Instant Knockout Fat Burner Vs. PhenQ – What’s More Effective?

January 10, 2024 |

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Based on real user reviews, PhenQ and Instant Knockout can cause an average weight loss of 8 to 11 pounds in one month.

However, the potential is limitless, as some PhenQ users have dropped as much as 20 pounds in a single month.

In comparison, Instant Knockout has helped users lose a striking 30 pounds in the same duration.

But there’s more you need to know before you decide on either of them…

Best Choice


Overall rating: 4.7/5
  • Two pills per day.
  • Work best for obese or overweight individuals.
  • 5-in-1 action for weight loss.
  • Burns fat, curbs hunger, and preserves lean muscle.
  • Free US shipping. 
  • Low caffeine content (150 mg per day)
  • Costs 69.99 for a month’s supply
Best Value

Instant Knockout

Overall rating: 4.9/5
  • Four pills per day.
  • Works best for bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Triple-action fat cutter.
  • Maintains fat-free muscle mass & suppresses appetite.
  • Free US shipping.
  • Greater caffeine content (300 mg per day).
  • Costs $65 for a month’s supply

What is PhenQ & How Does it Work?

Are you obese or overweight and looking for a supplement to slim down your physique and make your weight lighter?

In this case, PhenQ is your best bet.

It takes a multi-faceted approach to eliminate excess fat and stubborn pounds. This includes reducing cravings and feelings of hunger, revving up the body, increasing motivation for exercise, expelling unwanted fat, and keeping it from coming back.

For instance, PhenQ reduces appetite and cravings with Capsimax and caffeine to support your commitment to a calorie deficit diet.

3 PhenQ Bottles

Not only that, these ingredients promote fat loss by accelerating the metabolism, thermogenesis, and lipid oxidation in the body.

Also, caffeine increases motivation while the B vitamins invigorate the body, which will enhance your performance at the gym.

PhenQ Pros

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Produced in compliance with cGMP and FDA guidelines.
  • Free US delivery on all orders.
  • Contains no allergens (gluten, peanut, shellfish).
  • Safe for long-term use.
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

PhenQ Cons

  • Only sold on the official website.
  • Only intended for ages above 18.
  • Not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and individuals with underlying health problems.

What is Instant Knockout & How Does it Work? 

Are you an MMA fighter, an elite athlete, or a pro boxer who is awaiting competitions?

Well, if your answer was yes, then here is the good news:

The creators of Instant Knockout fat burner have customized it to fit your need to attain quick body transformations.

It ticks your special requirements of losing fat while retaining lean muscle mass.

For this purpose, it speeds up fat loss by initiating 24-hour fat oxidation in the body, controls your urge to snack, and fuels your workout with energy. 

instant knockout

Swallowing a single capsule will initiate the action of nine fat-fighting ingredients, which will tone and trim your entire body, especially the fat on your legs, arms, chest, and stomach.

Furthermore, it incorporates glucomannan fibre, which swells up in the stomach to promote fullness.

What’s more, is that Instant Knockout intelligently pairs caffeine and L-theanine to energize the body while simultaneously improving your mental readiness for workouts.

Instant Knockout Pros

  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly.
  • Manufactured in GMCA and FDA-approved facilities.
  • Available at the official stores, Walmart and Amazon.
  • Like PhenQ, it is also allergen-free.
  • Relatively less pricier than PhenQ.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.

Instant Knockout Cons

  • Exemption on shipping costs only on certain bundles.
  • Might trigger anxiety symptoms in caffeine-sensitive individuals.
  • Not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • Not for children under 18 years of age and individuals with health concerns.

PhenQ vs. Instant Knockout Fat Burner – Product Comparison

Brand Reputation

Both PhenQ and Instant Knockout belong to well-reputed companies.

Among them, the Instant Knockout fat burner is a product of the UK-based company called Roar Ambition.

Roar Ambition was established in 2012 with the aim of producing premium health and fitness products. Over the years, it has built a wide global network and delivers products to over 178 countries.

Now, you might be wondering who makes PhenQ. Well, it is Wolfson Brands Ltd.

Wolfson Brands Ltd. has been a leading name in the supplement industry for the past 16 years and trades in seven currencies to support its global presence.

Key Ingredients

PhenQ and Instant Knockout are potent fat burners that are crafted from natural ingredients to facilitate weight loss. 

Interestingly, both products share some common ingredients, which accounts for their similar effects. Nevertheless, they also feature distinct components that contribute to the variation in their effectiveness.

For instance, both these products use capsaicin compounds and caffeine to accelerate fat burning.

Likewise, Instant Knockout uses green tea catechins to promote the utilization of fat for energy, while PhenQ relies on L-carnitine L-tartrate for the same purpose.nFurthermore, PhenQ utilizes the psychostimulant effects of caffeine to slow down gut motility to cause stomach fullness, while Instant Knockout intensifies this sensation with glucomannan fiber.

Common Ingredients:

  • Caffeine
  • B-vitamins (B6, B12)
  • Piperine
  • Capsaicin compounds 

Instant Knockout Unique Ingredients:

  • L-theanine
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Glucomannan
  • Vitamin D3

PhenQ Unique Ingredients:

  • Chromium picolinate
  • α- LACY’s Reset
  • InnoSlim
  • L-carnitine tartrate
  • Nopal
  • Vitamin B3

Dosage Regimen

If you find it difficult to swallow pills, then you may find PhenQ a more convenient option than Instant Knockout. The reason is that PhenQ has to be taken twice daily compared to four doses of Instant Knockout. 

In this regard, PhenQ manufacturers recommend pairing the first dose with breakfast and the second one with lunch, but not later than 3 p.m. 

Conversely, Makers of Instant Knockout recommend taking the first capsule as soon as you wake up, the second one between breakfast and lunch, the third an hour after lunch, and the fourth an hour before your evening meal. However, remember to take the last dose at least five hours before going to bed.


The name behind PhenQ is Wolfson Brands Ltd., while Instant Knockout is manufactured by Roar Ambition. Nonetheless, both these products are based on natural ingredients, except that PhenQ also incorporates some proprietary blends.

Regarding dosing instructions, one PhenQ pill should be taken twice daily, while Instant Knockout is taken four times a day. 

Instant Knockout Fat Burner or PhenQ – Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

Instant Knockout Is A Potent Fat burner And Fat Preventer

Most of the fat-burning ingredients in PhenQ and Instant Knockout are the same.

Yet, the difference is that PhenQ additionally uses proprietary blends and nopal fiber that may be effective, but only limited research is performed on them.

In comparison, Instant Knockout utilizes extensively researched green tea extract to add flames to the fat fire. Plus, its fat-burning effects last for 24 hours because you take four doses per day.

Caffeine and Spices Scorch Away the Fat

Have you ever felt sweaty after eating something spicy? Well, that indicates that the hot pepper compounds are making your thermogenesis and metabolism rates go up, which will lower your fat mass content.

And this is the same mechanism that cayenne in Instant Knockout and Capsimax powder in PhenQ use to melt away the fat.

Moreover, caffeine is another mutual ingredient that both these supplements share to reinforce this effect.

Unique Ways of Fat Elimination

PhenQ additionally contains α- Lacy’s reset, nopal, and InnoSlim to target fat.

Regarding this stuff, a clinical trial found that participants who received α- Lacy’s reset had a 7.24% reduction in their fat mass. 

Similarly, nopal led to about 11% greater fecal fat excretion than the group receiving a placebo.

Plus, InnoSlim regulates adiponectin levels, a hormone that promotes fat-free muscle mass, and its decrease is associated with the accumulation of abdominal fat.

Alternatively, Instant knockout utilizes green tea extract to amplify the rate of fat oxidation.

Also, studies report that green tea catechins increase calorie burning during rest between 3% to 8%.

Piperine for Preventing Fat Regain

As you lose existing fat, these fat burners use Piperine, a black pepper compound, to attenuate the formation of new fat cells by interfering with certain genes.

Instant Knockout Is Better At Repelling The Urge To Eat

Compared to PhenQ, Instant Knockout has more viscous fibre to fill the stomach.

Moreover, it may provide stricter control over your eating behavior because of its repetitive doses before and after meals.

Fiber fills the stomach

The primary hunger killer in Instant Knockout is glucomannan, which is also referred to as nature’s skinny sponge.

This is because it absorbs water and swells to up to fifty times its weight in the gut, which can make you feel full for longer and prevent overeating.

This expansion trait of glucomannan renders it more effective than other fibres, including the nopal in PhenQ, for appetite suppression.

Considering this, you should drink abundant water with instant knockout and wash down the pill with at least one to two glasses of water to prevent choking.

Blood sugar control reduces cravings

The bulky fibre in Instant Knockout also reduces blood glucose and insulin levels, which prevents sugar and snack cravings.

For the same reason, PhenQ also contains ingredients like chromium picolinate, capsimax, α- LACY’s reset, or InnoSlim to improve glycemic control.

CNS stimulation decreases hunger

There is more than just fiber in both products, which stops your stomach from growling, and it is caffeine.

This caffeine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which delays gastric emptying time and promotes a feeling of fullness in the stomach.

But again, Instant Knockout might exert a more vigorous appetite control because it employs caffeine’s psychostimulant effects four times a day compared to twice by PhenQ.

Spices to prevent over-eating

The capsaicin compounds in the capsimax powder of PhenQ and the Cayenne pepper of Instant Knockout induce early satiety during eating by messing with the hunger-controlling region of the brain.

Instant Knockout Is A Staunch Supporter Of Physical Activity

Both PhenQ and Instant Knockout prepare you mentally and physically to carry on with your exercise routine.

Still, Instant Workout takes a well-balanced approach to optimizing performance.

For instance, it ensures both bone and muscle strength and counterbalances caffeine stimulation.

Here are some ways in which these supplements prompt you to hit the gym.

Increase physical readiness

PhenQ utilizes L carnitine tartrate to enhance post-exercise muscle recovery and delay fatigue.

In comparison, Instant Knockout includes vitamin D because you can reap the same benefits if you maintain sufficient levels of it. 

Not just that, the vitamin D in Instant Knockout also fortifies bones, which will lower your risk of fractures during intense workouts. Moreover, both pills have caffeine, which, according to Professor Brad Schoenfeld, can increase your exercise performance by about 2 to 5%

L- theanine provides cognitive support

An exclusive property of Instant Knockout fat burner is that it combines L-theanine with caffeine, which improves focus, motivation, and mood.

Plus, the L-theanine in this pairing neutralizes the risk of negative effects of caffeine, like anxiety and high blood pressure.

Vitamins and caffeine give energy

The vitamins B3 and B12 in PhenQ and Instant knockout, plus the vitamin B6 in the latter, promote the conversion of macronutrients in the food into cellular energy.

In addition to this, Instant Knockout contains green tea catechins that promote the mobilization of fat for energy.


PhenQ and Instant Knockout share similar features. But Instant Knockout may hold a slight edge over PhenQ because its fat-burning and appetite-suppressing ability last 24 hours.

Moreover, it may carry a greater potential to improve your physical and mental strength to support workouts. Nonetheless, if you’re new to diet pills or if you prioritize gradual and steady weight loss over rapid results, then the milder formulation of PhenQ may suit and satisfy you better.

Instant Knockout Cut & PhenQ Side Effects – Which One Is Safer?

PhenQ Fat Burner Side Effects

PhenQ side effects are mostly self-limiting and include stomach upset, diarrhea, bloating, or nausea.

For instance, a Reddit user, ‘Specialist Web 5581,’ used PhenQ for 120 days and did not face any side effects except self-limiting nausea in the beginning.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner Side Effects

Instant Knockout fat burner may cause side effects like headaches, jitters, sleep problems, anxiety, stomach upset, bloating, flatulence, changes in bowel habits, and nausea.

Correspondingly, Ginny Rogers shared on Trustpilot that taking Instant Knockout led to headaches, upset stomach, and low energy.


PhenQ poses fewer risks and can be considered safer than Instant Knockout. The reason is that it has a lower caffeine content than Instant knockout (150 mg vs. 300 mg). 

PhenQ cta1

PhenQ or Instant Knockout Cut – Which One Is Cheaper?

Instant Knockout Cut Price

You can buy it from their Amazon store, the official website, and even from Walmart. However, my preferred option is always to get dietary supplements from their official websites and not third-party sources so that I can avail all the discounts.

You can get a one-month supply (120 capsules) for $65. Or you can order a 2-month supply for $130 and have it shipped free in the US and UK.

What is even better is a four-month supply will cost you $195, with free delivery in the US.

PhenQ Fat Burner Price

Unlike Instant Knockout, PhenQ offers only one channel for purchase, and that is their official website.

You can purchase a bottle containing 30 servings for a discounted price of $69.99.Or you can stock up for three months at $139.99. For even better savings, order a five-month supply for $209.99.

The best part is that every order is delivered free of cost and with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


The price of both fat burners differs by only $4. Nonetheless, PhenQ offers more consistent savings on shipping costs.


How long does Instant knockout take to work?

Instant knockout fat burner starts working as soon as you take it, and the first indication of it is an improvement in your energy levels. Nonetheless, you may notice a reduction in pounds within the first two weeks, but be patient for at least a month to see a significant difference.

How safe is Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout fat burner is generally considered safe for healthy adults. Nonetheless, expecting and breastfeeding women or individuals on medications should use it with caution and after taking an expert’s advice.

Instant knockout fat burner: when to take?

Manufacturers recommend taking one Instant Knockout fat burner capsule with water four times a day.

  • The first dose right after you wake up,
  • The second between breakfast and lunch,
  • The third capsule an hour after lunch, and
  • The fourth pill an hour before your evening meal.

Importantly, ensure that you take the final dose at least 5 hours before bedtime.

How much weight can I lose with PhenQ?

PhenQ may help you lose about five to ten pounds a month. But some users have even lost 20 pounds in the same timeframe.

What is the Best Weight Loss Supplement?

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