PhenQ Vs. OxyShred – Which is Best Fat Burner?

January 10, 2024 |

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Did you know that the prevalence of unhealthy weight in America is alarmingly high, with two in five adults classified as obese and one in five considered overweight? – (source)

If you are determined to achieve a healthy weight, then by prioritizing the selection of the right supplement, you have taken the crucial first step toward seeing the desired results.

In these two options, PhenQ offers a well-rounded approach with fewer potential drawbacks.

On the other hand, OxyShred might be the perfect fit for you if you’re seeking a powerful supplement that can fuel your workouts.

With today’s read, I will help you make an informed decision about your weight loss aid by telling you the difference between PhenQ and OxyShred, considering their safety, efficacy, and user reviews.

Here are some key highlights of the article:

Key Points:

  • PhenQ helps overweight individuals burn fat and shed pounds.
  • OxyShred powers workouts and helps bodybuilders gain fat-free muscles.
  • Apart from effectiveness, OxyShred is cheaper, but PhenQ is safer.
  • Find more about PhenQ on its official website (for Best Price).

Keep reading for all the essential details.

PhenQ Vs. OxyShred – An Overview

Both PhenQ and OxyShred are thermogenic fat burners that must be paired with specific diets and exercise to induce weight changes.

However, they are intended for different types of users.

Here is a brief overview of how both these pills work, their manufacturers, and dosage forms.

Mode Of Action

PhenQ is basically a diet pill that is more suitable for obese individuals whose main goal is to lose weight.

Therefore, it is curated with ingredients that will suppress appetite, burn fat, shed pounds, brighten up your mood, and increase energy levels.

On the other hand, OxyShred has better benefits for supporting intense workouts for gaining toned muscles.

Hence, it can also be utilized as a pre-workout, and it is popular among bodybuilders.

Correspondingly, OxyShred boosts energy and mood for physical training. It also strengthens the immune function for enhancing post-workout recovery and reducing inflammation.

Additionally, if you are avoiding stimulants, then OxyShred has a non-stim version.


Talking about the manufacturers, PhenQ is a product by Wolfson Brands Ltd., whereas OxyShred was introduced by EHPlabs (Empowered Human Potential).

Interestingly, both companies have maintained a global reputation for having a holistic approach to promoting fitness and wellness.

But Wolfson Brand Ltd. has more years of experience because they were established in 2008, while EHPlabs has been dedicated to promoting healthy living since 2012.

Dosage Form

PhenQ is available in the form of pills that should be taken twice daily with breakfast and lunch.

Conversely, OxyShred fat burner is a powdered supplement, and you need to dissolve it in water before consuming it.

On training days, it should be taken in the morning and after the workout, while on non-training days, it should be taken in the morning only.

On a side note, OxyShred lets you decide from six different flavors, whereas PhenQ does not come with such flavor options.

Now that I have introduced the supplements to you let’s dive into their detailed comparison.

PhenQ Vs. OxyShred- Which One Is More Effective & Best For Weight Loss?

PhenQ is a more effective weight loss supplement than OxyShred.


One of the key factors that give PhenQ the edge is its superior ingredients.

Besides, the stimulating effect of OxyShred makes it more suitable as a bodybuilding supplement.

So, here are some pro points of OxyShred and PhenQ that will help you better understand their unique advantages in supporting your weight loss journey.

PhenQ Has Scientifically Acclaimed Ingredients

PhenQ ingredients label

The manufacturers of PhenQ use clinically proven ingredients, but they have yet to design a scientific study to assess the safety and efficacy of using its formulation.

In this case, OxyShred takes the lead because it has already been evaluated in a clinical trial involving 23 female participants.

The results of the trial showed that the Oxyshred fat burner promotes a higher calorie-burning rate as compared to the placebo (121 to 166 kcal per day Vs. 72 to 91 kcal per day).

Moreover, it reduced the time of incidence of fatigue by three hours.

Nonetheless, this study has certain shortcomings, like the small sample size and participants from a single gender only.

Therefore, I investigated the separate components of Oxyshire like raspberry ketone, Conjugated-linoleic acid, Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract, etc.

Surprisingly, individual studies on these ingredients indicate that they have only a limited potential to induce weight loss.

Fortunately, the stuff in PhenQ has demonstrated significant weight loss benefits in scientific studies.

For instance, the nopal fiber increased fecal fat excretion by 11.23%, the α- Lacy’s reset caused a 7.5% drop in fat percentage, and capsimax powder increased calorie burning by 8.9%.

Likewise, L-carnitine mobilizes fat for energy production, whereas caffeine and Innoslim speed up metabolism and increase fat oxidation.

On a side note, caffeine and L- carnitine are common among both supplements.

OxyShred Gives A More Potent Energy Boost


Both OxyShred and PhenQ contain the vitamin B-complex (niacinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12), which elevates energy levels.

OxyShred goes a step further by also including vitamin B1 in its formulation.

These B vitamins support the body’s energy production process and enhance the efficient utilization of nutrients from the food you consume.

In addition to this, these fat burners stimulate the central nervous system to make you feel more energized.

In the case of PhenQ, the psychostimulant is caffeine anhydrous.

But in OxyShred fat burner, in addition to caffeine, there is more stuff with stimulant properties like green coffee bean extract, bitter orange extract, mango seed extract, theacrine, etc.

And I hate to break it to you, but some of these ingredients with stimulant properties also occur in the non-stim version of OxyShred.

PhenQ cta1

PhenQ May Impart Long-Lasting Appetite Suppression

The research on OxyShred that I mentioned before did not discuss its benefit for reducing cravings.

Nonetheless, it may prevent excessive snacking in a similar way to PhenQ, but the latter may confer a stronger effect.

Now there are three ways in which these supplements suppress appetite.

Firstly, both OxyShred and PhenQ activate the sympathetic nervous system to control hunger because it causes a reduction in gut motility.

Regarding this, I have already mentioned why OxyShred may cause more potent stimulation than PhenQ.

Next, these supplements contain L-carnitine and chromium picolinate that stabilize blood sugar levels which curb cravings.

However, PhenQ contains additional ingredients like nopal and α-Lacy’s reset to intensify these effects.

Lastly, to promote satiety, PhenQ incorporates nopal fiber and InnoSlim, whereas Oxyshred contains L-glutamine and inulin.

PhenQ Vs. OxyShred- Which One Is Safer?

PhenQ is a safer supplement because of its natural formulation.

Compared to this, OxyShred contains a lot of synthetic additives and a few allergens, which is why it poses greater health risks.

Still, both are manufactured in GMP-certified facilities.

PhenQ Safety & Side Effects

No Allergens

PhenQ is a vegan and vegetarian product; hence, it is free from whey, peanut, shellfish, nut, and dairy allergens.

Additionally, it is formulated with all-natural ingredients, so it does not contain artificial flavors or colors.

It can Be Used Long-term

The best part is that you can use PhenQ for as long as you want.

However, it is not recommended for pregnant and nursing women and children below 18 years of age.

Side Effects

Most of the PhenQ side effects are mild and self-limiting, and they include constipation, dizziness, heartburn, nausea, or bloating.

OxyShred Safety & Side Effects

Contains Health-Damaging Stuff

OxyShred is not vegan-certified, and it may contain whey allergens. Plus, it is loaded with artificial sugar, flavors, colors, and fillers.

Therefore, if you are someone with allergies, then you should be very careful with their use.

Additionally, the most concerning feature of the regular OxyShred fat burner is that its caffeine content is not mentioned.

Furthermore, the regular OxyShred fat burner contains bitter orange extract, which is classified as one of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) banned ingredients.

There Are Certain Conditions To Use It

You should avoid long-term use of OxyShred and take a one-week break after consecutively using it for a month before recontinuing.

Moreover, it is not suitable for pregnant and nursing women and for ages below 18 years.

Side Effects

While using OxyShred, you may experience side effects like anxiety, jitters, nausea, headache, rapid heart rate, stomach discomfort, sleeplessness, heartburn, increased sweating, etc.

In the worst case, users have reported liver damage, high blood pressure, and reaction to medicines.

OxyShred vs PhenQ- Which One Is Cheaper?

OxyShred is cheaper, but it has a weak refund policy compared to the PhenQ weight loss pill.

Have a look at the price and perk difference yourself.

PhenQ – Where to Buy & Price

You can buy one bottle of PhenQ (60 tablets) for $79.99, which will last a month.

However, you can only make purchases from the official website.

You don’t have to worry about paying the delivery charges on PhenQ orders because shipping’s free worldwide!

OxyShred – Where to Buy & Price

To buy a single bottle of OxyShred (60 servings), you should set aside $59.95.

To make online orders at the same price, you may head to Amazon or the official website.

But if you prefer self-pick-up, then you may find it at Walmart for $52.95.

If you order OxyShred from within the US, there will be a shipping fee of $6.95. However, you may avail of free shipping by making purchases that exceed $100.

Return Policy of PhenQ Vs. Oxyshred

PhenQ upholds a 60-day money-back guarantee that allows you to return used bottles simply for the reason that they did not make you lose weight.

In comparison, you have only seven days to file for a refund or exchange of damaged or incorrect OxyShred products. Sale items or opened products are exempted from this policy.

PhenQ Vs. OxyShred- Customer Reviews

Customer experience is the actual reflection of a product’s usefulness.

Therefore, I am sharing one example of a positive a negative user review.

PhenQ Reviews

kristal phenQ review
  • Moreover, Claudia shared on Reddit how she lost 5 pounds with PhenQ in a month.
phenQ review - claudia

OxyShred Reviews

  • Chris wrote in his Amazon Review that OxyShred helped him lose 15 to 20 pounds within a few months. The only side effect that he had was heartburn which occurred if he had not eaten much during the day.
chris oxyshred review
  • Renee W shared on that she irregularly used OxyShred for three years but was incidentally diagnosed with liver damage because of it.
renee oxyshred review


Does OxyShred actually burn fat?

Yes, Oxyshred may help you lose fat with its different ingredients, like guggul extract, conjugated linoleic acid, and garcinia Cambogia.

Which OxyShred is best?

Both Versions of Oxyshred fat burners are effective. However, if you are sensitive to stimulants, then you should prefer the OxyShred non-stim.

Is OxyShred a thermogenic?

Yes, OxyShred is a thermogenic fat burner. Some fat-burning ingredients in it are caffeine and L carnitine.

Is OxyShred bad for your liver?

Yes, there are reports that OxyShred may cause liver damage. One of the ingredients that may carry the potential to cause it is conjugated linoleic acid.

Is OxyShred FDA approved?

No, supplements containing herbal ingredients are not regulated by FDA. Hence, OxyShred is not FDA-approved.

Is OxyShred a pre-workout?

OxyShred can be used as a pre-workout, but it is marketed as a thermogenic fat burner.

Final Thoughts: PhenQ – Highest Quality And Best Overall?

If you are obese or overweight, then PhenQ is a safe and effective supplement to help you reach your ideal weight.

The best part is that you can use it for as long as you require it to support your diet and exercise without developing chronic side effects.

PhenQ CT

On the contrary, OxyShred is more affordable but comes with a lengthy list of stimulants, synthetic additives, and ingredients that offer limited benefits.

However, OxyShred is more appropriate for you if you want to endure intense training better.

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