Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack Review: Does it work?

October 1, 2021 |

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The Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack offers the ultimate solution to achieving your dream physique in no time!

Seeing the results from eating well and exercising encourages people to work harder and push themselves to see better results. People begin to strive to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Usually, this requires working out for longer or more intense periods along with maintaining a healthy diet.

Of course, this lifestyle will give you results but for faster and more enhanced results, supplements are the solution.

The good thing about supplements is they can be used by anyone and can be combined to give maximal effects.

Therefore, I have decided to review the Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack supplements that offer the best steroids available in the market to improve strength, increase bulk, cutting, and more.

What is the Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack & How does it Work?

ultimate stack image

Contrary to popular belief a supplement stack is not a bottle with various supplements inside.

The Crazy Bulk ultimate stack supplements are a group of supplements that are used together to combine their effects in achieving your fitness goals.

These supplements have been carefully selected for this stack due to their beneficial effects on the body.

When it comes to the Crazy Bulk ultimate stack Crazy bulk goes above and beyond and uses 6 various supplements.

No wonder it is called the ultimate stack.

Each of the six supplements in this stack is an alternative to anabolic steroids, making them powerful yet safe at the same time.

If you are wondering “does Crazy Bulk Ultimate stack work?”

I am here to tell you that it 100% does.

Naturally, this is the first question that arises when looking into a product, but there is nothing to fear with this ultimate stack.

The reason I can say this with confidence is that each of the supplements in this stack is effective as a stand-alone product. When they are combined the effects are guaranteed to be beneficial.

Each of the supplements that are used in this stack are formulated and sold by Crazy Bulk. They are all alternatives for steroid supplements without any of the harmful side effects that accompany steroids.

The six supplements used in this stack are:

  • D-Bal
  • Anadrole
  • Trenorol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Testo-Max
  • Deca Duro

They are alternatives to Dianabol, Anadrol, Trenbolone, Clenbuterol, Sustanon, and Durabolin respectively.

Knowing what makes up a product or in this case, a supplement stack is vital in understanding the stack’s capabilities. This review is here to answer any questions that you may have about this ultimate stack.

It provides you with extensive detail about the stack and its effects on your body.

This crazy bulk ultimate stack combines the effects of each supplement to provide you with a holistic benefit.

The ultimate stack has been created to provide you with the ultimate benefit.

Some stacks focus on increasing strength, others on fat-burning or muscle gain.

This stack can focus on all of these aspects simultaneously, leaving you with the body of your dreams. It can do this due to the number of supplements in the stack.

The Crazy Bulk ultimate stack provides you with the ultimate benefits. It is capable of increasing muscle mass, improving strength and stamina, boosting fat-burning, and much more.

The 6 supplements used in this stack combine their effects on the body to give you the crazy bulk ultimate stack results you were hoping for.

What are the Benefits of the Ultimate Stack?

The benefits of this ultimate stack stem from the actions of each of these supplements.

To truly understand how this stack works, you need to understand how these supplements act on your body’s functions.

The supplements in this stack are steroid alternatives, making them just as effective as steroids but far safer.

Increased Muscle Mass

One goal that many people hope to achieve from working out is increasing muscle mass.

This requires long hours in the gym or shorter more intense sessions of exercise.

Sometimes even that does not give you the results you are looking to achieve. Occasionally, the body needs a boost. This is where supplement stacks truly shine.

The ultimate stack is capable of increasing muscle mass through a variety of functions. It focuses on various aspects of the body’s system to help you increase your muscle mass.

It encourages the body to increase the synthesis of protein, which is vital in building muscle.

Facilitates Fat Burning

The ultimate stack doesn’t just focus on building strength or muscle, it also considers burning fat and shedding unwanted weight.

Fat is a stubborn substance and once it builds up in the body it can be a struggle to get rid of it.

Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put into losing fat it just doesn’t budge. This ultimate stack helps the body in burning excess fat from the body.

It ensures that muscle mass is retained even with increased fat burning and weight loss. This helps to reveal the toned and well-built body that you are working so hard for.

Increases Nitrogen Retention

Nitrogen is a key component in amino acids which are building blocks for proteins.

Without amino acids, there would be no proteins which means little to no muscles.

The problem with nitrogen is that it is lost during exercise or workouts which is counterproductive as that nitrogen is needed for protein synthesis.

The crazy bulk ultimate stack enhances the body’s ability to retain nitrogen.

This allows you to work out without the worry of losing nitrogen. This nitrogen is then used in the synthesis of amino acids and subsequently proteins. Which leads to increased muscle mass.

Enhanced Synthesis of Proteins

Proteins are what make up the bulk of muscles.

Without proteins we would be unable to increase the amount of muscle in the body, nor would we be able to repair damaged or torn muscle.

The body naturally produces protein but when you begin working out the need for protein increases.

This ultimate stack increases the body’s ability to produce protein.

This increased synthesis is capable of matching the protein demand that arises from exercising. The protein is used to increase muscle mass and to repair damaged and torn muscles.

Improves Oxygen Circulation

Every organ, tissue, and cell in our body requires oxygen.

Without sufficient oxygen they are unable to throve and, in some cases, they can suffer severe damage.

When you are working out the need for oxygen increases in your muscles. When the body is unable to match this demand, the muscles produce lactic acid due to anaerobic respiration, and your tire is faster.

This ultimate stack increases the production of red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood.

The greater the number of red blood cells that are present in the blood the more oxygen that can be transported to the muscles as RBCs are oxygen transporters.

This allows the body to meet the increased demand for oxygen. Allowing for longer periods of exercise without fatigue.

What are the Constituents of the Ultimate Stack?

The following are the constituents of the Ultimate Stack:



This supplement is an alternative for Dianabol, a banned anabolic steroid.

D-Bal has anabolic actions due to the use of safe and powerful ingredients.  These ingredients affect the body positively to improve overall health.

The ingredients used include branched-chain amino acids like leucine and valine and Tribulus Terrestris. They improve vascularity, increase nitrogen retention, boost muscle mass and reduce fatigue.



The Anadrole supplement, another component of the Ultimate stack is the legal replacement for Anadrol.

This supplement is a replacement for the steroid due to the ingredients used in the supplement.

It uses Acetyl-l-carnitine, asphaltum, soy protein, and whey protein. These ingredients combine to increase stamina and endurance, increase red blood cell production and protein production.

Deca Duro


DecaDuro acts as a steroid replacement for Durabolin. DecaDuro acts like Durabolin by increasing muscle mass, increasing protein production, and collagen synthesis.

The ingredients that allow DecaDuro to carry out these actions are Panax Ginseng, L-citrulline, and wild yam root.



Clenbuterol is created using specific, powerful, and safe ingredients to replace Clenbuterol an illegal steroid.

Its potent ingredients allow the supplement to carry out various functions in the body such as increasing basal metabolic rate, fat-burning, and improving energy levels.

The ingredients used include garcinia Cambogia and guarana.


Testo max

Sustanon is an illegal, banned steroid. Testo-Max was created by Crazy Bulk to emulate its benefits without any of the side effects that accompany steroid use.

This is done through the use of powerful and safe ingredients like Bioperine, red ginseng extract, and fenugreek seeds.

These ingredients allow the supplement to reduce fatigue, increase muscle max, boost stamina and increase strength.



When Trenbolone was banned, a gap was created in the market that was filled by Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol.

This supplement functions exactly like a steroid minus the negative side effects.

The supplement has this ability due to the ingredients that are used in its formulation.

These ingredients include nettle leaf extract, beta-sitosterol, and pepsin. They allow the supplement to decrease recovery time, enhance energy levels and boost fat-burning.

Who is Ultimate Stack Best for?

The Ultimate stack can be taken by anyone whether they be a beginner in the world of supplement stacks or a professional athlete or bodybuilder.

The instructions of this stack are easy to follow making it accessible to anyone who wants to try the supplement stack.

Additionally, the supplements in this stack are completely free of harmful side effects that usually accompany steroids.

Making the stack safe to use for everyone who is looking for a way to boost their fitness journey.

Who is Ultimate Stack NOT for?

The Crazy Bulk Ultimate stack is completely free of harmful side effects and as long as the instructions given by Crazy Bulk are followed there is no risk of adverse effects.

However, the supplement stack is not recommended for certain groups of people.

This supplement stack is not suitable for minors (anyone under the age of 18 years), pregnant women, women who are planning a pregnancy, lactating mothers, and anyone with chronic illnesses.

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack Cost

ultimate stack price

The price of this stack is $274.99 saving you a total of 20% of the cost if you were to buy each supplement individually.

If you but the supplement stack in bulk you get 2 bottles of each supplement for $549.98 and 1 bottle of each supplement free, giving you a total of 3 bottles per supplement.

Grab the Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack options here

How to Use the Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack?

The Crazy Bulk stack instructions provide you with a guide on how to use the crazy bulk ultimate stack.

They do not let you into the deep end with a thorough understanding of how to take crazy bulk ultimate stack, when to take each supplement, and for how long.

According to the Crazy Bulk website, these supplements are taken throughout the day rather than all the supplements at once. They detail the supplements cycles that you need to follow to allow for the maximum effect of this stack.

Testo-Max and Anadrole both need to be taken in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast. 4 capsules of Testo-max need to be taken and 2 capsules of Anadrole need to be eaten.

These supplements are taken daily for 2 months and then a break is taken for 1.5 weeks to ensure tolerance is not built against the supplements.

D-Bal, Trenorol, and Clenbutrol are taken before exercising. Each of these supplements is taken 45 minutes before you begin working out. 3 capsules of D-Bal, 3 capsules of Trenorol, and 3 capsules of Clenbutrol.

These supplements are taken continuously for 2 months and then a gap of 10 days is taken to inhibit intolerance.

3 capsules of Deca Duro are taken 45 minutes before exercise and 1 capsule is taken in the day when you are not working out.

Any Side Effects of the Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack?

The benefit of this supplement stack other than it being incredibly effective and easy to use is the lack of side effects.

Even though the supplements in this stack are steroid alternatives they are completely free of the side effects that accompany steroid usage.

Grab the Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack options here

Final Verdict

The Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack is one of the best supplement stacks on the market.

It is made up of 6 different steroid alternatives that have powerful anabolic effects without any of the side effects that come with the use of steroid supplements.

The stack is capable of increasing muscle mass, stamina and improving fat-burning to help you meet your fitness goals.

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