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January 10, 2024 |

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Just like weight isn’t gained overnight, it can’t be lost overnight. It takes its time, and fat burners like PhenQ can only help expedite the process.

So, when starting a diet pill, we should keep our expectations realistic, be consistent in our efforts, and ditch the sedentary lifestyle.

Key Points:

  • You will right away notice the energy boost with PhenQ.
  • Appetite suppression effects become visible in the first week of supplementation.
  • Weight loss starts in the 2nd week for people with a naturally fast metabolism. For others, it usually takes 1-3 months to see significant results.
  • You will get results faster and better when pairing PhenQ with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise.
  • Find more about PhenQ on their official website for the BEST price.

That being said, PhenQ tablets are effective for healthy weight loss and start affecting your metabolism and appetite from the first dose. However, the ACTUAL weight loss results take a few weeks to show up.

Keep reading to find out how long it takes on average to see visible results and how you can identify if this fat burner is working for you;

How Quickly Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ ingredients start working in your body immediately; you can sense it from the energy boost you will get soon after you take the pill.

However, it would take at least a few weeks for weight loss results to become visible.

Also, your weight loss progress is highly dependent on your activity level and diet.

Losing weight and keeping it off is difficult if you have a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise and bad eating habits like taking high-fat meals, binge eating, or snaking on sugary and fried foods.

However, since PhenQ is an effective fat burner, it can boost your metabolism and make you shed extra pounds even if you don’t exercise or follow a restricted diet plan.

Read all about it here: Does PhenQ Work Without Excercise?

But results will inevitably take double the time without exercise and diet. Also, the chances of regaining the lost pounds are high with unhealthy habits.

Conversely, exercise and a good diet go hand in hand with PhenQ.

For instance, Nicola said she started noticing small differences on the scale after 2 weeks, but it took her 9 weeks to lose as much as 14 lbs. Also, she started eating healthier and became more active to achieve this reduction.

Nicola PhenQ Review

She added that leaving chocolates was hard for her, but appetite/craving suppression with PhenQ helped her do that.

Another happy review comes from Ghislain, who couldn’t see losing weight with lifestyle improvements and dieting, but PhenQ proved his lucky shot.


PhenQ review from Site

With PhenQ and lifestyle improvements, it still took him 2 weeks to start seeing results, but soon after that, his metabolism was so activated that he lost 11 lbs in just 1 month.

PhenQ reviews on Reddit, like this one from RaychiAqua, also confer that appetite reduction and energy-boosting effects are evident from week 1, but it takes a few months to see a significant weight drop.

reddit review of PhenQ by raychi aqua

How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Month On PhenQ?

Weight loss progress differs for everyone according to their lifestyle, food choices, stress management, body type, and medical history.

However, on average, people lose about 3-5 lbs of weight with PhenQ every month. And once their metabolism is activated and they aren’t putting extra calories into their bodies, the weight drop may increase by up to 10 lbs a month.

In one of my recent blogs, I shared detailed PhenQ reviews of different users after 2 weeks, 1 month, and 6 months of taking the diet pill. Feel free to check it out here.

Can I Take PhenQ 3 Times a Day?

PhenQ bottles and pills

You should never take more than 2 PhenQ tablets daily.

When you are seeing gradual progress on the scale using a fat burner like PhenQ, it is often tempting to take more pills at once and reach your desired weight goals faster.

However, taking 3 PhenQ times a day or using 2 pills together is not likely to help you lose weight faster.

Instead, this strategy can play against your health and do more harm than good by causing the following PhenQ overdosing side effects;

Overdosing Can Upset Your Gut

Caffeine anhydrous is a potent GI stimulator; it causes higher secretion of gastric acids and makes the gut lining move food along the digestive tract very fast.

When it is taken in a large quantity, these effects result in nausea and diarrhea.

Each PhenQ tablet has 142.5 mg of caffeine anhydrous, and using three tablets means consuming more caffeine (about 427.5 mg) than the daily safe limit (400 mg).

Besides that, Nopal extract and Capsimax powder have gut stimulatory properties, making your stomach and intestine produce more secretions and inducing changes in gut motility.

Hence, these ingredients may also cause severe acidity and diarrhea when overdosed.

It Will Lead To Insomnia

PhenQ official website and product labeling describe explicitly that you should take PhenQ only during day hours and try not to use it after 3 pm.

That’s because if you take it in the evening, the high caffeine concentration will disturb your sleep cycle, causing difficulty sleeping and reducing sleep quality.

The effect is the same if you take a high dose because caffeine has a long half-life (5-6 hours). So, a high concentration of this stimulatory alkaloid would still be there in your blood at bedtime if you ingested 3 pills in the day.

Your Blood Pressure Can Skyrocket

It’s rare to see blood pressure or heart-related side effects with PhenQ owing to its mild stimulatory content when and modulating effects of Nopal on BP.

However, as I just discussed, the overall caffeine content of 3 PhenQ pills is higher than the safe limit. And caffeine can increase blood pressure and heart rate.

Consequently, using a high dose daily would likely keep your BP high, leading to hypertension in the long run.

It Can Make You Stressed And Anxious

Anxiety is another side effect of caffeine overdose. Caffeine mimics the natural neurotransmitters and makes you happy, active, and more focused.

But the fake effect can’t last forever and results in neural exhaustion with high doses. Ultimately, the result is higher stress, anxiety, and agitation.

How Do I Get the Best Results From PhenQ?

PhenQ total users

Boost The Fat Burn With Exercise

It is a no-brainer that working out burns fats and helps you become slimmer and more agile.

That’s why you get the best PhenQ results with a regular workout routine.

Not to mention that it helps you work out harder by uplifting your energy levels with caffeine and sharpening your focus with l-carnitine.

Pair It With A Good Diet Plan

You can’t lose weight if you are constantly consuming more calories than you burn. That’s why a high-fat diet like deep-fried snacks is a big no when trying to lose weight.

Exceptions to this rule are restricted diet plans like the Keto diet.

But in that case, too, you will be restricting your overall calorie intake by lowering your carb intake to a minimum and consuming only good fats.

In short, you must avoid empty calories to achieve the fit figure you are dreaming of.

Read this article for complete details on what to eat with PhenQ.

Enjoy A Good Sleep

Sleep is the natural daily break for the body to rest and repair. Not having quality sleep at night affects your energy levels, fatigue resistance, memory, focused thinking, and metabolism.

Thus, losing weight can be hard when you often pull all-nighters.

That’s why the brand recommends not taking the caffeine-rich PhenQ in the evening, or it will make you stay awake the whole night.

Instead, you should opt for PhenQ PM as the nighttime partner of PhenQ. It improves sleep and makes your body burn fats while you are asleep.

PhenQ PM cta1

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is a key ingredient in most metabolic processes. That’s why dehydration can slow your metabolism, making weight loss difficult.

However, you can easily reverse this condition by keeping yourself well-hydrated.

Drinking more water is even more important with PhenQ because the diuretic effects of caffeine are likely to increase the risk of dehydration.

Besides drinking more water, you can also add more fruits, infusion teas, and juices to your diet to keep yourself hydrated.

Manage Your Stress-Levels

Like sleeplessness, stress is also an important factor that can keep you from getting into your best shape.

Stress makes your metabolism slower and, in some cases, makes your tissues store more fats as well.

Thus, if you struggle to lose weight even with a good diet and exercise but to no avail, your stress level is likely the reason behind the slow weight loss.

Try stress-reducing strategies like mindfulness exercises, yoga, meditation journaling, etc., to help lower your stress levels and see the best results with PhenQ.

Surprisingly, PhenQ also helps you manage your stress using the mind-relaxing properties of l-carnitine.

PhenQ cta1

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