Winsol vs Trenorol: What’s BEST for Cutting & Bulking?

March 10, 2024 |

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According to NIH, 54% of bodybuilders use steroids to supplement their performance, but their harmful side effects have sparked a shift towards natural alternatives like Winsol and Trenorol. 

Winsol, a replacement for Winstrol, focuses on cutting needs, while Trenorol, an alternative to trenbolone, is designed for both cutting and bulking. 

Picture Winsol as your sculptor, refining your physique, and Trenorol as your builder, constructing muscle mass and tearing down excess fat. 

So which one should YOU opt for?

This guide includes all the strengths and weaknesses of Trenorol and Winsol to help you decide.  

Best for Strength


winsol open jar
Overall rating: 4.9/5
  • 3 pills per day
  • Safe, natural, and legal Winstrol alternative
  • Used for cutting only
  • Prevents loss of lean muscle mass 
  • Eliminates water weight 
  • Helps shed fats 
  • Increases strength and energy for workouts
Best for Muscle Gain


Overall rating: 4.7/5
  • 3 pills per day
  • Safe, natural, and legal Trenbolone alternative
  • Supports both the cutting and bulking phases
  • Ensures solid muscle gains & Boosts T-levels
  • Doesn’t cause water retention  
  • Improves endurance, power, and recovery

What is Winsol & How Does it Work?

Crazybulk has introduced Winsol as a safer and legal replacement for ‘Winstrol’.

It is designed to help you get harder abs by cutting away the excess fat and retaining pure muscle mass.

Winsol Capsules

Winsol works by breaking down fat and mediating protein metabolism. It gets rid of water weight, improves vascularity, prevents you from losing lean muscle mass, and improves stamina for workouts.

Anvarol Pros

  • Retains lean muscle mass, improves performance, and trims extra fat
  • No prescription is required
  • No allergens (gluten, salt, yeast, shellfish, wheat rice)
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavor
  • Free U.S. delivery
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Anvarol Cons

  • Supports only the cutting phase
  • Contains gelatine
  • Not for ages below 18 years
  • Not recommended for pregnant and nursing women
  • Contraindicated with certain medicines (e.g., anti-depressants)
  • Avoid in medical conditions such as kidney disease, endocrine disorders, etc

What is Trenorol & How Does it Work?

Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol serves as a readily accessible substitute to Trenbolone, carrying negligible risk of side effects. 

It contains natural ingredients to help you grow big and bulky biceps while simultaneously cutting fat stores to carve a chiseled physique.

trenorol capsules on table

Trenorol works by normalizing the levels of the steroid hormone testosterone in the body, which promotes muscle gain and fat elimination. Also, it improves endurance for exercise and supports the healing of muscle damage.

Trenorol Pros

  • Increases muscle growth, performance, fat loss, and recovery
  • Available over the counter
  • No sugar, salt, yeast, wheat, gluten, corn, or shellfish
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavoring
  • Free shipping in the US. 60-day money-back guarantee

Trenorol Cons

  • Contains soy, gelatine, and milk allergens
  • Not for expecting and lactating women
  • Made for adults aged 18+
  • Individuals with underlying illnesses should use it upon a doctor’s recommendation
  • Contraindicated with medicines such as antidepressants

Winsol vs Trenorol – Quick Comparison

Use CaseOTC and legal alternative to TrenboloneA natural and legal alternative to Winstrol
Working MechanismIncreases the level of testosterone to unlock physical strength, trigger muscle growth, and inhibit fat accretion.Activates the bodily mechanisms that accelerate the rate of fat loss and muscle protein synthesis.
Primary BenefitsEnhances muscle mass, reduces body fat percentage, and improves the rate of muscle recoveryAccelerates fat elimination, retains lean muscle mass, and improves performance during exercise

Key Ingredients of Winsol and Trenorol

Winsol Ingredients

Winsol is formulated to improve the outcome of the cutting phase in bodybuilding.

This phase involves following a calorie deficit diet, which might make you miss out on some micronutrients that are essential for cutting a herculean body. To cope with this, Winsol includes various nutritive ingredients to prevent any compromise on your fat loss progress and muscle volume due to deficiencies.

For instance, a deficiency of micronutrients like chromium and choline makes it hard to lose fat as they mediate fatty acid metabolism. 

Likewise, L-carnitine and Vitamin D3 play essential roles in muscle protein synthesis.

Below is the complete list of Winsol ingredients.

  • Vitamin D3
  • Choline
  • Chromium
  • Acetyl-L- carnitine HCl
  • INNOBIO conjugated linoleic acid
  • Wild yam root concentrated extract

Trenorol Ingredients

Trenorol employs herbal and natural ingredients to meet all your cutting and bulking needs without using steroids. 

For instance, it optimizes your muscle gains, workout performance, and fat loss with zinc, nettle leaf extract, and ashwagandha respectively.

Below are all the ingredients that contribute to Trenorol benefits.

  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Ashwagandha Extracts
  • Cat’s Claw Bark
  • Nettle Leaf Extracts
  • Fennel Extract
  • Cinnamon Extract

Both Winsol and Trenorol are products of the same brand; therefore, they are formulated with a similar vision to include only natural ingredients and avoid artificial additives.

Nonetheless, Winsol ingredients impart a greater cutting benefit; they promote fat loss and retain lean muscles. 

Comparatively, Trenorol supports both cutting and bulking phases, which includes promoting greater muscle gains and eliminating excess fat stores.

Trenorol small banner

Winsol and Trenorol: Bulking & Cutting Benefits 

Winsol Benefits: 

Preserves Lean Muscle Mass

Winsol employs multiple strategies to retain lean muscle volume, minimizing muscle damage occurring from strenuous exercises while simultaneously enhancing muscle protein synthesis.

Correspondingly it includes choline; studies have found that its adequate levels are essential for modulating fat and protein metabolism in skeletal muscles. This micronutrient reduces fatty acid metabolism, promotes muscle growth, and counteracts inflammation. 

Likewise, another micronutrient, chromium, is backed by research to improve body composition by maintaining lean muscle mass.

Additionally, Winsol has added L-carnitine, which alleviates markers of muscle damage, delays the onset of muscle soreness, and promotes post-exercise muscle recovery.

Studies indicate that L carnitine possesses antioxidant properties and greatly reduces exercise-induced muscle tissue damage that occurs due to the accumulation of oxidative stress from breathtaking exercise. 

Eliminates Excess Fat

Winsol contains ingredients that melt away the excess fat stores to cut the bulk and give you a more defined muscular look.

For instance, a 2019 meta-analysis of twenty-one clinical trials indicates that chromium picolinate supplementation for study durations ≤12 weeks and doses ≤400 μg/d leads to significant improvements in weight loss and body fat percentage.

Moreover, a review of 18 clinical trials reported that conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) induced an average fat loss of 0.2 pounds per week for up to 6 months in the participants, which plateaued for up to two years.

In comparison, L-carnitine promotes the preferential utilization of fats as a substrate for energy production, which spares muscle glycogen and prevents muscle flattening.

Improves Exercise Performance

Winsol causes a surge in the power and energy for workouts while simultaneously minimizing the muscle damage to enable maximum shedding of the fat you had put on during the bulking phase.

A 2020 review reported that vitamin D supplementation imparts a positive effect on the performance of athletes and prevents future injuries. 

It also that adequate vitamin D levels in the body are essential for modulating skeletal muscle growth, promoting injury recovery, and reducing inflammation.

Additionally, a 2020 study found that athletes who took yam with resistance training experienced greater strength and could perform an additional repetition maximum of deadlift and snatch compared to those taking a placebo.

Winsol small banner

Trenorol Benefits: 

Gives Bigger Muscle Gains

Trenorol being an anabolic aid, assists you in attaining a higher muscle mass by increasing the androgen hormone testosterone.

In this regard, studies show that higher testosterone is correlated with better muscular adaptations in response to resistance exercise and increased muscle hypertrophy.

For this purpose, it includes ashwagandha; in this 2019 randomized control trial, it led to a 14.7% greater increase in testosterone and an 18% increase in its precursor Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Likewise, a review of 30 papers concluded a positive correlation between zinc supplementation and testosterone levels. Moreover, studies also indicate the ability of nettle leaf extract to increase the levels of free (active) testosterone by binding to the testosterone inhibitor sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG).

Unleashes Extreme Power And Strength

Trenorol acknowledges the importance of following the right workout regime to attain a muscular body. Therefore, it includes ingredients like magnesium and nettle leaf extract to support your workout performance. 

Correspondingly, scientific evidence backs magnesium’s potential to mediate energy metabolism and maintain proper muscle functioning.

The study indicates that magnesium improves training performance by enhancing glucose availability in the brain, blood, and muscles; and delaying lactate accumulation in the muscles.

Moreover, nettle leaf extract provides muscle pumps and increases vascularity to improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles which delays the onset of fatigue and lets you complete a few extra reps.

Promotes Post-Exercise Muscle Recovery

Intense and exhaustive body-building workouts may cause muscle tears, increase inflammation, and cause accumulation of oxidative stress which may make you lose muscle mass.

Therefore, to ameliorate these conditions and boost recovery, Trenorol incorporates multiple ingredients possessing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential, such as fennel seed powder, cinnamon bark extract, cat’s claw, nettle leaf extract, and L-carnitine.

These ingredients alleviate joint and muscular pain; they also prevent muscle wasting and muscle fatigue.

Reduces Body’s Fat Percentage

Trenorol helps to cut excess fat and helps you re-attain a healthy BMI.

Regarding this, research indicated the anti-obesity effects of Ashwagandha, where it was found to enhance energy expenditure in adipose (fat) tissues and skeletal muscles to prevent fat gain and maintain fat-free muscle mass, respectively.

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Winsol’s formulation is predominated with ingredients imparting a greater cutting benefit while Trenorol has a well-balanced formulation that supports both cutting and bulking.

Winsol’s ingredients improve performance, lean muscle mass retention, and fat loss.

Comparatively, Trenorol’s components increase testosterone levels to promote muscle gain and reduce fat mass. Also, it has antioxidants to improve recovery and pumps muscles to increase stamina.

Trenorol small banner

What is Safer: Winsol or Trenorol? 

Winsol Side Effects

Makers of Winsol have based most of its formulation on micronutrients that are less likely to cause any adverse effects and real users agree.

Nonetheless, the most you may expect is a mild stomach discomfort that may resolve on its own over time.

Trenorol Side Effects

The manufacturers insist that Trenorol being a natural supplement, has an appreciable safety profile, and many user reviews indicate the same. 

In the worst case, you may get mild and self-limiting gastrointestinal side effects, such as nausea or changes in bowel movements.


Winsol and Trenorol are both reliable options, they don’t expose you to chronic risks associated with their steroid counterparts. Therefore, choose the one that best suits your specific needs with confidence.

Winsol Cycle vs Trenorol Cycle 

Winsol Cycle

Crazy Bulk recommends taking three capsules of Winsol with the main meal of the day, consistently on both workout and non-workout days.

Trenorol Cycle

Take four capsules of Trenorol with water 45 minutes before each workout session. On the rest day, they advise pairing the capsules with breakfast.

Is it OK to take Winsol with Trenorol? (How to Stack them?)

Yes, you may stack Winsol and Trenorol by combining their individual dosage regimens.

  • On workout days, take three capsules of Trenorol before each session then take three capsules of Winsol before your main meal.
  • On rest days, start your day by taking three Trenorol pills with breakfast, while the routine for Winsol will be the same, three pills with the main meal.

Winsol and Trenorol Reviews

Winsol Before and After

  • Marina Dem shared in her Winsol review that it started showing results after three to four weeks and helped her become more toned and muscular.
  • Antonio Armagno expressed his satisfaction with Winsol as he noticed himself gaining muscle in only three weeks without getting any side effects.
  • Jack shared that using Winsol for 1.5 months has made his lower abs more defined and has increased his strength, enabling him to lift heavier weights.

Trenorol Before and After

  • Christian shares in his review that Trenorol delivers what it promises – gains but without any side effects.
  • Brian Montgomery says Trenorol gives him serious muscle pumps and has drastically improved his workout performance, making him complete it in half the time.
  • James Southern shared that at the age of 69, with no regular workouts, a single bottle of Trenorol has helped him gain 3 pounds of muscle.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Winsol VS. Trenorol 

Winsol – Where To Buy & Price

You may buy one bottle (30 servings) for $64.99 from the official website.

Better yet, you can save A LOT of money by buying the bundle of two bottles for 129.99 and getting one free with them.

Winsol small banner

Trenorol – Where To Buy & Price

Likewise, a single bottle (30 servings) of Trenorol comes for 64.99 from the official website.

Also, you can save $110 by buying the bundle of two bottles for $129.99 and getting one bottle free.

Trenorol small banner


Is Winsol good for Bulking?

No, Winsol is specifically designed to support your cutting cycles therefore, Trenorol is the supplement that better fits and fulfills this purpose.

How long does Winsol take to work?

You may see visible results with Winsol after at least a month of consistent use, paired with regular exercise and a balanced diet. 

Is Trenorol as effective as Trenbolone?

The effectiveness of Trenorol does not match that of Trenbolone. In the words of an actual user:

Although Trenorol is a decent product that works, provides the promised benefits, and is safer still, it does not hold a candle to the actual Tren.

Verified Trenorol Buyer

Does Trenorol build muscle?

Yes, Trenorol helps you put on muscle mass by normalizing the level of the androgen hormone testosterone.

Which Bodybuilding Supplement is Best?

Winsol and Trenorol are products of the same brand but they cater to distinct fitness needs.

  • Winsol specializes in cutting, preserving muscle, eliminating fat, and enhancing performance.
  • Trenorol supports both cutting and bulking, promoting muscle gains and efficient recovery.

The choice between Winsol and Trenorol hinges on specific fitness goals, providing users with tailored solutions in their bodybuilding journey.

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