix products are free from any sorts of empty calories and they have a nutrient-dense formula with 23 various vitamins and minerals.

Isagenix products are also gluten and soy-free whereas Shakeology products contain both gluten and soy.

You can buy a single 30 serving pack of Shakeology for $129.5 while the price of Isganeix ranges between $41.99 per canister and $44.99 per packet.

Isagenix has a healthier formula and lower price range than Shakeology, which makes it a better alternative.

#8. SlimFast


SlimFast is not your regular high protein meal replacement supplement.

This brand has the solution to numerous health issues. Furthermore, their products are available in numerous nutrient-dense options of protein bars, energy drinks, and shakes.

SlimFast VS Shakeology

Shakeology has a limited product range as compared to SlimFast since this brand has an entirely different product line that contains reduced carbs for people following the keto diet.

SlimFast also offers high-energy products for people with low energy levels along with a groundbreaking line of weight loss supplements for diabetics.

When it comes to the ingredient list, SlimFast takes the lead again as it contains 23 different nutrients that do a lot more than just promote optimal fitness.

Therefore, SlimFast contains more nutrients than Shakeology.

SlimFast also has a more superior formula compared to Shakeology since it’s free from all sorts of synthetic sugar while Shakeology consists of 9 grams of sugar.

SlimFast products don’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives either, unlike Shakeology.

You can get SlimFast products at various affordable price ranges and packages.

You could purchase a 12.83oz canister for just $9.99, or get their 20.18oz canister for $12.99. One could also buy a three-pack 12.93oz canister for $26.97 or get a three-pack 20.18oz canister for $35.97.

Shakeology does not offer flexible, cost-effective packages as it’s available in a 30 serving pack for $129.5.

Therefore, it’s quite evident that SlimFast is the better pick out of the two.

#9. Soylent


Soylent is a brand that offers high protein meal replacement supplements.

However, its products are different from most brands since they are a rich source of plant-based soy protein that is quite nutrient-dense since it contains all the essential amino acids.

Soylent VS Shakeology

Soylent products contain 28 different nutrients in addition to high-quality soy protein.

They also contain beneficial fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids and omega 6-fatty acids that help with healthy hormone production.

Shakeology doesn’t contain an extensive nutrient list like Soylent products and they are devoid of these beneficial fatty acids.

Soylent products also contain a healthy carbohydrate concentration that boosts your overall energy levels.

This is another beneficial aspect that is missing in Shakeology products.

Moreover, Shakeology contains 9 grams of synthetic sugar while Soylent supplements are made using a natural sugar called allulose that offers minimum calories.

Unlike Shakeology products, Soylent offers lactose-free products as they are free from dairy.

Shakeology is only available in the form of protein shakes while Soylent offers protein bars, drinks, and shakes.

The Shakeology supplements cost $129.5 per 30 serving pack whereas the Soylent drinks are can be bought for $42 per 12 bottles, which is more cost-effective than Shakeology.

Final Thoughts

The fitness market is loaded with meal replacement supplements which is why it can become challenging to choose a supplement that is best suited to your personal needs.

However, it always helps to set your priorities before searching for the perfect supplement for yourself.

The ingredients and price of the product are the main deciding factors and based on these parameters, every supplement mentioned in the list above, is better than Shakeology.

But our recommended and preferred picks are PhenQ Shakes and the Lady Boss Lean meal shake.

All these supplements are cheaper and more effective Shakeology alternatives for weight loss. All these Shakeology alternatives are easily available in various parts of the world.

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