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Lady Boss Kids SuperShake

If you’re looking for a comprehensive Lady Boss Kids SuperShake Review, then you’ve come to the right place.

Providing one’s child with the best of everything in life is every parent’s dream, be it health, education, or clothing. However, when it comes to food and health, children are often lured towards manufactured junk foods and sugary items.

Such items do not provide any nutritional value and often lead to a nutritionally deficient diet.

This makes children prone to diseases due to a weak immune system and often leads to stunted growth.

Forcing one’s child to eat the necessary food can drive them to become picky, hence adding to the problem instead of curing it.

For a parent, the best way you can get your child to have a nutritional intake without a temper tantrum is to give it to them unsuspectingly.

It can be done by mixing protein and nutritional supplements through any liquid, and since it is in powdered form, you can do it quickly, without any effort.

Lady Boss has made this process easy for you by carefully manufacturing a powdered protein shake called “Lady Boss Kids SuperShake,” which aims to provide children with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

This review will help you make the best choice regarding your child’s health.

What is Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

lady boss kids supershake

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake is a powdered protein shake that has been engineered using the finest high-quality grass-fed whey protein.

The supplement is “fruity cereal” flavored, with vibrant packaging that depicts a cereal bowl filled with delicious fruity cereal. The fruity cereal flavor will allow children to enjoy the taste of the sugary items that they prefer without the additional sugar.

Children will be able to finish their glass with increased enthusiasm, and as promised by the company, it is “picky-eater” approved.

This protein powder can be mixed with water, almond milk, or any other preferred liquid to form a healthy and delicious protein shake.

It can also be mixed in baked items and act as a filling snack during playtime.

It is also soy, gluten, and RBGH free, so you can give it to your child without any fear of allergies.

This protein powder also contains all 18 amino acids in a complete profile. SuperShake also provides a healthy dose of 19 key daily recommended vitamins & minerals.

This is extremely beneficial for children as it will aid in their growth, cognitive development and also help with digestion.

Who is Behind Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

Brandon & Kaelin Poulin

Lady Boss is famous for its super effective weight loss and healthcare supplements that have been designed to empower women to take control of their journey to weight loss and optimal healthcare.

With the Kids SuperShake, the company hopes to help mothers provide their children with the same healthy alternates and protect them from illnesses and diseases.

The company is a product of fitness enthusiasts husband and wife Brandon and Kaelin Poulin. Brandon Poulin is the CEO of Lady Boss, and his wife, Kaelin Poulin, is a weight loss expert and the co-founder of Lady Boss.

Lady Boss is a brand that focuses on nutrition and taste. Therefore, while designing a product that targeted children- the hardest to please consumers- the company felt that it would use flavors that children could enjoy while keeping it highly nutritious and free of excess sugars.

Aside from SuperShake, the company also showcases protein shakes for adults, which is aimed at weight loss.

One of their products, Lady Boss Lean, has had a great response as many women have tried it and seen effective results!

They also offer a health supplement for glowing skin that is famous by the name Lady Boss Glow. This brand offers a shake for people who want to increase their regular nutrient intake through Lady Boss Greens.

Lady Boss also has its athletic wear that offers comfortable clothing for your grueling workout sessions, along with a whole range of digital workout sessions that will help you lose weight in no time!

Health Benefits of Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

The benefits of the Lady Boss Kids SuperShake are enlisted below:

1. Healthier Meal and Snacking Alternative for Children

It’s safe to say that children are the pickiest eaters. Therefore, all parents try their best to make their food as interesting as possible to regularly make sure their children receive ample nutrition.

The Lady Boss Kids SuperShake is loaded with beneficial ingredients that will help your children grow better.

2. Good Taste

Children want their food to taste well, and the fruity cereal taste of this product has made it quite popular among children.

3. Time-Saving

Not all parents have the time to cook for their children, but if they’re looking for healthy and time-saving snacks, this shake is the finest choice.

4. High in Proteins and Amino Acids

Intake of proteins and amino acids by young children ensures a strong build and healthy growth. Children need as many nutrients as their body needs to be happy and radiant at this growing age.

Proteins help with muscle mass development, making them an essential part of the regular dietary intake of growing children.

Furthermore, a protein-rich meal acts as the perfect energy booster that keeps fatigue and exhaustion at bay.

You won’t have to worry about your child falling behind from their peers.

5. No Additives or Artificial Flavoring

Lady Boss aims to be as consumer-friendly as it can; therefore, it does not use artificial food coloring or flavoring. This is because artificial colors include chemicals like sodium benzoate linked to hyperactivity.

Synthetic food color dyes can destroy the nutrients in the food because of their chemical composition.

They can also cause skin irritation and eczema, a type of skin rash, etc.

Therefore, this product is completely safe from all harmful additives that could damage your child’s health.

6. High Vitamin and Mineral Content

Vitamins and minerals are considered essential nutrients—because, acting in concert, they perform hundreds of roles in the body. They help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system.

They also convert food into energy and repair cellular damage. Thus being very beneficial for your children.

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake Ingredients

The following are the highly beneficial ingredients of the Lady Boss Kids SuperShake:

1. Whey Protein

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake has been made using the finest, grass-fed whey protein that is GMO-free. Whey protein is also the best kind of protein supplement due to its high solubility and bioavailability.

It is also the perfect protein supplement to promote growth, increase in weight, and build muscle mass.  It also contains several essential amino acids that are extremely beneficial for your child’s body.

2. Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals help shore up bones, heal wounds, and bolster your immune system.

3. Antioxidants and Fiber

Antioxidants help prevent diseases and boost immunity, whereas fiber helps with digestion and steady levels of cholesterol.

Who is Lady Boss Kids SuperShake Best for?

This shake mainly targets children above the age of two and teenagers as it promotes growth and muscle building. It is also for children who don’t like eating nutritious food like fruits and vegetables, for children who prefer sugary foods, and for children who are picky eaters.

Since it is an easy mix, your child will finish up the healthy concoction in no time at all!

As a parent, you must have hundreds of responsibilities calling to you each day. SuperShake is quick and versatile, and you serve it to your children without any hindrances and can catch up on your other duties diligently.

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake Facts and Label

Lady Boss SuperShake is a filling and nutritional drink which is determined to give your child a healthy meal in alternative to sugary and harmful junk food.

nutrition label

It is in powder form and has a serving of eight scoops per bag. One scoop amounts to twenty-eight grams.

This mixture has sixty calories per serving; 10 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of total fat, 30 milligrams of cholesterol, 3 grams of dietary fiber, and 1 gram of total sugar.

This supplement is also full of several nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and different types of vitamin B. It also includes essential minerals such as phosphorous, iodine, magnesium, and zinc.

All you need to do is add one scoop of Lady Boss Kids SuperShake to six to eight ounces of either water, almond milk, or any preferred liquid and mix thoroughly in a shaker bottle or blender.

For optimal texture and results, consume immediately after mixing. You can even bake delicious sweet treats with it!

How much is Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake is an economical and affordable shake.

The following are the prices of this protein shake:

One pack of Lady Boss Kids SuperShake contains fifteen scoops or fifteen meals, and it costs $29.95, which means that every scoop comes at a super affordable price of $1.99.

Two packs of this shake with thirty scoops can be purchased for $49.72, making the cost of one scoop $1.65. Similarly, three bags with forty-five shakes can be bought for $71.88 or $1.59 per shake.

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake Membership Price

If any parent chooses to get the membership at the club, the price of the SuperShake further decreases to accommodate all members!

Upon subscribing to the club, the price of one SuperShake pouch becomes $23.96, which means that every scoop now has a price of $1.59.

You can get two bags for $41.93, costing $1.39 per scoop. You can also purchase three bags for $58.4, making the price of one scoop $1.29.

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake Bonuses

Furthermore, you will save an extra fifteen to twenty percent on current orders and future monthly deliveries upon securing a subscription.

You will also get free delivery after every thirty days, so your child doesn’t have to spend any days without their meal! If you refer our product to three of your friends, you will get your product free!

Lady Boss is a company loyal to its customers, and upon subscription, you will get a 10% cashback credit towards future shipments.

What are the things you get when you buy Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

Each Lady Boss Kids SuperShake comes with all the bonuses that have been mentioned above; moreover, your children will get a free bonus sticker or mystery item with every shipment.

How to Use Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

In order for your children to enjoy the SuperShake to their heart’s content, add one scoop of the mix into any liquid of your choice; milk, water, or almond milk, and mix thoroughly using a blender for a frothy texture.

Lady Boss also suggests using the mixture in any baked items in order to spice it up for your children.

Since children get bored of things easily, the parent’s imagination that allows them to make diverse food items for their children to get them more excited about eating.

For example, you can mix in eggs and milk and pour them into cupcake pans to bake cupcakes! You can also add low-fat ice cream and make ice cream shakes!

Everything Else You Need Know About Lady Boss Kids SuperShake

What does Lady Boss Kids SuperShake do?

It provides your child with all the nutritions and proteins they need to have a healthy growth and functioning body.

What form does Lady Boss Kids SuperShake come in?

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake comes in the form of a protein powder that can be mixed with any liquid of your choice to create a smooth and creamy protein shake.

How many times can I have Lady Boss Kids SuperShake each day?

You can choose to give your children this means for breakfast and lunch. However, it is not intended for sole-source nutrition, and it can only be used as a supplement.

What are the flavors of Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake comes with the flavor “fruity cereal,” an exciting and new flavor made to attract children.

How much sugar is in Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

There is a total of 1 gram in the Lady Boss SuperShake per serving.

How many calories are there in lady boss Kids SuperShake?

There are 60 calories per serving in the protein powder.

Is Lady Boss Kids SuperShake dairy-free?

No, the Lady Boss Kids SuperShake is not dairy-free. If your child is lactose intolerant, this mixture is not recommended for you.

Is Lady Boss Kids SuperShake gluten-free?

The Lady Boss Kids SuperShake is gluten, soy, and RBGH free; therefore, you don’t have to worry about your child contracting any allergies.

Can I buy Lady Boss Kids SuperShake in stores?

Yes, you can buy SuperShake at any store. It is easily available in different supplement shops, and you can also buy it online from the official Lady Boss website or Amazon.

Does Lady Boss Kids SuperShake have artificial sweeteners?

Yes, there is an artificial sweetener by the name of “Sucralose” in the Lady Boss Kids SuperShake.

Are there any side effects to Lady Boss Kids SuperShake?

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake contains eggs, fish, milk, and peanuts. Although there won’t be any detrimental side effects from ingesting this mixture, it would be recommended if your child didn’t take this product if they are allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned above.

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake Customer Reviews, Feedbacks & Results

Lady Boss Kids SuperShake has been liked and reviewed by several consumers. A few reviews have been mentioned below:

LadyBoss Kids SuperShake review 1

“I am so excited this flavor will be around for my girls indefinitely! They finally want something other than colorful cereals or sugary muffins for breakfast! As a working mom with two girls both in school, dance and soccer. Simple and easy is exactly what I need. If we can’t grab it on our way out the door or make it in less than two minutes, realistically, that just doesn’t fit into our weekday schedule. I hate that unhealthy breakfasts and sugary snacks have become our default but with all their activities, time is hard to come by. Having this nutritious protein shake made just for them has put my guilty mama heart at ease! And they love the taste! They literally bed me for a shake every day after school now, so no more negotiating over an apple vs. Doritos LOL.”- Amy Harte.

LadyBoss Kids SuperShake Review 2

“When I told my kids they could have their own Lady Boss Lean shake, and it was Fruity Cereal flavor, they were sooo excited! They all loved the flavor, fruity cereal is their favorite! As a mom, I’m excited they now have a healthy alternative to their fav sugary cereal. Part of being a Lady Boss is changing your family tree. Having a shake now my kids can enjoy helps me continue to change that Family tree and nourish my kids the way I have learned to fuel and nourish myself! The only disappointing part for them is waiting for more! Hehe”- Noelle Polinak


The Lady Boss Kids SuperShake is popular among all moms and kids! The flavor is a real treat, and the kids enjoy it a lot.

It is filling and nutritious, and because of its quick preparation time, the busy mothers love to make it so they can treat their children and work on their other jobs as well.

This product also tastes well. Therefore, our detailed Lady Boss Kids SuperShake review recommends that everyone who wants their children curb their sugar craving, boost their immunity, and promote healthy habits to try out the Lady Boss Kids SuperShake.

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