PhenQ Vs. Black Mamba  – What’s Better?

January 10, 2024 |

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Ingredients comparison suggests that Black Mamba can make you lose weight faster. However, its high psycho-stimulation potential raises questions about its safety. 

So, I consulted the NIH’s ingredients-info catalog to check if Black Mamba or PhenQ ingredients are safe enough. 

And what I have found is quite concerning – Black Mamba contains Illegal and Banned Ingredients!

This comparative review describes details on FDA warnings for Black Mamba and how these two products measure up against each other regarding safety and effectiveness.

Best Choice


Overall rating: 4.9/5
  • A safe blend of caffeine and non-stimulant fat burners
  • Safe and legal dietary ingredients
  • Only has mild, self-limiting side effects
  • Promotes gradual, healthy, and sustainable weight loss
Best Value

Black Mamba

Overall rating: 2.8/5
  • Contains stimulatory ingredients only
  • Includes controlled and banned compounds
  • Associated with severe side effects
  • Quick, stimulatory weight reduction

What Is PhenQ & How Does It Work?

PhenQ is an OTC weight loss pill formulated to help you reach your fitness goals in 5 different ways. 

Its ingredients employ multiple mechanisms to increase fat metabolism, reduce calorie intake, prevent fat re-accumulation, uplift energy levels, and sharpen focus.

3 PhenQ Bottles

PhenQ affects the metabolism directly with non-stim thermogenic ingredients and a small amount of caffeine instead of relying on CNS exploitation to boost the metabolism. 

PhenQ Pros

  • An OTC dietary supplement with no illegal ingredient
  • Natural thermogenic components to ensure healthy weight management
  • Only mild side effects during the initial days
  • Gives you a clean energy
  • 100% money-back guarantee

PhenQ Cons

  • You can’t buy it at Amazon or local marketplaces.

What Is Black Mamba & How Does It Work?

Black Mamba Hyperrush is a stimulant-rich fat burner pill that works by activating the nervous system to reduce appetite and speed up fat loss. 

Owing to this stimulatory power, the company promises huge weight loss, long-lasting energy, and improved focus.

black mamba

(I have discussed in detail below how these stimulants affect your metabolism and if losing weight on stimulants is actually worth it.)

Black Mamba Pros

  • Fires up internal thermogenesis to melt stubborn fats
  • Suppresses hunger to limit calorie consumption
  • Powerful Energy Boost
  • Not pricey

Black Mamba Cons

  • Contains banned ingredients
  • High risk of overstimulation
  • May lead to severe side effects like cardiac arrest and stroke
  • No shipping discounts or refund

PhenQ Vs. Black – Product Comparison

Brand Reputation

PhenQ is a product of UK-based supplement manufacturer Wolfson Brands. It has been in the fitness market since 2005 and is now popular among gym enthusiasts worldwide.

Their products are based on safe and natural performance and metabolism boosters; thus are known for high efficacy and safety. 

Black Mamba Hyperrush is manufactured by Innovative Labs, a sports supplement company now owned by Hi-tech Pharma.

Hi-tech Pharma has been supplying sports nutrition products since 1979 and now has taken over big brands like Innovative Labs, iForce Nutrition, and Prime Nutrition. 

They have an extensive history and a wide product range and claim to manufacture all products according to GMP rules in FDA-approved facilities. Yet many of their products (like Black Mamba, Hellfire, Fastin-XR, etc) are stuffed with stimulants and are not health-friendly in the long term.

Also, user complaints and FDA testing for products like Black Mamba further add to the suspicions against the company’s quality control.

Key Ingredients

Its recipe includes proprietary mixtures (alpha Lacy’s Reset, Capsimax powder, and Innoslim), herbal extracts (Nopal cactus and black pepper extracts), and purified fat-burning compounds (caffeine anhydrous, L-carnitine, chromium picolinate, etc). 

Among these, only caffeine anhydrous has a stimulatory potential.

On the other side, Black Mamba gives you a stronger stimulatory punch than most other fat burners, including PhenQ, as it is stuffed with stimulants like caffeine, ephedra extracts, phenylethylamine alkaloids, synephrine, yohimbine, and evodiae.

Common Ingredients:

  •  Caffeine Anhydrous

PhenQ Unique Ingredients:

  • L-carnitine L-tartrate
  • Innoslim
  • Capsimax Powder
  • ɑ-Lacy’s Reset  
  • Nopal Cactus
  • Piperine
  • Chromium picolinate
  • Vitamin (B3, B6, and B12)
  • Copper
  • Iodine

Black Mamba Unique Ingredients:

  • Ephedra extracts
  • Senegalia berlandieri (contains phenylamine and its derivatives)
  • 2-Aminosoheptane HCl
  • Caralluma extract
  • Phenylalanine
  • Synephrine HCl
  • Naringin
  • 6, 7 Dihyroxybergamottin
  • Hordenine HCl
  • Evodiae
  • Yohimbine HCl

Dosage Regimen 

PhenQ yields the best results when you take 2 pills daily (in 2 servings), so that its thermogenic ingredients stay active in your body throughout the day.

But only 1 pill of Black Mamba is enough for the whole day as its high stimulant content would stay in your system for the whole day.


The safety and quality profiles of Black Mamba’s company are suspicious due to its intensive, stimulant-filled products and user complaints. However, PhenQ belongs to a well-reputed brand. 

Composition-wise, Black Mamba is filled with psychostimulants, while PhenQ’s recipe is a balanced mixture of non-stimulatory ingredients and caffeine. 

PhenQ CT

PhenQ vs. Black Mamba – Which is best for weight loss?

Fat Loss and Appetite Suppression Is More Natural With PhenQ

PhenQ also uses a small amount of caffeine to trigger thermogenesis and curb hunger through CNS stimulation.

However, its major weight loss effects come from non-stimulatory ingredients.

For instance, the 

  • Capsimax and black pepper extracts convert inactive white fats to readily oxidizing brown fats.
  • L-carnitine increases the transport of fats to the metabolic sites.
  • Nopal cactus increases thermogenesis and prevents the reaccumulation of fats.

Similarly, cysteine in PhenQ helps you avoid hanger pangs by lowering hunger hormone secretion, while Innoslim fiber and chromium prevent food cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Black Mamba Has More Potential To Reduce Weight But, Its Not Worth the Risk

Black Mamba fat burner is more potent than PhenQ, whose stimulatory content is just 75 mg of caffeine. 

In contrast, you can call Black Mamba fat burner, a 555 mg stimulant tablet. That’s because all of its ingredients are psychostimulants. 

These compounds don’t interact with the body’s metabolic machinery directly. Instead, they trigger the central nervous system to speed up metabolic activities instantly.

They mimic neurotransmitters, provoking satiety and increasing energy production in the body. In response, your body’s thermogenesis increases, and calories are consumed faster.

Despite the high fat-burn potential, I don’t recommend using Black Mamba because its overstimulating properties also make it highly unsafe.  In fact, some of its ingredients have such a high stimulation potential that FDA bans them. 

(I have discussed more about its potential harms below)

Energy Boost Is Stronger With Black Mamba Than PhenQ

Both fat burners uplift your energy levels. But with PhenQ’s 75 mg caffeine, you only get an energy boost equivalent to what you get from 1 cup of regular coffee.

On the other side, with 200 mg of caffeine, 65 mg of ephedra, and 290 mg blend of 7-8 stimulants in Hyperrush, the energy boost is crazy.

Even the official Hi-tech website claims that Black Mamba provides energy as extreme as ECA stacks.

energy boost of black mamba

Clearly, it’s not clean energy and can cause jitters, palpitations, and anxiety.


Black Mamba can melt excessive fats faster than PhenQ due to its high stimulant ratio. On the other side, PhenQ gradually improves your metabolic system, leading to healthier weight management.

PhenQ CT

PhenQ Vs. Black Mamba – Which One Is Safer?

Black Mamba Fat Burner Side Effects

FDA Prohibits Many Black Mamba Ingredients 

–> Each Black Mamba Hyperrush has 65 mg of ephedra extracts (Thermo Z brand). 

This makes both its safety profile and legal status suspicious, as Ephedra-containing dietary drugs have been prohibited by the FDA since 2004 due to severe side effects.

–> 2-aminoisoheptane, another name for DMHA, is also an FDA-adulterated ingredient. So, its marketing and sale are prohibited.

–> Yohimbine HCL is approved by the FDA for medicinal use only on prescription, but Hi-tech Pharma is selling it under the name of an OTC drug!

It Also Has Hidden Harmful Substances

Black Mamba is labeled OTC, and the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements. 

Yet, on consumer complaints, the FDA tested Black Mamba and issued a consumer warning in 2015, advising not to purchase or use it.

warning against hyperrush by FDA

FDA laboratory tests confirm that the Black Mamba fat burner has sibutramine and phenolphthalein.

  1. Sibutramine is a controlled substance; it poses a risk for cerebral stroke and cardiac issues as it can substantially increase blood pressure and heart rate.
  2. Not being a food ingredient, phenolphthalein is not approved for dietary use in the USA. Research shows that its intake can lead to cancer development.

So, technically speaking, it’s an illegal supplement as it contains banned ingredients.

Common And Severe Side Effects

Common side effects of ephedra, synephrine, and yohimbine dietary supplements include Insomnia, headaches, anxiety, dizziness, dry mouth, and irritability.

As the risk of overstimulation is very high with Black Mamba, issues like trembling, jitters, and increased heart rate are also common.

Many users like Ashvin Shet, a weight loss coach, reaffirmed that it increases heart rate and makes you feel uneasy. Within an hour of taking the pill, his hands trembled, and he felt the sudden rush of adrenaline in his body. 

Besides that, NIH records show that these are also associated with severe side effects, such as seizures, heart attack, and stroke.

PhenQ Fat Burner Side Effects

Most PhenQ complaints are of gut issues like nausea, diarrhea, and bloating. And, too, are reported to be relieved in a few days as your gut becomes accustomed to the thermogenic herbs.

Besides that, caffeine-sensitive people should quit coffee and caffeinated sodas when using PhenQ to avoid stimulation-side effects like headaches, sleep disturbances, or anxiety.


PhenQ is safer because, unlike Black Mamba, none of its ingredients is associated with serious ailments like hypertension, heart attack, or cerebral stroke.

PhenQ CT

PhenQ Vs. Black Mamba – Which One Is Cheaper?

PhenQ – Where To Buy & Price

It’s only available through PhenQ’s official website at $69.99 per bottle.

Each bottle contains 60 servings, but with the recommended dose of 2 servings daily, it only lasts a month.

To save on retail price, you can opt for bundle deals:

  • 3 bottles for $139.99
  • 5 bottles for $209.99

PhenQ also provides free shipping on all orders. Also, you can return the package and get all your money back, taking benefit of their 60-day refund policy.

Black Mamba – Where To Buy & Price

Each Black Mamba bottle contains 90 servings. So, a single bottle lasts for 3 months.

It is available at Hi-tech Pharma’s official website for $69.99. Standard shipping fee applies according to your location.


Black Mamba is a cheaper fat burner, but it does not offer free shipping and money-back as PhenQ does.

PhenQ CT

Verdict: What is the Best Weight loss Solution?

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