PhenQ vs. Animal Cuts (Side Effects, Results & Safety)

January 10, 2024 |

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For this article, I looked into the safety, efficacy, user opinion and cost of PhenQ and Animal Cuts and found that PhenQ is the better product.

Key Points:

  • Animal Cuts is designed to support fat cutting in bodybuilders only.
  • Compared to Animal cuts, PhenQ targets weight and fat loss more precisely.
  • Additionally, PhenQ is less costly and safer in the long run.

The market size of weight loss supplements is growing rapidly around the globe, and it has seen a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.6% from 2022 to 2023. (Source)

Considering this, there will always be a superior supplement that accommodates your needs better.

PhenQ should be your choice of supplement if you want to lose pounds and fat in general. But if you are past the bulking phase and now need something to aid the cutting phase of your bodybuilding journey, then Animal Cuts is what you need.

In the subsequent sections, you will find information on the effectiveness, risks, cost, and the user’s impression of the two products.

So, keep reading to know more.

PhenQ Vs. Animal Cuts – An Overview

PhenQ is better suited for obese or overweight individuals, whereas Animal Cuts is designed keeping seasoned bodybuilders in mind.

Both these over-the-counter supplements do more than their name suggests and are mostly based on natural stuff.

Correspondingly, PhenQ’s five-in-one action makes it stand out from other fat burners.

It will choke your hunger pangs, cause an energy rush, uplift your mood, dissolve the excess fat, and keep it from coming back.

In comparison, Animal Cuts have eight separate pills for improving metabolism, stimulation, thyroid function, water-shedding, brain function, appetite suppression, and bio-availability of ingredients.

But that is not all; its innovative dosing strategy enables you to choose two of the eight specially formulated pills daily to bring the desired outcome.

This also allows you to skip the stimulant complex if you want.

Fundamentally, PhenQ and Animal Cuts are similar yet different in many ways.

Animal Cuts – Cutting Pack

animal cuts

For instance, Animal Cuts might be one of a kind to include a complex that maintains the thyroid function, which may get affected due to reduced caloric intake during dieting.

Not just that, it has a specifically designed complex to get rid of the water weight by promoting diuresis.

Additionally, it has a complex with components that reduce the level of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ in the body which positively affects both muscle formation and appetite.

Correspondingly, 2021 research concluded that elevated cortisol levels reduce muscle strength and mass.

Similarly, 2020 research found that high cortisol levels are associated with higher food intake.

Furthermore, it contains the bio-availability complex, which enhances the absorption of other ingredients so that they have an optimum action.

Other than these things, its metabolic complex (which contains extracts from coffee beans and different tea leaves like green, black, oolong, or white) stabilizes blood sugar levels and increases thermogenesis and lipid metabolism.

PhenQ– 5-in-1 Fat Burner

PhenQ Bottle

Likewise, PhenQ generates the same outcome with ingredients such as chromium picolinate and α-Lacy’s reset.

However, PhenQ scores more points because, in addition to other ingredients, it employs the capsaicin compounds in the capsimax powder, which greatly enhances fat oxidation.

Still yet, Animal Cuts has a stronger impact on improving brain function and focus because it brings together potent cognitive enhancers in the nootropic complex.

Nevertheless, the caffeine and L- carnitine in PhenQ imparts a similar but milder effect.

But this is not all; up next, I’ve covered more about the effectiveness, safety, price, and customer reviews of the two products.

PhenQ Vs. Animal Cuts – Which One Is More Effective & Best For Weight Loss?

weight checker

PhenQ is the more effective weight loss supplement for the general population because Animal Cuts may overwhelm their body systems.

I have deduced that most of the Animal Cuts’s ingredients induce some stimulation and mess with your neurotransmitters to impart an appetite-suppressing, fat-burning, and energy-boosting effect.

On the contrary, PhenQ has certain ingredients like protein-derived L-carnitine amino acid or the nopal that act on the gut instead of just the brain to impart its benefits.

Nonetheless, hardcore bodybuilders may prefer Animal Cut over PhenQ.

But still, here are some reasons why PhenQ is the better product.

1. PhenQ Can Be Used Long-Term.

The best part about PhenQ is that you can take it for an indefinite amount of time until you have finally accomplished your dream weight without developing dependency or chronic side effects.

This is not the case with Animal cuts, as you can take it consecutively for only 3 weeks and then have to take a one-week break to repeat the cycle again.

Even if you do keep repeating the cycle (as recommended) for a longer duration, it may still have undesirable effects, as many of its ingredients need to be more researched while others have proven warnings.

For instance, the excessive intake of diuretics may affect kidneys, the EGCG and catechins in green tea extract may increase the risk of liver damage, and on top of that, the herb ashwagandha may multiply these two risks even more.

Similarly, excessive intake of stimulants may increase the risk of physical and behavioral issues, whereas nootropics may cause psychological problems.

2. Unlike PhenQ, Animal Cuts Is Not For Everyone Trying To Lose Weight.

You can use PhenQ if you are above 18 years of age and need support for losing weight unless you are pregnant, nursing, or if your doctor has recommended otherwise.

But that is not the case with Animal Cuts, as only professional bodybuilders can use it, and it is clearly not recommended for you if you have never used a fat burner before.

3. Unlike PhenQ, Animal Cuts Lacks Fiber.

PhenQ has a solid ingredient, the nopal fiber, to promote fullness during calorie restriction and also promotes bowel movements and gut health.

However, in the case of Animal Cuts, its CCK, thyroid, and cortisol inhibiting complex only superficially helps with appetite suppression by prompting you to consume smaller meals by enhancing mood and increasing energy levels.

PhenQ CT

PhenQ Vs. Animal Cuts – Which One Is Safer?

PhenQ is undeniably the safer supplement.

Animal Cuts is third-party lab tested (UL certified), and like PhenQ, it also is manufactured in FDA-registered facilities that conform to the GMP standards, but still, its major weakness is that it hides the exact concentration of its ingredients behind the label of proprietary blends.

There are more reasons why Animal Cuts poses more health risk, so stick to the end to find them out.

Animal Cuts Contains An Undefined Caffeine Dose.

If you are caffeine sensitive, then the bad news is that the different complexes of Animal cuts do not mention how much caffeine it will contain.

And in just the stimulant complex, the caffeine sources are not just limited to caffeine anhydrous, but some percentage of it is also present in yerba mate, guarana etc.

Even if you avoid the stimulant complex, Animal Cuts is still going to hit you with an undefined caffeine dose from the stuff in other complexes such as cha-de-Bugre (CCK boosting complex), tea leaf extracts such as green tea (Metabolic complex) and cocoa powder (Nootropic complex).

Due to this reason, it increases your risk of over- caffeination to many folds.

Animal Cuts Has A Lot Of Stimulants.

The fact that pills other than the stimulant complex have some level of caffeine content is enough evidence that Animal Cuts gives a lot of stimulation.

Apart from the caffeine, some other ingredients that have a stimulant action are huperzine A and DMAE in the Nootropic complex.

For this reason, Animal Cuts carries a greater risk of modifying the heart rate, causing restlessness or anxiety.

Unlike Animal Cuts, The PhenQ Ingredients Are More Well-Researched & Tested for Safety

Unfortunately, Animal Cuts has too many herbs and compounds, such as ashwagandha, cha-de-Bugre, coleus forskohlii, etc., that need more sound scientific evidence to support their benefits.

For instance, limited research has been performed on DMAE, that too with respect to its effect on diseases like Alzheimer’s, so its benefit in inducing weight loss is merely a hypothetical belief.

The concerning part is that it is also linked to side effects like high blood pressure, mood changes, or gastrointestinal problems.

And since DMAE has not been scientifically evaluated for weight loss, its dosage recommendations have yet to be established, and neither does Animal cuts mention its dose on the product.

Compared to this, PhenQ has patented proprietary blends (capsimax and α-Lacy’s reset) with tested effectiveness and other ingredients like L- carnitine that are scientifically proven to have a weight loss benefit.

Animal Cuts May Have Allergens And Artificial Colors.

It is mentioned on the product label that Animal Cuts may be contaminated with gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, and shellfish allergens, and it also contains artificial colors.

For this reason, it poses a higher risk of allergies and adverse effects than PhenQ, which is free from such stuff.

Commonly Reported Side Effects Of PhenQ And Animal Cuts

Some commonly reported side effects of Animal Cuts are hot flushes, stomach upset, over-stimulation, dry mouth, or heartburn.

Compared to this, PhenQ’s side effects are mild, and it may cause constipation, dizziness, nausea, or bloating.

PhenQ Vs. Animal Cuts – Which One Is Cheaper?

If the criterion for comparison is placed on a one-month supply, then PhenQ is cheaper than Animal Cuts.

To elaborate, one container of Animal Cuts will cost you $43.95 and contains 42 packets, and if you use all of them, they may last you 21 days.

Hence, you will naturally have to purchase another container, and the cumulative cost will be equal to $87.9.

In contrast, one bottle of PhenQ comes is priced at $69.99 and has 60 tablets, which are enough for a whole month.

However, the return policy of Animal Cuts is also more impressive as you can get a 100% even after 90 days.

Compared to this, PhenQ comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Again, in terms of delivery charges, PhenQ is the winner because it offers free worldwide delivery.

On the other hand, Animal Cuts is delivered with standard shipping charges ($8.95) within the 50 states of the US but offers free shipping on orders above $75.

Nonetheless, PhenQ is available only from the official website, whereas Animal Cuts can be bought from an extensive list of online and physical stores like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, etc.

PhenQ Cost & Bundles

PhenQ Vs. Animal Cuts – Customer Reviews

PhenQ is more loved by the users than Animal Cuts, maybe because it meets the needs of a wider audience.

Correspondingly, Animal Cuts has a user rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on 8,646 global user ratings.

In comparison, PhenQ has a rating of 4.8 out of five based on 79 reviews.

In summary, most users found Animal Cuts effective for suppressing appetite and losing pounds, but since it causes water loss, nearly all of them felt increased thirst and sweating. But still, there’s no denying that it did work wonders anyway.

Similarly, for nearly all users, PhenQ speeded up their weight loss progress, improved their energy levels, and helped them refrain from food.

I have picked out some actual user reviews for you to view, so have a look:

Animal Cuts User Testimonials

  • Ryan writes in his Amazon review that he finds Animal Cuts as ‘the absolute best legal cutting product,’ and it helped him lose 10 pounds in just 3 weeks.
  • Kylie A. Lucas shared her detailed review on Amazon, which over 100 people found useful. She mentioned that the best part she found about Animal Cuts is that it didn’t make her pee a lot (after every 15 to 20 minutes) like other diuretics. It also helped to enhance her focus and suppressed her cravings and appetite. Plus, it didn’t cause her to sweat profusely. However, she only had mild side effects like heartburn, dry mouth, and some caffeine withdrawal symptoms during the week that she was taking a break from it.
    Besides that, she was somewhat bothered by the smell and sweet taste of some pills.
  • Furthermore, in her Amazon review, Nursesassy writes that Animal Cuts helped her lose more than 5 pounds in just 4 days. The pills greatly helped diminish her appetite and boost her energy, but they caused her to sweat more and increased her thirst.

PhenQ User Testimonials

  • Adrian writes on Trustpilot that within 3 weeks of use, she has observed a decrease in her belly fat, and her ‘love handles’ are also disappearing. She also noticed an improvement in her mood and energy levels and didn’t get any side effects.
  • Kristal DeBoer shares on Trustpilot that she has lost 20 pounds with PhenQ and some light exercise and dieting. Plus, it helped to curb her cravings greatly.
  • David Montenegro shares on Trustpilot that PhenQ helped him lose 20 pounds in a month. Moreover, after one week of taking PhenQ, he felt that he had stopped feeling bloated after meals.

Final Thoughts: What Is The Strongest Fat Burner On The Market: PhenQ Or Animal Cuts?

PhenQ targets a wider audience and is more affordable, so it seems like the better fat burner.

PhenQ also has a milder formula because it is less stimulating than Animal Cuts, making it safer.

Alternatively, if you are cutting fat and building muscles, then Animal Cuts will aid your progress better with the extensive action of its eight different complexes.

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