Can You Take PhenQ Without Food on Empty Stomach? (dangers!)

January 9, 2024 |

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In this article, I have discussed whether you can take the famous fat burner-PhenQ on an empty stomach and what may go wrong if you do not consume food with it.

Planning on trying PhenQ without food? I wouldn’t recommend so, and here’s why.

Key Points:

  • Taking fat burners without meals may lead to nausea, skin rash, insomnia, or anxiety.
  • Using PhenQ without meals for a long time can also increase stress hormone levels in your blood.
  • You should take small high-protein, low-carb, and low-fat meals with PhenQ.
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PhenQ should be taken with meals as its thermogenic ingredients can disturb gut walls when there’s no food, making you feel nauseated. Plus, skipping food with a fat burner over a long time can lead to hormonal issues and stress.

In the next sections, I’ve shared medical reasons why you should avoid PhenQ without a meal and what you should eat to lose weight more effectively with this diet pill.

What Happens If You Take Diet Pills On An Empty Stomach?

Consuming fat burner supplements on an empty stomach can make you feel sick.

On a diet, you may be tempted to skip breakfast and just take your fat burner supplement to boost weight loss. However, it may not be a good idea, especially if you have stomach acidity issues.

The acidity level is high when your stomach is empty. Its pH level reduces as only a layer of gastric juice is present. When you eat/ drink anything, it induces further gastric secretion. But now, digestive juice mixes with food, and the acidity level is stabilized.

However, if you take a drug and do not eat food until many hours, stomach acidity can lead to heartburn and acid reflux.

Most fat burners contain stimulants and thermogenic ingredients (for example, caffeine, Capsicum extracts, niacin, and acetic acid), which can irritate the gastrointestinal lining directly when consumed without food. As a result, you may feel queasy and uncomfortable.

Also, taking stimulants on an empty stomach can play tricks on your hormonal system, making you sad and anxious.

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What Happens If You Take PhenQ Without Food?

Like most fat burners, PhenQ should be taken with meals (as recommended by the manufacturers)so that its ingredients do not irritate the gut lining directly but rather mix up with food and get absorbed in the blood quickly. The following side effects may occur if you consume this medicine without food;

It Can Upset Your Gut

Caffeine, Nopal extracts, and Capsimax powder in PhenQ pills can upset your gut when consumed without food (especially if you have a sensitive one), as all these ingredients can increase stomach acidity.

Caffeine anhydrous in these pills is a highly concentrated form of caffeine that absorbs readily into your stomach walls. Resultantly, it triggers stomach walls to produce more acid, besides enhancing the metabolic rate.

Likewise, Nopal Cactus extract contains many organic acids like Coumaric acid, ferulic acid, gallic acid, and phenolic acids.

Although these acidic ingredients have anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective benefits, taking a Nopal-containing drug on an empty stomach can lead to nausea and acid reflux.

Capsimax powder is another gastric allergen in the drug. It contains thermogenic components from capsicum pepper which produce a burning sensation.

When mixed with foodstuff, these spice effects are mild. However, you will likely feel heartburn when taking the pills without food.

You May Get A Rash

Niacin or vitamin B3 is added to Capsimax powder for its fat-burning properties. However, like other fat-dissolving ingredients, it works best when you use it with at least a small amount of healthy food.

It can induce Niacin flush, making your skin dry, red, and itchy. Without food, it absorbs quickly, and the tingling effect is more pronounced.

Individuals with underlying skin problems like eczema should be even more cautious about this.

It May Cause Hormonal Imbalance

As discussed above, PhenQ contains a highly concentrated form of caffeine to boost energy levels and fat breakdown in cells. But as it is a strong psychostimulant, the company advises not to take the drug after 3 pm; otherwise, it may disrupt your sleep.

Caffeine triggers neural connections to induce an energy uplift, and its effect is enhanced when consumed on an empty stomach. Consequently, you may feel jittery after taking the drug.

Plus, such increased stimulation negatively affects mental health even if you feel happy and energetic at the moment.

Prolonged stimulation can uplift cortisol (a stress hormone) level, which disturbs the secretion of many other hormones in return and also affects your mood.

If you continue to take the diet pill without food over a long duration, you may end up feeling more stressed and anxious. However, you can escape all these potential side effects by taking your fat burner with a small meal (Useful tips below!).

And if you are caffeine sensitive, I suggest you opt for PhenQ PM to lose weight effectively while completely avoiding stimulants.

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What Should I Eat With PhenQ?

Since PhenQ does not do well without food, here are the best foods to eat on PhenQ to pair it up with to maximize the pill’s efficacy and get results faster;

1. Lean Protein

Eating low-calorie food is essential to losing weight. But you must make sure that your body loses fats, not muscle tissues, to fulfill the calorie deficit.

This makes a protein-rich diet a necessity for healthy weight loss as you need proteins for maintaining and growing muscle mass. Moreover, proteins digest slowly, keeping you fuller for a longer time.

Another benefit of a protein-rich diet is bigger muscles are the body’s natural, built-in fat burners.

To prevent further fat build-up, it is better to choose lean protein foods instead of items rich in both proteins and fats when buying groceries.

    • Fish makes up a great protein source when you want to lose fats because fish meat’s fat content is lesser than red meat and mainly consists of omega-3 fatty acids, which are used in anabolism rather than adipose storage.
    • Eggs are a comprehensive protein source as they contain all essential amino acids.
    • Low-fat Greek yogurt and tofu are good dairy options for high-protein meal plans.
  • And if you are a vegetarian, you can get all the necessary protein molecules from lentils and beans.

2. Fiber-rich Foods

Besides proteins, fiber-rich foods help you shed weight faster, complementing your fat burner supplementation.

Fiber speeds up weight loss in several ways. Firstly, fiber-rich meals will make you satisfied sooner, thus, reducing calorie intake.

Secondly, fiber feeds friendly bacteria, and a healthy gut microbiome eventually improves fat metabolism and immunity.

Also, dietary fiber makes your body digest and absorb carbohydrates slowly, leading to better blood sugar maintenance. Well-maintained glucose levels promote fat loss, especially in insulin-resistant (diabetic or pre-diabetic) people.

According to Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition at Harvard Medical School, a high-fiber diet aids in weight loss and reduces the chances of heart problems.

3. Vegetables And Fruits

Veggies and fruits are power-packed fitness supplements. They are low-calorie but highly nutritious.

These food supply key amino acids, fiber, multivitamins, minerals, and many important metabolites.

Leafy greens are a great source of fiber, vitamin K, folic acid, and other nutrients. Their nutrient profile is rich in metabolites that speed up the fat burn in the body.

A randomized trial from Lund University, Sweden, proves that overweight people can benefit by adding Spinach and other leafy vegetables to their routine diet.

Likewise, fruit provides nutrition and taste without adding much to your daily calorie count. And the best thing is you get a dozen options to choose from, no matter where you live.

You can go for grapefruit, orange, plum, peach, apricot, apple, barriers, kiwi, melon, or any other fruit you easily find. Though they have nutritional variations, all of them are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber which makes them a good food choice for weight loss.

4. Probiotics

Though researchers have not clearly identified the mechanism yet, several studies prove that probiotics are helpful for weight management.

According to a study performed at San Raffaele University, Italy, probiotics reduce inflammation and fat accumulation in the body. Resultantly, these bacteria can be effectively used for weight reduction therapies.

So, you can happily enjoy fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi, tofu, and kombucha when losing weight at PhenQ.

5. Detox Drinks

Detox drinks can help you eliminate harmful substances that slow your metabolism. Thus, these beverages are synergistic with your fat burner.

Drinks like Cucumber detox water, Pineapple Lemonade, Minty Beet juice, Orange and Carrot juice, Ginger tea, and Cinnamon tea are great with PhenQ for detoxification and faster fat metabolism.

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How many hours apart should I take PhenQ?

You should take two PhenQ pills daily with a gap of 4 to 5 hours. The company recommends taking one PhenQ pill with breakfast and one with lunch.

How long can you take PhenQ?

You can take PhenQ as long as you want because it contains no harmful ingredients.

However, it is generally not recommended to use a diet pill for more than 4 months continuously as a low-calorie intake for a long time weakens the body.

Also, increased caffeine dose may lead to insomnia or stress issues in the long run.

What happens when you stop taking PhenQ?

You experience no withdrawal effects when you can stop taking PhenQ. However, you may miss the additional energy and mood uplift provided by caffeine in the drug.

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