PhenQ PM Vs. PhenQ (Which Is Better?)

February 6, 2023 |

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PhenQ has proven to be an effective weight loss tool for over 320,000 people, and recently the company has introduced another diet pill named PhenQ PM, which looks just as promising as PhenQ. Let’s find out how the two differ.

Key Points:

  • PhenQ works best during the day as its ingredients resist sleep and lethargy.
  • PhenQ PM is a nighttime fat burner that works best for those who find it hard to make it to the gym regularly and perform strenuous workouts.
  • Find out more about PhenQ & PhenQ PM on their official website for the BEST price.

PhenQ is a daytime fat burner as it contains ingredients that promote weight loss while you are awake and working. Conversely, PhenQ PM promotes fat burn during rest and sleep.

However, due to ingredient differences, these pills affect the metabolism differently, and the subsequent sections discuss how that can help you lose weight. So, keep reading to find out all this and more about it.

PhenQ PM Vs. PhenQ – An Overview (table comparison)

PhenQ and PhenQ PM are two different diet pills from the same manufacturer that differ in their purpose, ingredients, and safety.

How to buy PhenQ and PhenQ PM

When you click this link, it takes you to the official brand website. Then you follow the arrow in the image above to order either PhenQ PM or PhenQ.

Below is the comparison table:

FeaturesPhenQPhenQ PM
Purpose:Daytime fat burnerNighttime fat burner
Manufacturer:Wolfson’s BrandsWolfson’s Brands
Caffeine content:Yes (unsuitable for nighttime use)No (safe for nighttime use)
Key ingredients:α-Lacy’s Reset, L-carnitine, Capsicum extracts, Niacin, Nopal, and CaffeineArginine, Lysine, Biotin, 5-HTP, Choline, and minerals (Molybdenum and Chromium)
Weight loss effect:Accelerates metabolic processes, thermogenic suppresses appetite and burns fatsIncreases resting metabolism promotes muscular growth, reduces stress and hunger, and burns fats
Safety:Safe with mild stimulatory effectsSafe and stimulant-free

PhenQ – Daytime Fat Burner

PhenQ bottle tablet

PhenQ is a product of the popular UK-based company – Wolfson’s Brands.

This drug is a comprehensive weight loss solution that helps people manage their weight more efficiently.

Its formulation covers everything you need to shed those extra pounds and keep them off. That’s because it helps you limit fat intake, burn the stored fats quickly, and prevent future fat deposition.

However, this pill is primarily a daytime drug because the small amount of caffeine may disrupt your sleep when taken close to bedtime.

PhenQ PM – Nighttime Fat Burner

PhenQ PM capsule pills

PhenQ PM comes from the same manufacturer but deals with fat metabolism differently.

Being a stimulant-free drug, it is a safe nighttime medicine. It increases resting metabolism and lets you burn fats while sleeping. It is a diet pill formulated to lose fats without exercise.

Next, I’ve discussed the ingredient profiles of these pills in detail to analyze how they affect metabolic processes and which is more effective for weight loss.

PhenQ PM Vs. PhenQ – Which One Is More Effective & Best For Weight Loss?

PhenQ – Day Time Fat Burner

PhenQ is a combination of various fat-burning ingredients that increase metabolic rates, especially when you pair it with regular exercise. These ingredients include α-Lacy’s Reset, L-carnitine, Capsicum extracts, Niacin, Nopal, and Caffeine.

Most of these compounds are thermogenic (heat-producing) because they accelerate metabolic processes leading to faster fat breakdown and increased heat production in the body.

α-Lacy’s Reset is a propriety blend of Alpha Lipolic Acid (ALA) and Cysteine.

Among these compounds, ALA is an active fat burner, while Cysteine is a non-stimulatory appetite suppressant.

French research shows that ALA increases the cells’ capacity to oxidize fatty acids (aka. burn fats). Resultantly, women supplemented with ALA noticed significant belly fat reduction than placebo.

Similarly, Cysteine’s efficacy in reducing hunger is proven by scientific observations.

A study from the Journal of Obesity shows that L-cysteine supplementation decreases the level of ghrelin (hunger hormone), eventually reducing food intake. This study confirmed the effects in both animals and humans.

Capsimax Powder (made from capsicum and red chili extracts ) is its second most important ingredient. It contains Capsaicinoids- the bead-like thermogenic compounds in chilies.

These compounds speed up fat metabolism and resist forming newer fat droplets in the body. Thus, you see a significant fat loss with their supplementation.

Besides these, PhenQ contains other fat-burning ingredients like nopal cactus extracts, L-carnitine, and caffeine.

Caffeine is an excellent fat burner and provides the additional benefit of mood enhancement. But being a stimulant, it makes PhenQ unfit for nighttime usage.

Hence, PhenQ is an effective fat burner but only suitable in the morning hours.

During my research, I can across this Reddit story that was all about how good PhenQ really is, and the replies that I found were quite promising, one being this:

PhenQ Review Reddit

PhenQ PM – Nighttime Fat Burner

PhenQ PM contains Arginine, Lysine, Biotin, 5-HTP, choline, and minerals like molybdenum and chromium. Hence, we can call this drug a wholesome mixture of amino acids, mineral metabolites, and vitamins.

Its thermogenic content is comparatively lesser due to fewer fat-dissolving compounds and the absence of stimulatory ingredients. However, this same quality makes it a sleep-friendly drug.

And the difference in the fat-burning efficacy is not so significant as to render a drug less effective for weight loss.

Instead, PhenQ PM helps you lose weight indirectly by providing the long-term benefit of muscular growth.

With larger muscles, you do not need thermogenic components to dissolve fats and prevent future deposition because the muscles will naturally do this job.

Amino acids (like arginine, lysine, and theanine) in this pill make your muscles grow faster and utilize more energy from stored fats during sleep.

L-arginine supplementation increases growth hormone secretion, which promotes muscular elongation. This research proves that arginine supplementation increases the growth hormone level similarly as exercising does!

Consequently, fatty layers surrounding the muscle tissues (like belly fats on 6-pack muscles or fats around arms and thighs) are consumed to provide the energy required for muscle elongation and recovery.

Besides muscle growth, this drug promotes fat loss in two other ways. Firstly, it reduces stress levels and improves sleep as 5-HTP and theanine induce the “feel good chemical” secretion in the bloodstream.

Lowered stress prevents bedtime munching by minimizing the food craving that makes you binge eat sugary and fatty snacks at night.

Lastly, chromium contributes to the hunger suppression effect by maintaining a stable blood glucose level to keep hunger signals off.

Linda from LA was really happy about the results she got from PhenQ PM. This is what she had to say:

PhenQ PM Review

PhenQ PM Vs. PhenQ – Which One Is Safer?

PhenQ Side Effects & Safety

1. Mild Stimulatory Effects

PhenQ is an over-the-counter drug with no stimulant other than a small amount of caffeine.

Besides, its ingredients affect the secretion of natural hunger hormones to subdue appetite compared to other appetite suppressants that work by stimulating the stress hormones to curb hunger.

2. Causes Gastrointestinal Problems At First

PhenQ tends to upset the stomach in the initial days when your gut is not accustomed to it.

Ingredients like Nopal, Capsimax powder, and chromium can disturb gut lining and induce higher acidic secretions in the gut.

As a result, you may experience gut issues like nausea, abdominal pain, or diarrhea in the first few days after starting PhenQ supplementation.

However, these effects are mild and gradually disappear in a few days.

3. Sleep Disturbance

Caffeine is the main ingredient that limits PhenQ use to the daytime only.

Though a good fat burner and mood lifter, caffeine triggers the neural pathways, delaying sleep onset. That is why it is recommended to take it only with breakfast and lunch (no longer than 3:00 pm) to prevent sleep-cycle disruption.

In the morning, however, its small caffeine content is easily tolerated by most people and affects you just like a cup of black coffee.

But if you are hyper-allergic to caffeine and even a small cup of tea or coffee gets you in trouble, this drug certainly does not suit you.

Instead, I recommend you go for PhenQ PM.

PhenQ PM cta1

PhenQ PM Side Effects & Safety

1. No Stimulatory Effects

The biggest difference between day and night PhenQ is caffeine. PhenQ PM does not contain caffeine or other stimulants to prevent sleep disturbances.

This property also makes it the best diet pill for caffeine-sensitive people looking for an effective fat burner.

2. Gut Issues In Initial Days

Like daytime pills, some ingredients of PhenQ PM also irritate the gut lining initially.

Lysine and 5-HTP supplementation often cause gastrointestinal issues (like abdominal pain, diarrhea, and acid reflux) in the beginning. However, these symptoms fade away as your body gets used to the new supplement in a few days.

To sum up, I can say that both these diet pills are virtually safe and effective, but PhenQ PM suits more to caffeine-sensitive people more.

Besides safety and efficacy, being price-effective is also important because a drug won’t help you if it’s straight out of your budget. Read the next section for all details on price and shipping for day and nighttime PhenQ.

PhenQ PM Vs. PhenQ – Which One Is Cheaper?

PhenQ Price

PhenQ costs $69.99 per bottle, covering a month’s supply.

It is about $5 more expensive than its nighttime counterpart. However, keeping its higher thermogenic content in view, the price is well-justified.

You can save with bulk purchases because you get 1 free bottle on buying 2 bottles (paying $139.99) and 2 bottles for free on buying 3 bottles (paying $209.99)

Also, you get a 60-days money-back guarantee and free shipping on all orders, no matter where you live in the world.

However, you can buy this weight loss medicine only from the official website of PhenQ.

PhenQ Cost & Bundles

PhenQ PM Price

Similarly, the PhenQ PM is only available on its official website. One pack contains 120 pills and will last for one month with the recommended dosage of 4 pills daily before bed.

One bottle costs $64.99, but you get big discounts with bundle deals, i.e., buy-2-get-1-free and buy-3-and-get-2-free.

This way, you get 3 bottles for $129.99 and 5 bottles for just $194.99.

Then the company provides you with free worldwide shipping on all orders.

And if you are not happy with the results, you may return the remaining pills to the company and get your money back within 60 days of purchase.

PhenQ PM Cost & Bundles

Final Thoughts: PhenQ Or PhenQ PM?

PhenQ contains more thermogenic components and is a relatively stronger fat burner due to its stimulatory effects.

That is why it is a good weight loss drug for people who need a fat burner to maximize their metabolic rates and can easily tolerate mild concentrations of stimulants like caffeine.

While PhenQ PM is suitable for those, who struggle to perform long workout sessions as it stimulates fat burn while you rest.

Also, it is safe for caffeine-sensitive individuals prone to allergic reactions with daytime fat burners due to their caffeine content.

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