PhenQ Vs. Slimvance – Which is Better?

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PhenQ and Slimvance have many ingredients in common, like Caffeine, Capsimax, and an herbal solution for preventing fat accumulation.

So, which one of these diet pills is a better choice for weight loss?

To find the answer to this question, I looked deeply into their ingredient lists and found the key differences that may get overlooked initially.

Key Highlights:

  • Both Slimvance & PhenQ can prevent regains as they inhibit the formation of new fatty acid deposits.
  • Slimvance causes more severe stimulatory side effects due to higher caffeine content. Its other herbal ingredients are also associated with serious adversities like liver damage in the past.
  • PhenQ is only available from its official website, while Slimvance can be bought from the GNC local retailer or its Amazon store.
  • Find more about PhenQ on its official website (for Best Price).

In a nutshell, the main difference is Slimvance relies on the “stimulants power” to shed the extra fats while PhenQ uses a balanced blend of non-stim ingredients for this purpose.

Which pill yields faster and safer results, then? Find the answer according to science-based analysis and user feedback shared below in the article.

PhenQ Vs. Slimvance – An Overview

PhenQ and Slimvance are natural supplements helping people achieve their dream figure more easily and quickly. Both these products come from reputable brands having decades of consumer trust.

PhenQ, by Wolfson Brands, produces 3 supplements;

Its daytime fat burner pills contain caffeine and other potent fat-buster compounds. Besides that, it has multiple ingredients to help you let go of binge eating habits and get your hands on a healthy, balanced diet.

PhenQ bottle in garden

Also, it promotes muscle enlargement and makes glucose management easier.

Similarly, you find a big name in the fitness supplement market at the back of Slimvance.

Slimvance is a series of weight loss products, produced by Bodydynamix, a fitness brand owned by the popular retail company GNC.


The following are the most popular supplements of this product line;

  • Slimvance CoreSLimming Complex
  • Slimvance XP, Metabolism Igniter
  • Slimvance Protein shakes
  • Slimvance Stick Packs Core Slimming Complex

In this post, I have compared the efficacy and safety of PhenQ daytime fat burner and Slimvance Core Slimming complex.

So, let’s dive in and read whose ingredients are more effective for fat burning;

PhenQ Vs. Slimvance – Which One is More Effective & Best for Weight Loss?

PhenQ Reduces Fat Accumulation More Efficiently

Both of these supplements can help you lose weight and maintain it at a desired level. So, their ingredients prevent fat formation and build-up in the body.

In Slimvance, this property is credited to Garcinia Cambogia Extracts. Hydroxyacetic acid (HCA), the bioactive component of Garcinia fruit, reduces the production of new storage droplets of fatty acids.

HCA is an enzyme inhibitor, blocking the enzyme involved in forming fatty acids, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Resultantly, the metabolic parts of the cells are forced to use fatty acids in metabolism.

Piperine molecules from black pepper extracts show similar efficacy. Piperine is part of both supplements, but PhenQ has double its amount (10 mg/serving) than Slimvance (5 mg/serving).

So, it gets the double benefit consequently.

I would give also PhenQ more points because it not only prevents the formation of fatty layers but also keeps the fats from entering the blood.

Fiber extracts from Nopal Cactus prevent the absorption of fats in the gut. Resultantly, the fats in your meal don’t become a part of your body but are excreted undigested with stools.

This way, your metabolic machinery (and, in turn, you) doesn’t have to do extra work to burn those fatty acids. Owing to this property, many people even see weight loss results using PhenQ without working out.

Some Ingredients Are the Same, But Concentrations Are Different

These diet pills have 2 fat burners in common; Caffeine and Capsimax.


Caffeine burns fats by activating the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), “the fight or flight mechanism.” This activation brings about body changes required during an emergency or stressed condition.

So, the energy and focus you feel after taking caffeinated pills (or just a cup of coffee) is actually a stress response.

Besides energy, other SNS effects include reduced appetite, increased fat metabolism to extract energy, and a raised body temperature.

While this response is a natural phenomenon and does not harm if stimulation is moderate.

However, if prolonged or overstimulated, this can lead to adverse effects like sleeplessness, jitters, headaches, increased heart rate, and anxiety.

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And that’s where these diet pills differ from each other.

Diet Pill

Caffeine Per Serving

Daily intake of Caffeine according to the recommended dose


75 mg150 mg
Slimvance Core Slimming Complex200 mg

400 mg

So, you are more likely to overdose on caffeine with Slimvance than PhenQ.

If you have high caffeine tolerance, you will see faster results with Slimvance, but with a low caffeine tolerance, you are more likely to become sick due to overstimulation, as many users report.

(see reviews in the upcoming section)


Capsimax is the other common fat buster in these diet pills.

Capsinoid compounds from this blend help you shed pounds by converting stored white fats to activated brown fat. Brown fat is then readily available for oxidation and is soon consumed in metabolism.

The fat-browning effect is more prominent with PhenQ as it has more Capsimax (50 mg) than Slimvance, which has 33.34 mg.

Slimvance Also Boosts Your Immunity

Slimvance has herbal extracts from Moringa oleifera leaves, Murraya koenigii leaves, and Curcuma longa rhizome. One thing all of these ingredients have is anti-inflammatory properties.

So, these pills will boost your immunity, preventing inflammation.

However, only Moringa among these herbs has a considerable weight loss efficacy. It prevents fat accumulation in a similar way as Piperine and Garcinia. Otherwise, this complex isn’t very effective for losing weight.

Slimvance Ingredients Stimulate Brain Cells to Lower Appetite

In the Slimvance formula, caffeine and Garcinia Cambogia are the two appetite suppressants.


Caffeine triggers SNS as described above to prevent hunger sensation. And this effect is quite significant with the daily 400 mg caffeine intake through these pills.

While this allows you to control calorie intake effectively but can also make you shaky and irritated.

Garcinia Cambogia

The appetite-suppressing effect is even uplifted by Garcinia Cambogia’s active ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

It increases the secretion of serotonin neurotransmitters in the brain.

Serotonin is a feel-good hormone; it induces a sensation of fullness and content. Resultantly, you feel full after smaller meals.

PhenQ Ingredients Suppress Your Appetite without Giving You Jitters

Appetite suppression with PhenQ is a lot more natural and safe. On one side, its stimulant (caffeine) content is moderate, and its non-stim appetite suppressants are also safer because they influence your natural hunger cycle.

Overall, PhenQ keeps you from binge eating using a 3-way system;

  1. Firstly, caffeine manipulates the neural system and reduces appetite due to adrenal activation. But its concentration is moderate, so you don’t feel any stimulatory side effects.
  2. Then, cysteine from α–Lacy’s reset decreases the ghrelin (the key hunger hormone) secretion. Resultantly, you don’t feel like eating even several hours after your last meal.
  3. Plus, Innoslim, Chromium, and Nopal fiber in PhenQ help you say no to tempting sugary and fatty snacks by regularizing your blood sugar and insulin levels.

Well-managed blood glucose is crucial for subsiding sugar cravings. If the glucose levels go suddenly high, your pancreas will surge in a large amount of insulin, which, in turn, will make the glucose levels drop quickly.

You feel this drop as cravings only a short time after your meals.

However, with stabilized insulin levels, the sugar cravings will be gone, and you will have more control over calorie intake.

PhenQ Also Promotes Muscle Growth

A thing I peculiarly like about PhenQ is that it makes you go down on the scale and helps you become stronger as well.

Many of the PhenQ ingredients help increase the growth and performance of muscle. So, your muscle mass is preserved while fats are quickly busted with this diet pill. A double win, right?

3 components in its formulation support muscle function and growth;

L carnitine

L carnitine strengthens the muscle fiber, allowing them to resist injury and recover faster. It promotes the consumption of fats to fulfill the energy requirements during the recovery process.

Thus, it improves your fitness dually.

Chromium picolinate

Chromium picolinate preserves muscular protein. It slows down the protein breakdown in muscles during everyday activities and exercise. Plus, it promotes protein synthesis in muscle cells.

Thus, your muscle mass is well preserved with a constant supply of chromium picolinate.

Alpha Lipoic Acid or ALA

ALA helps muscles grow quickly by constantly supplying them with energy-rich carbohydrates. This compound prevents the conversion of carbs to fats and transports carbs to muscle fibers to promote calorie consumption.

As carbohydrates are easy to break down and provide large amounts of energy, muscles never fall short of energy to recover and elongate.

Again, the dual benefit of muscle gain and fat loss!

PhenQ CT

PhenQ Vs. Slimvance – Which One is Safer?

PhenQ Side Effects

Gut Issues

PhenQ has multiple high-potency ingredients, so your gut may take time to adjust to its formulation.

That’s why some people feel gut issues like abdominal cramps, diarrhea, and acidity when they start taking this supplement.

Mostly, these symptoms subside in a week or two when the gut lining is familiarized with thermogenic ingredients.

Caffeine Side Effects

PhenQ has caffeine anhydrous, so it will mess up your sleep if you take a pill too late in the evening.

Similarly, if your caffeine tolerance is low, you may experience headaches and anxiety with it.

That’s why I highly recommend you stick with the dosage guidelines. And if caffeine bothers you too much, opt for the stimulant-free version of PhenQ.

Slimvance Side Effects

Gut Discomfort

Gut issues like diarrhea, stomach ache, and acid reflux are common side effects of Garcinia. And you may experience these with Slimvance, especially when you have just started taking this diet pill.

Caffeine anhydrous is also associated with many gut-related side effects.

But surprisingly, not many gut issues are reported in user feedback on Amazon or social media. Most probably, the anti-inflammatory components of Slimvance’s patented blend prevent GI ailments.

Stimulatory Effects (Jitters, Anxiety, Insomnia)

Like PhenQ, Slimvance also has 1 stimulant only, i.e., caffeine anhydrous. But the caffeine concentration of Slimvance is more than 4 times that of PhenQ.

So are its negative effects!

When taking a full dose, as the company recommends, you will already be touching the safe limit for caffeine consumption.

That’s why jitters are a common complaint from its users. Many people who stick to this diet pill for longer suggest others only take half the dose to avoid side effects like palpitation, anxiety, and insomnia.

Quitting on coffee for the time you are taking this supplement is also highly recommended.

Liver Damage

Extracts from Garcinia Cambogia fruit make the safety profile of this diet pill especially suspicious. Due to its weight loss efficacy, this has been used in diet supplements for decades.

However, many of these supplements have also been associated with severe ailments, especially liver toxicity. This puts a question mark on the safety of this ingredient.

PhenQ Vs. Slimvance- Which One is Cheaper?

PhenQ – Where to Buy & Price

You can order PhenQ from the official website. It comes in 60 pills packing, offering a full month’s supply per pack at $69.99.

And if you order a bundle pack, you will get huge price discounts.

  • 3 packs for $139.99
  • 5 packs for $209.99

Another plus for shopping at PhenQ is that your pills are delivered to your location completely free of cost.

PhenQ also gives a 100% refund guarantee if you don’t get the results you were looking for.

PhenQ Cost & Bundles

Slimvance – Where to Buy & Price

Slimvance Core Slimming Complex is available from the official Amazon Store and GNC retail shops.

The 120 pills (1 month’s supply) pack costs $59.99 and is delivered with a standard shipping fee.

A limiting point is Slimvance stock is only available in GNC and Amazon-covered locations.

PhenQ Vs. Slimvance – Customer Reviews

PhenQ Reviews

While PhenQ Amazon reviews aren’t available because it only sells through the official website, reviews shared on Trustpilot, Reddit, Quora, and YouTube clearly hint at its efficacy and possible side effects.

Many shared their experience with the product under a PhenQ review on YouTube.

Hillary Mullin Reviews PhenQ

Elizabethnoseworthy7048 mentioned that after 3 weeks of usage, she could feel a significant energy boost, reduced appetite, and lost some belly fat. When others insisted, she weighed herself and found that she had already dropped 6 lbs in 3 weeks.

In a PhenQ Trustpilot review, Kristina Gilbertson wrote that PhenQ worked well for her despite her very sensitive system. It suppressed her appetite but didn’t lead to any side effects.

Kristina Reviews PhenQ

Common-County7069, in her PhenQ Reddit review, wrote that she has been using the diet pill for about 5 months. She said that caffeine in PhenQ makes you get up and do things.

However, she advised not to exceed the 2 pills/day dose or take PhenQ on an empty stomach because these things can lead to side effects, making you feel shaky or nauseous.

Common County Reddit Review of PhenQ

Slimvance Reviews

Like other potent stimulatory pills, Slimvance has a mixed response from customers.

But even the happy customers of Slimvance warn others about the caffeine side effects they experienced.

For example, see this review marked as “top positive” in the Amazon reviews of Core sliming complex 120 pills.

She was losing only half a pound weekly with a calorie-restricted diet and regular exercise, but Slimvance helped her drop 1-1.3 lbs weekly. In a month, she has lost about 6 lbs.

She loves the product but highly recommends others not to take the full dose as she sometimes felt jittery even with 1 pill in the morning (half serving). She also reported having a bit of stomach discomfort after consuming the pills.

Amazon Review Of slimvance

However, browsing Slimvance Reddit reviews, I couldn’t find positive opinions about this pill, however.

In one post, NextYearisHere said her friend bought Slimvance to lose weight, but she quit as it gave her jitters. He thinks the pills are mostly filled with caffeine and some anti-inflammatories.

slimvance reddit review 1

The comments on this thread weren’t very positive, either. Tycowboy called the pills nothing more than overdosed and overpriced caffeine pills.

Slimvance reddit review 2

Among Slimvance’s happy customers, one is Isa from the youtube channel living life as Isa.

She tried BodyDynamix Slimvance Core Slimming complex and lost 6 pounds in a month.

After a year, she got her hands on the Slimvance XP Igniter. However, in her Slimvance XP review, she said she liked the older product more than the newer variant.

PhenQ Vs. Slimvance – Similarities/Differences



Slimvance Core Slimming Complex

Fat burning efficacy
  • Stimulatory fat loss with caffeine
  • Browning of fats to make them available for metabolism
  • Transport of fats to metabolism sites
  • Improvement of fat-burning components of the cell
  • Restricts fat formation
  • Prevent fat absorption
  • Stimulatory fat loss with caffeine
  • Browning of fats to make them available for metabolism
  • Restricts fat formation
Appetite Suppression
  • Stimulatory appetite suppression
  • Makes you feel full to avoid binge eating
  • Decreases secretion of the hunger hormone
  • Stabilizes blood insulin level to minimize cravings
  • Stimulatory appetite suppression
  • Increase serotonin to induce fullness and avoid binge eating
Side Effects
  • Gut discomfort (Acidity, Diarrhea, abdominal pain, and distention)
  • Mild Caffeine side effects (headaches, sleeplessness)
  • 4 times stronger stimulatory effects (insomnia, headaches, jitters, anxiety, heart palpitations)
  • Stomach ache and acidity
  • Liver damage
Recommended Dose
  • 2 pills daily
  • 2 servings (4 pills daily)
  • 1 pack = $69.99
  • 3 packs = $139.99
  • 5 packs = $209.99
  • $59.99
Shipping and Refund
  • All orders are shipped free of cost worldwide
  • 100% refund available within 60 days
  • Standard Shipping fee
  • Refunds available for defective products
Where to Buy
  • GNC retail shops and Amazon store


Does Slimvance make you poop?

Slimvance has a high amount of caffeine and Garcinia Cambogia, which can lead to diarrhea. However, I don’t find such a complaint from Slimvance users.

Can I take Slimvance on an empty stomach?

You can take Slimvance and any other fat burner on an empty stomach, but it causes acid reflux and discomfort for many. So, it’s better to take a small meal soon after you take the pills.

What is better than Slimvance?

PhenQ is better than Slimvance as it provides the same results more safely. With its natural ingredients and moderate stimulant concentration, you are less likely to face jitters, heart palpitations, anxiety, and liver damage.

How long does it take to see results from Slimvance?

With Slimvance, most people start seeing a difference on the scale during the first month. But a considerable weight drop usually takes about 2 to 3 months.

My Final Thoughts: PhenQ – Highest Quality and Best Overall?

To sum up, I would say PhenQ is a better option when you are looking to drop down to your ideal weight without putting yourself at risk of jitters, severe palpitations, and liver injuries.

Its ability to promote muscular growth further increases its suitability for weight management. This way, you can be certain of losing the unwanted fat mass only and not your muscles!

Conversely, Slimvance also shows a high fat-burning efficacy, but its safety profile is doubted due to its high caffeine concentration and ingredients like Garcinia.

Though it provides some anti-inflammatory compounds, they aren’t as beneficial as to overshadow the potential adverse effects associated with other ingredients.

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