Cellgevity and Infertility: Is it Good for Fertility in Male and Female?

Cellgevity and Infertility

How good is this food supplement for reviving fertility?

Nobody likes to be associated with the word “infertile”, either as a man or woman.

Infertility breaks the heart, destroys and has been destroying marriages, it brings about unfaithfulness in a relationship. And lots of other unfriendly disasters in life.

Who is to be blamed?

Who is to be blamed

The male or the female? Maybe the gods…

Let us not cry over a spilled milk. Instead, seek for a solution on how to deal with THIS.

I know that’s the reason why you’re right on this page, reading this, and desire to know if Cellgevity cures infertility or not.

Let me tell you that you’re far bigger than what is making you anxious.

And the good news is: you’re just a scroll away from getting the right answer and solution. I will address the reason why you are. Cellgevity and infertility and everything there is to know.

But first…

Can Cellgevity Cure Infertility?

Cellgevity can help reverse infertility in men and women and make them fertile. There have been lots of testimonials on how patients with fertility problems were able to recover and began reproducing after taking Cellgevity.

Cellgevity is not a fertility drug and does not serve as a drug or medicine that cures illness, rather it is a dietary supplement that enhances the human body’s ability to produce the most powerful natural antioxidant in the world called glutathione.

A 60 days detox on this product usually produces extraordinary results.

Before we dive into the various male and female infertility issues, let’s talk briefly on the effects of Cellgevity on Infertility.

Effect of Cellgevity On Infertility

Oxidative stress has been proven to be the major cause of cell gene mutation which is responsible for several health issues and glutathione is the most powerful antioxidant and a super detoxifier produced naturally in the body to hinder the effects of oxidative stress.

Glutathione also aids the production of cells which helps in the fighting and repairing of tissues damaged in the reproductory system and other factors that cause infertility.

Damage to sperm caused by exposure to common chemicals like alcohol, pesticides in food, has been linked to lowered intelligence and behavioral disorders in children.

Some of the lifestyle risk factors known to decrease sperm quality include:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Chronic stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Other reasons for infertility include congenital factors and health conditions like prostatitis and diabetes that can affect sperm production.

One of the antioxidants that have proven beneficial in treating male infertility and improving sperm, sperm counts, sperm morphology and motility is:

Glutathione (Cellgevity)

Cellgevity bottle

Studies show that antioxidant supplementation – glutathione in particular – can improve sperm quality, and possibly increase your chances of conceiving.

If you smoke, drink, exposed to stress, chemicals, radiation, pesticides or take medication or drugs (like sulfasalazine, ketoconazole, Azulfidine, anabolic, steroids, marijuana) that affect fertility…

…you should consider taking an antioxidant supplement (Cellgevity) to reverse some of the damage.

So, raising your glutathione with Cellgevity, the most powerful glutathione enhancing supplement on the planet, gives your body a better chance at preventing and also fighting infertility.


How Does Cellgevity Improve Fertility (In Man)?

Antioxidants are very important for sperm quality. That can’t be denied.

Mammalian spermatozoa are coated by a membrane rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are extremely susceptible to oxidative damage by free radicals or Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) by a process called lipid peroxidation (LPO).

Lipid peroxidation damages the sperm cell membrane.

It is considered to be the key mechanism of ROS-induced sperm damage and leads to:

  • Loss of sperm motility
  • Abnormal sperm morphology
  • Reduced capacity for oocyte penetration
  • Infertility

To protect sperm from damage – the body depends on powerful antioxidant enzymes in the body called glutathione.

Why Is Glutathione (Cellgevity) Important For Sperm Quality?

A decrease in levels of reduced glutathione during sperm production is known to disrupt the membrane integrity of spermatozoa due to increased oxidative stress.

There is strong clinical evidence to show that men diagnosed with infertility have high levels of oxidative stress.

This sounds a bit interesting if you ask me…

There is strong clinical evidence to show that men diagnosed with infertility have high levels of oxidative stress that may impair the quality of their sperm.

Cellgevity and fertility

Previous evidence has also shown that oxidative stress can decrease a sperm’s life span, its motility, and its ability to penetrate the oocyst, or egg cell.

Up to 40% of men with unexplained male infertility have higher levels of radical activity in their bodies. Because men with high levels of ROS have a seven-fold lower likelihood of inducing a pregnancy than men with lower levels.

Researchers recommend that treatment for infertile men should include strategies to reduce oxidative stress and improve sperm quality.

How Good Is Cellgevity (Glutathione) For Infertility Treatment?

Glutathione is not only vital to sperm antioxidant defenses but selenium. Glutathione is essential to the formation of “phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase” – an enzyme present in spermatids – which becomes a structural protein in the mid-piece of mature spermatozoa.

When either substance is deficient, it can lead to instability of the mid-piece of the spermatozoa, resulting in defective motility.

Free radical scavengers – such as glutathione (Cellgevity) – that restores the structure and function of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in the cell membrane, can be used to treat these cases.

In a double-blind cross-study of twenty infertile men, treatment with glutathione led to a statistically significant improvement of sperm quality.

The study concerned men in whom the sperm quality was poor due to unilateral varicocele or germ-free genital tract inflammation – two conditions in which ROS or other toxic compounds are indicated as causative factors.

Treatment with glutathione was also found to have a statistically significant positive effect on sperm motility and sperm morphology.

The findings of these studies indicate that glutathione therapy could represent a possible therapeutical tool in cases where ROS or exposure to toxins is the probable cause of infertility.

Therefore, Cellgevity is the best glutathione supplement recommended for anyone with fertility issues.

How Long Should You Take Cellgevity?

You can continue to take Cellgevity for as long as you want. Being that this a food supplement – you can continue taking it, even after getting your desired result.

If you can afford it, why not?

The dosage for Cellgevity is two capsules in the morning and two capsules in the evening. And also take a lot of water while on it.

Are you ready to order Cellgevity today?

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