PhenQ Vs. Inno Shred: Which is Superior Fat Burner?

January 10, 2024 |

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What are the differences and key similarities between PhenQ appetite suppressant and Inno Shred fat burner?

The thing is similar ingredients, the same precautions, same weight loss promises! In such cases, it’s hard to choose the best diet pill for quick and safe weight loss.

The same is the case with PhenQ and Inno Shred. Therefore, I will help you choose the best one by comparing their ingredients, safety profiles, and customer satisfaction levels.

Key Highlights:

  • PhenQ is a better fat burner due to its higher caffeine content and ability to resist fat accumulation.
  • Appetite and craving suppression is also better with PhenQ as it utilizes multiple ways to curb hunger and the urge to eat surgery things.
  • Inno Shred is heavy on stimulants and may lead to serious side effects.
  • Inno Shred is cheaper, but PhenQ has a better shipping and refund policy.
  • Find more about PhenQ on its official website for the BEST price.

Though both are filled with potent fat burners and appetite suppressants, some PhenQ properties help you achieve better results and maintain them long-term.

So, keep reading to see which one stands out based on the scientific evidence and user feedback;

PhenQ Vs. Inno Shred – An Overview

PhenQ  Appetite Suppressant – What is it & How it works?

PhenQ Bottle

PhenQ is a 5-in-1 diet pill that supports weight loss by suppressing hunger and random food cravings, enhancing fat oxidation, restricting fat absorption and forming new lipid droplets, improving mood, and uplifting energy levels.

When you look at its ingredient list, you find Caffeine, Capsimax powder, l-carnitine, α-Lacy’s Reset (ALA and Cysteine), Nopal Cactus Extract, and Chromium.

Inno Shred Fat Burner – What is it & How it Works?

inno shred

Conversely, Inno Shred is also a multi-ingredient daytime fat burner, promising appetite suppression, better metabolism, and rapid fat loss.

It contains Caffeine, Green tea and Coffee extracts, Capsimax powder, CLA, Yohimbine, bitter Orange, and grains of Paradise.

As both of these have Caffeine, they are recommended to be used only during the day, or they may cause sleeping troubles.

Also, both supplements can activate fat-dissolving enzymes and convert fats to readily available forms for faster oxidation. Similarly, both can increase thermogenesis (heat production) in the body and give you an energy boost to work out more and burn calories.

However, even with these similarities, both diet pills differ a lot in efficacy and safety, as I explain in the sections below;

PhenQ Vs. Inno Shred – Which Is More Effective For Weight Loss?

PhenQ Burns Fat And Also Keeps It Away

Both these supplements have Caffeine and Capsimax powder to promote fat burn by increasing thermogenesis and making stored fats readily dissolvable.

However, PhenQ has more caffeine, providing 285 mg daily, while Inno Shred provides 254 mg of caffeine in its recommended daily dose.

  • 200 mg caffeine anhydrous
  • 24 mg from 300 mg of Green Tea Extracts
  • 30 mg from 300 mg of Green Coffee extracts

Besides that, PhenQ fat burners include Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-carnitine, Nopal extracts, and Chromium.

These ingredients are all strong but non-stimulatory fat burners, helping you lose weight in the following ways;

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: This component increases thermogenesis, boosting the metabolism.

Also, it reduces the activity of the AMPK enzyme, thereby preventing the conversion of carbohydrates to lipids and making your body consume calories instead of storing them as fats.

  • L-carnitine: It improves cells’ ability to break down fats and extract energy by enhancing the efficiency of mitochondria (the energy-producing component of the cells.)

Moreover, Carnitine Is well-known for its ability to relieve stress and improve mood. Thus, it prevents stress-induced cravings and helps you avoid anxiety and irritation from its caffeine co.

  • Nopal Cactus Extracts: These fibrous extracts prevent the absorption of lipids in the gut and make you excrete most of the oils you have eaten.

This way, fats don’t become a part of your body even when you have eaten a high-fat meal on your cheat day.

Hence, PhenQ offers more than just increased fat burn. It enables your body to prevent further fat absorption and speed up metabolism to consume calories right away instead of converting them into stubborn fats.

PhenQ CT

Inno Shred Is More Focused On Fat Burn

Inno Shred also has multiple fat-busting ingredients like Green tea extracts, Green Coffee extracts, Grains of Paradise, Alpha Yohimbine, and Bitter Orange.

These components support weight loss as follows;

  • Green Tea and Coffee extracts contain Caffeine and phytols that enhance thermogenesis and reduce inflammation in the body, making your muscle consume more energy by breaking down fats.
  • Grains of Paradise; Components of this natural blend effectively convert white fats(hard to burn) into brown adipose tissues(activated fats quickly consumed in metabolism).
  • Alpha Yohimbine; This is a stimulatory component that triggers the nervous system by mimicking the stress hormone norepinephrine.

Resultantly, you experience a “fight or flight” response in which your body slows down digestion and starts consuming more of the stored calories.

This effect can provide huge weight loss in a short time. However, prolonged manipulation of the nervous system can lead to horrendous consequences.

  • Bitter Orange; This component has similar effects as explained above for yohimbine and alpha Liopic acid.
  • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid); This organic acid increases the amount and activity level of fat-dissolving enzymes, especially those that break down fats to make and repair muscular components.

Hence, Inno Shred has many active fat burners, but these are mostly focused on dissolving the already accumulated fats and do less about preventing future build-ups and weight regains.

Combined with the fact that you should not use this drug for long owing to its stimulatory content, it proves an ineffective supplement for long-term weight management.

PhenQ Protects Your Muscles During Weight Loss

When you are cutting down your food intake and trying to burn more calories to lose weight, a risk is that you may lose a lot of muscle mass due to the calorie deficit.

Hence, you must eat enough proteins and take vitamins and minerals to prevent muscular degeneration.

Both these pills will help you do that as they have Niacin (vitamin B3) from the Capsimax blend.

However, PhenQ also got chromium picolinate and l-carnitine to save your muscles while your metabolic machinery uses stored molecules as fuel.

A review of Carnitine’s effects on humans and animals states that Carnitine simultaneously supports muscle growth, causes weight loss, and reduces fatigue.

PhenQ Is A Stronger And More Natural Appetite Suppressant

The major component in Inno Shred that reduces appetite is Yohimbine- a powerful psychostimulant that triggers your nervous system and makes you feel less hungry and unwilling to eat.

Besides that, other stimulants like Caffeine and Bitter Oranges also reduce appetite mildly.

However, stimulatory effects can overdo appetite suppression, making it entirely difficult for you to eat and provide the necessary nourishment to the body.

In contrast, PhenQ has both a stimulatory and non-stimulatory effect on hunger sensation. It deals with hunger in 3 ways;

Firstly, Cysteien from α–Lacy’s Reset reduces the secretion of Ghrelin (aka. the hunger hormone) even when your stomach is empty enough.

Secondly, Caffeine stimulates the nervous system to reduce the urge to eat; thirdly, Nopal fibers generate a sense of fulfillment with smaller meals.

Hence, you can more easily and safely create a calorie deficit with PhenQ.

PhenQ Vs. Inno Shred – Which Is Safer?

In short, PhenQ is a safer weight loss supplement.

Here’s how.

Is PhenQ Safe?

PhenQ side effects include nausea, diarrhea, headaches, jitters, and sleep issues (if taken too late).

Most of these effects are stimulated by Caffeine. But fortunately, most people can eliminate these by adjusting their overall caffeine intake.

And if you are hypersensitive to Caffeine, you can completely ditch the caffeinated fat burner and try PhenQ PM, which contains no stimulants and promotes weight loss while you sleep.

PhenQ PM cta1

Besides that, PhenQ won’t make you ill with any horrible disease. Also, it is free from food allergens like gluten, eggs, and dairy ingredients. So, without any safety concerns.

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Is Inno Shred Safe?

Because Inno Shred is high on stimulants, you may experience severe stimulatory side effects like headaches, nausea, jitters, dizziness, and insomnia.

Plus, this high stimulant content makes it a big no for caffeine-sensitive people. For instance, Justin Darcy shared in his Amazon review that the fat burner gave him the worst nausea and acid reflux and made him jittery.

Also, the National Institute of Health, USA, warns that Yohimbine can cause rapid, irregular heartbeat (tachycardia), high blood pressure, and anxiety.

That is why you should not use this supplement for very long. (even the Top positive review on Amazon mentions that Inno Shred is only meant for 90 or a maximum of 180 days)

Similarly, Bitter Orange is associated with severe hypertension, heart rate fluctuation, and even life-threatening disorders like heart attack and stroke, as stated by NIH.

And because it is similar to ephedra, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has banned its use for athletes.

It also comes in a stimulant-free version called Inno Shred Stimulant-free. However, that too contains Green tea (24 mg) and coffee (30 mg) extracts, although it’s quite mild.

Inno Shred Vs. PhenQ – Which Is Cheaper?

PhenQ – Where to Buy

PhenQ is only available from the official website in packing 60 pills per bottle.

prices are as follows;

  • 1 bottle for $69.99
  • 3 bottles for $139.99
  • 5 bottles for $209.99

Another financial plus for this supplement is you get it delivered to your home without paying any shipping charges and may also return it within 60 days if you don’t see the results.

Inno Shred – Where to Buy

You can get this fat burner from the Inno Supps official website.

The prices are lower when you buy it from the official website. 1 bottle (60pills, 1 month’s supply) costs;

  • $49.99 on the one-time purchase
  • $39.99 with a Subscription
  • $54.99 from Amazon

Also, a 3-bottle bundle is available from the website, costing

  • $122.99 on the one-time purchase
  • $98.39 with a subscription

You will pay the standard shipping fee but get a refund option for up to 30 days.

PhenQ Vs. Inno Shred – Customer Reviews

PhenQ is more reputable and trusted by users than Inno Shred.

PhenQ is rated 3/5 stars on Trustpilot, but in comparison, Inno Supps Brand is down-rated by 66% of the users and only has 2.2/5 stars.

PhenQ Fat Burner Reviews

Nicola shared how PhenQ has helped her return to eating healthy. She started noticing positive changes in her body within the first 2 weeks and lost 14 pounds in 9 weeks overall.

Nicola PhenQ Review

Her PhenQ before and after pictures show the body transformation she achieved in less than 2.5 months.

  • Mary Lynn on Quora advised others to try PhenQ by themselves instead of a listing of people talking against the fat burner.
mary lynn - quora

She shared that she lost a whopping 30 kg weight within just 4 months by combining PhenQ with only 30 min exercise daily.

Inno shreds fat burner reviews.

Customers shared mixed experiences about Inno Shred. Some were happy about the results they got from the pill.

Such an example is jRivera. She considers it a must-have now due to its fat-burning efficacy. She combined it with regular workouts, and her progress is visible from the Inno Shred before and after pictures, she shared with her review.

inno shred review 1

On the other side, many also down-rated the supplement for the side effect it caused.

Moreover, the product improved her digestive system unexpectedly.

In another Inno Shred Amazon review, a user, GIGI, described how the diet pill made her feel jittery and anxious.

inno shred review 2

PhenQ Vs. Inno Shred – Which One To Opt For?

Owning to an all-in-1 recipe and safer ingredients, PhenQ is the best choice among these two.

It lowers your appetite naturally, minimizes sugar cravings, increases fat metabolism in the body, prevents the formation of new fat deposits, and protects muscles from degeneration.

Also, it does not have serious side effects, only mild ones, mostly associated with Caffeine. All in all, PhenQ helps you become fitter without posing a risk to your health.

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